It’s no secret. My all-time favorite home decor accessory is the classic and timeless ginger jar. Why do I love them so much? Ginger jars are one of the most versatile decor pieces you can own. Trust me on this. And they’re beautiful, of course! Today I’m sharing many fabulous ideas for decorating with ginger jars and how I love to style them in our home.

How do you display ginger jars? There are so many different ways! Today I’m pulling from the CitrineLiving archives – and sharing tons of photos. Using beautiful florals, creating a stunning centerpiece, styling bookshelves, making a statement in a large grouping or a symmetrical display, I love to style them in so many ways…the possibilities are endless.

I promise, you’ll be inspired and won’t ever wonder what to do with your ginger jars again.

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Blue and white decorated home office featuring a gorgeous window seat and builtin shelves decorated with timeless ginger jars.

I’m starting off today’s post with decorating with ginger jars on bookshelves, since this is one of my regular uses for my extensive collection.

Bookshelves styled for spring in varying shades of blue, with white accents, flanked by modern art in gold frames.

I’ve been collecting ginger jars for about twenty years, all inspired by my childhood and my beautiful Mama’s love for blue and white.

She taught me everything I know about style and decorating. She will always be my biggest inspiration. From fashion to interiors to art – she just had that knowledge and flare like no one else.

Gorgeous home office builtin shelves styled with beautiful blue and white decor and ginger jars.

My ginger jar collection is made up of unique finds from yard sales, vintage stores, one-off discounted pieces, HomeSense, Chinatown scores and gorgeous hand-made jars from Lo Home and Cailini Coastal.

Living room bookshelves decorated for summer with coastal touches, and a combinations of blue and white chinoiserie and solid ginger jars.

My home office and living room both have builtin shelves that are quite dominate in each space, and they’re the perfect way to showcase my favorite jars.

Living room builtin shelves styled with  decorative accents, coastal touches and ginger jars.

Mixing up the accessories is key to decorating with ginger jars on on your shelves – use books, baskets, beautiful objects, frames, boxes – anything you truly love – to work into your display.

Beautiful living room decor featuring different types of ginger jars styled on builtin shelving.


Why not frame some ginger jar art? If you don’t have any ginger jars yet to decorate with (but trust me, you want some!), this is a great way to introduce them into your decor.

A beautifully decorated bookshelf with blue and white chinoiserie, ginger jars, yellow roses and decor accents.

When you’re decorating with ginger jars, try and add some vibrant color to your bookshelves for a beautiful seasonal statement.

Summer styled bookshelves with natural elements, woven baskets, coastal touches and a combination of solid and printed ginger jars.
Festive and beautifully decorated Christmas bookshelves and mantel, featuring blue, white and red holiday decor and varying ginger jars.


Shop some of my favorite ginger jars and blue and white pieces in my Amazon store!


A stunning symmetrical console table vignette with blue and white ginger jars, vases and white peony floral arrangements.

A classic design element dating back centuries, symmetry is one of the most simple and eye-pleasing ways to decorate any space.

It gives visual balance and creates a sense of calm and order.

A simple and beautiful living room vignette with white hydrangeas in a white ginger jar, flanked by two identical blue and white square ginger jars.

I always use symmetrical displays around our home, and I love to pair ginger jars with other pieces to do so.

Christmas console table styled elegantly with a symmetrical display of navy and gold monogrammed ginger jars, holiday greenery with red berries.
Christmas styled kitchen shelves featuring a gorgeous symmetrical display of blue and white ginger jars, champagne buckets, apothecary jars and holiday greenery with red berries and ornaments.

Our kitchen’s open shelving (before our kitchen update – visit the update reveal post) often get’s a symmetrical display of ginger jars.

I love to use them with seasonal decor pieces along with my favorite kitchen decor pieces, like cake stands, trays, my white soup tureen and my Mama’s Royal Copenhagen blue and white platter.

Beautiful kitchen shelves decorated with ginger jars, gold picture frames, cake stands and apothecary jars, in blue and white with touches of green accents.

You can use symmetry to decorate with ginger jars using platters, framed art (more ginger jars!), dishes and apothecary jars as well.

Kitchen builtin shelving decorated for Christmas with an elegant symmetrical display using ginger jars, holiday decor and greenery in blue, white and gold.

Anything your heart desires…I love to try different things to see what works.

A coastal decorated console table using a chic symmetrical display with blue ginger jars, coral accents, design books and faux hydrangeas in the cetner.

Using symmetry and ginger jars is often a staple on our entryway console as well.

Use your ginger jars as a pair to flank a pretty arrangement, or use one in the center of your symmetrical vignette.

Sophisticated entryway console table decorated for fall with beautiful blue and white  vases and hurricanes flanking a simple light blue ginger jar.


An elegant white farmhouse sink styled with blue ginger jars on each side for a classic, symmetrical display.

Try using a pair of ginger jars to flank your kitchen sink or stove, or style one large ginger jar on your stove and flank it with a beautiful floral arrangement on either side for a gorgeous look.

Stunning Christmas kitchen decor styled symmetrically around the stove and range hood, featuring an elegant blue and white ginger jar in the center.


Whether styled on shelves, tables, flanking your sink or stove (another go-to for me), you can always set a classic scene decorating with ginger jars using a symmetrical display.

Fresh and coastal decorating in this kitchen with a symmetrical ginger jar display around the range and hood.


Beautiful Annabelle hydrangeas arranged in a blue and white ginger jar on an outdoor summer tablescape.

Indoors or out, using ginger jars as a centerpiece is always a showstopper, whether your jar plays the starring role, or a supporting role, I love to create a beautiful table setting with ginger jars.

Blue and white chinoiserie ginger jar arranged with pink and coral carnations, arranged on a platter with cranberries, tangerines and pomegranates.

Create a stunning look with colorful carnations in complimentary colors to a blue and white ginger jar, and style it with fresh fruit in the same color palette for something beautiful and unexpected!

Oversized ginger jar centerpiece with beautiful ivory peonies and hydrangeas on round dining table.

In our dining room last fall, I created this beachy-chic tablescape using my oversized ginger jar with ivory-toned hydrangeas and peonies…so romantic!

Beautiful outdoor tablescape with a silver lantern flanked by blue and white ginger jars

Use ginger jars to flank a large lantern or a pretty, fresh-cut floral arrangement to welcome guests at your al fresco dining table.

Looking for outdoor inspiration? Head to our patio update or visit our new resort style pool post!

Blue and white chinoiserie vase with white Annabelle hydrangeas flanked with two white ginger jars on an outdoor table setting.


Living room ottoman arranged with blue and white ginger jars, vases and bowls on a gold tray

Styling ginger jars on a tray never gets old, and it’s always one of my staples around our home.

I always love to corral my favorite home decor pieces together on a tray to tell a story.

Blue and white ginger jars and vases styled with beautiful coral pieces and decorative objects.

A monochromatic vignette in blue and white using ginger jars, bowls, plates and other pretties certainly paints a beautiful picture here.

Read more on different ways to style a coffee table and get inspired!

Living room ottoman styled for spring with trays, ginger jars, boxes, vases, design books and coral sculptures.

I often use coral, decorative boxes, design books and pretty objects and curiosities that I love or that I’ve collected, to style alongside my ginger jars on our living room ottoman.

Living room ottoman styled with a blue and white ginger jar and blue hydrangeas, design books, bowls and accessories.

Below, I used a gorgeous green ginger jar for a bright, chic, summer look.

Living room ottoman decorated with ginger jar, blue and white vase and green hydrangeas on a gold tray.



Blue and white ginger jar styled on a kitchen island with gold dishes and gold pomegranates.

The kitchen island is the perfect blank canvas for a gorgeous display of beautiful things.

I typically style my ginger jars on ours, and the beauty is, you can create so many seasonal statements.

Blue and white ginger jar styled on a kitchen island with fresh figs and fallm decor.

I love to use blue, white and gold for fall in our kitchen, it’s always a gorgeous and rich combination.

Kitchen island styled with blue and white ginger jars, marble tray, gold dishes, blue napkins and woven napkin holders.

Always timeless, I love to style a ginger jar on our island in a grouping, with or without florals.

Looking for ideas for the different seasons? Read more on my fall kitchen post from a few years ago and my Red and Blue Christmas kitchen the year prior as well.

Kitchen island styled for Christmas with blue and white ginger jars and vases, white and red florals and candles.

Create a vignette with multiple floral arrangements, pretty textiles and fruit, and arrange with varied ginger jars…notice all the ginger jars in the background from my spring kitchen a while back?

Kitchen island styled with ginger jars, florals, bowl with apples, dishes and napkins.

Create a simple, understated display with a large ginger jar and an elegant orchid, like I did in our spring kitchen. Ground them with beautiful marble trays for a chic and very elegant look.

I seriously can’t have enough. Give me all the ginger jars!

Kitchen island with ginger jar and orchid


Living room sofa decorated with ginger jars behind it in varying heights flanked by blue lamps.

I think this is one of my absolute favorite ways decorating with ginger jars. Go bold and make a statement with a large grouping. Above is a throwback to how our home used to look when I started blogging!

Make your grouping monochromatic, add in color, or pair your ginger jars with other beautiful vases, vessels and objects…the sky’s the limit!

Living room with blue and white decor, an arrangement of ginger jars in varying sizes behind the sofa.

Do you wonder how to decorate with a large ginger jar? Do you love to mix patterns like I do?

A large grouping is the answer.

Ginger jars arranged behind a white sofa in different sizes flanked with two lamps.


Wondering how to decorate with a large ginger jar? Use your largest ginger jar somewhere in the center of your grouping, then stagger smaller jars and/or vases in varied heights and widths around it. The key here is achieving varying heights with your display. So simple and SO chic!

Mirrored buffet styled with blue and white ginger jars and vases grouped together in different sizes.
A monochromatic grouping of ginger jars in different sizes arranged behind a sofa on a console table.

You’ll love how I styled my ginger jars in last year’s fall living room, and the fall beforehand also.

Using all neutral ginger jars and objects, they created a beautiful backdrop for our chic fall pillows.

Group of ginger jars and decorative balls arranged behind a sofa, flanked by a pair of lamps.
Ginger jars and vases styled behind a sofa flanked by two lamps.

Take it up a notch and throw in a pop of color! I added a bright blue ginger jar below to play up the blues here throughout our summer living room.

Living room decorated for summer with a large grouping of ginger jars in varying sizes and sold colors, flanked by a pair of lamps.

Our entryway has had many looks over the years, and I’ve styled a lot of ginger jars in this space!

Ginger jars and round wood mirror

Last summer’s entryway, I used more of a ‘split grouping’ – a small pairing, or vignette of ginger jars on one side of our console table, balanced with other jars on the other side.

Ginger jars, art and starburst mirror

Here are a couple more examples of ‘split groupings’ in our entryway.

You can read about three ways to style a console table to see more of the look above using objects and art, as well as in one console table, four looks, which is an oldie but such a goodie!

Ginger jars and starburst mirror


Ginger jar with light green hydrangeas

One guaranteed very chic way to decorate with ginger jars, is to create a beautiful floral display inside them.

I love to go for drama, with an oversized, statement-making display, like you see in the image above from our summer living room.

Entryway decorated for fall

This simple yet elegant arrangement in our fall entryway stole my heart with it’s rich, warm colors. Also, notice the grouping on the bottom shelf as I was talking about earlier…such a gorgeous use of ginger jars.

Living room decorated for fall

Here’s another gorgeous and luxe statement-making arrangement in our fall living room – inspired by my favorite designer, Ralph Lauren.

Entryway with spring decor

Whether you use real or faux florals, either way you’ll get a very chic look in your home.

Dining room table with spring decor

In our summer entryway, I went bold again with another large faux floral arrangement, to create a stunning and welcoming statement, grouped with smaller jars filled with faux light blue hydrangeas.

So pretty and so chic.

Entryway console with ginger jars and florals
Vibrant floral arrangemennt

Above, I used a vibrant and inexpensive bouquet from the grocery store, to layer into our fall bedroom a few years back.

Cheap and chic, this really amped up the look!

Blue hydrangea floral arrangement

Faux hydrangeas in a gorgeous saturated blue, stole the show in our home in our spring entryway and spring bedroom once upon a time.

Blue hydrangea floral arrangement


Living room ottoman styled with books and ginger jar

In the shot above, I created a casual, collected look on our living room ottoman, with stacks of books, beautiful objects and a large ginger jar.

If you love that curated look in your home, this is a great way to display your ginger jars.

Laundry room with flowers and ginger jars on dryer

Want to bring your decorating up a notch?

Style your laundry room with some favorite ginger jars the way I have above, in our laundry room makeover.

Console table with ginger jars and blue hydrangeas

Lastly, ginger jar lamps are always a chic addition to any room, I’ve used them in a few different ways around our home – above in our spring entryway and below in my home office.

Here are a few other blogs you can visit that have fantastic inspiration on decorating with ginger jars: Home Edit | Randi Garrett Design | Flourishmentary | Casa Watkins Living

Home office with pagoda mirror, ginger jar lamps

From classic blue and white chinoiserie ginger jars, to chic and modern solid or color block designs, or a beautiful ginger jar lamp, decorating with ginger jars in your home is a guaranteed way to bring unique style and your own personal touch to your home. There are so many styles of ginger jars, and so many ways to decorate with them…just be warned, if you haven’t started your collection yet, once you do, you can’t stop! xo


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