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It’s mudroom and laundry room reveal day today! If you remember when I shared my design board then you know what today is all about! I’m so excited that this space is finally complete, and I’m thrilled with the outcome. This room has always been nice, but it’s also been a work in progress and never quite complete. I set out on a mission to make simple and affordable updates with a coastal feel, that would help us finally complete the look, and give our family a gorgeous mudroom and laundry room to enjoy.

You can head to my Amazon Shop to see some my favorite organizing items that I have linked over there and you can always shop these items in my LTK Shop too. Come on in and tour our space!

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to  Martha & Ash for our gorgeous custom roman shade, and to Tonic Living for our beautiful builtin bench fabric and fabulous pillows. Affiliate links are provided throughout this post  – see my full disclosure policy here.


Coastal feel mudroom + laundry room with woven baskets and builtin cupboards for much needed storage, blue and white decor accents and fabric prints are fresh and crisp.

When we built our home over ten years ago, we had built the shelves, cubbies and cabinets to suit our needs in here over time.

We did it very inexpensively with store bought cabinetry, and built everything else around that. It was a great way to save money and create a somewhat custom look. Hopefully we’ll have something truly custom in here one day!

Here’s a look at what it used to look like, before I tackled this makeover.

It was very nice and did function well, but it was a bit dark and I wanted to brighten the room. I didn’t want to paint the walls – this color is Ralph Lauren Washboard – the dark color is practical for a busy, hardworking room like this.


  • Woven baskets for added contrast
  • New cabinet hardware
  • New fabric and pillows to brighten things up
  • New roman shades
  • A new rug to brighten the floor
  • A builtin counter top for a finished look
  • Updated lighting
  • Beautiful decor to complement the rest of our home
Laundry room with builtin cabinets and bench for storage and practical daily usage.

This room is a true workhorse, so it has to be high performance. It does quintuple duty every day – literally!  

Mudroom/laundry room with builtin upholstered bench, cabinets and baskets for storing seasonal and miscellaneous household items.

Since it’s off of our garage (which is on the side of our home), we use our mudroom and laundry room as our main entrance daily.

The beauty of having it off the garage, is keeping all of the dirty footwear and outdoor gear in there, so it’s almost an extension of this space – but not a pretty one!

Gorgeous mudroom + laundry room with upholstered bench and shelf and coat hooks.

Nothing from outdoors comes inside, except jackets or coats. So the true mudroom is really in the garage. But since we come in from there daily, I consider this space a mudroom also.

Our barbecue is right outside the exterior door as well, so there’s a lot of entering and exiting this space, especially in the summer months.


I even use this room as a butler’s pantry when we entertain. I bring extra serving dishes, desserts and arranged platters in here to keep them out of sight from guests. It works great!

Laundry room upholstered bench with gorgeous blue and white fabric and pillows. Ginger jars are the perfect accessory!

Our basement is also off of this room – it’s a high-traffic space! Having good storage with lots of plastic bins in our cupboards, and sturdy baskets in here is an absolute must.


  • Beach towels, bug spray, sunscreen
  • Shoes, hats, scarves gloves, mittens
  • Laundry supplies
  • Lightbulbs
  • Candles, batteries
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • School supplies
  • Miscellaneous household items that can junk up any space

Keeping it all contained is essential to a clean and organized mudroom and laundry room.


Let’s talk about our stunning new roman shade from Martha & Ash that is the perfect finishing detail in our mudroom and laundry room space. If you remember, I shared our gorgeous custom shades in this kitchen post last January.

Preppy and chic roman shade made of bone linen and light blue taping for a crisp, tailored look.

Our new shade in here is absolutely stunning and working with Ashely was incredible. She helped me find the perfect fabric and trim for this space to achieve the look I wanted.

Martha & Ash have so many beautiful trim and fabric options to mix and match, the possibilities are endless.

I love the soft blue color of the trim and the 3″ width makes a gorgeous, statement.



Gorgeous mudroom + laundry room with builtin cabinets, woven baskets and a beautiful custom roman shade.

You can visit Martha & Ash’s website to see how to measure for a custom shade, and see all of the different functionality options.

Fill out a quote form for pricing, or reach out directly for more information. Working with them is so easy, and they go above and beyond to provide exactly what you’re looking for.


This isn’t a huge space (it’s roughly 6 x 12′), but there is still plenty of opportunity to style it fabulously!

My hubby was able to make a very simple builtin countertop surround, with inexpensive white melamine.

Style your laundry room with pretty details! Beautiful woven baskets and trays, turkish bath towels, faux flowers and ginger jars are a chic touch.
Style your laundry room with pretty details! Beautiful woven baskets and trays, turkish bath towels, faux flowers and ginger jars are always chic!

My vision was very clean and minimal and it turned out great.

Having a continuous surface is perfect for folding, throwing a pile of laundry on top, and styling beautiful things, of course!

Style your laundry room with pretty details! Beautiful woven baskets and trays, faux blooms, framed art and ginger jars are a chic touch.

I will admit, this space can often be a dumping zone, so I am determined to stay on top it and keep it beautiful. This horse photo is an old favorite, ginger jars are a must in our home, faux blooms are always beautiful, and woven accessories create a cohesive look with my coastal theme.

Style your laundry room with pretty details! Beautiful woven baskets and trays, turkish bath towels, faux flowers and ginger jars are unique and a beautiful touch.

Will it always stay this way? Probably not, but for now it will, and I love the idea that a utilitarian space can be just as beautiful as the rest of your home.



This nook has also evolved over time, and since form must always follow function, it had to perform before being pretty.

More baskets under the bench for shoes and seasonal items, heavy duty coat hooks for winter coats and a sturdy shelf for favorite objects.

A beautiful builtin upholstered bench with blue and white block print fabric and pillows is a fresh and crisp element in a coastal themed laundry room.
Beautiful chinoiserie decorative accents are chic and elegant in this mudroom/laundry room.

Our gorgeous pillows and bench fabric are all from Tonic Living, and the mix of pattern and texture is perfect with my coastal look and pulling these together was so much fun.

Beautiful blue and white pillows and bench fabric are a gorgeous addition to this coastal look mudroom + laundry room builtin bench area.

Unfortunately, our pillows and fabric are now discontinued, but you can shop similar ones below.

Beautiful blue and white pillows and bench fabric are a gorgeous addition to this coastal look mudroom + laundry room builtin bench.

I just love how this all came together – the mix of pattern, and the blue and white against our crisp white walls. This color is BEHR Ultra Pure White, and is truly gorgeous. This is the trim color throughout our home as well.

A beautiful builtin bench with gorgeous blue and white fabrics and pillows.

It’s bright and beautiful, crisp and colourful and pulls everything in here together, making such a gorgeous statement.


We had very dated track lighting in here, so replacing it was an absolute must!

I love this simple, nautical-inspired brass fixture and how it compliments everything else in our mudroom and laundry room with the coastal chic vibes that are going on in here.


This is the rug we have in here now – which I love in this space. The color is pretty and the price is fabulous!

Since we updated this room, I’ve changed the woven runner to the blue one linked above and I love it! The pop of color and pattern add a gorgeous element to the space.

We’ve also replaced our appliances and now need to build a new counter for them. Overall the space is still the same and still functions quite well for us.

Mudroom + Laundry room with a fresh coastal feel - brass nautical flush mount lighting, natural woven baskets and rug, and beautiful blue and white fabrics and accessories create a gorgeous space.

That wraps up my mudroom and laundry room reveal. I hope you love the look as much as we do, and I’m also hoping that having a space I truly love might help me enjoy doing laundry a little more too! Thank you as always for reading with me today. xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Thank you very much! It’s hidden in that vertical cubby to the right side of the dryer!

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Can you please show your ironing board? Where it is, etc?
    Thank you! Beautiful space!!

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Gretta! Thank you very much! So happy you’re inspired! We purchased it all from a local store, but I can’t remember which one. All of the cabinets were store bought and we configured all of the cubbies and bench around them – so we bough the tall cupboard and the three upper cabinets over the w/d and added all the trim and cubbies. Hope that helps! xo

  4. This is stunning, and is also the inspiration for our same small mud room/laundry room off our garage. Do you know where you originally purchased the cabinetry from, and which pieces were purchased vs custom built or DIY? I’ve yet to find what company has these combo pieces inclusive of a bench etc to make a custom looking fit. Thanks!

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words,I’m thrilled you’re inspired! The bench is 45″ wide and the cabinet is 18″ wide. Good luck with your mudroom and thanks for reading with me!

  6. This space is stunning! We are using this as our mudroom inspiration. I was wondering if you have any measurements that you would be willing to share? Do you happen to know how wide the bench is or how wide the cabinet with the door is? Thanks again for posting and sharing this wonderful project of yours!

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much, Marty! I’m thrilled you like it! I hope you are doing well! xox

  8. This is amazing. I love it all. So beautiful.

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