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Inspiring your every day.

My passion for interiors and decorating stems from my childhood – having an incredibly amazing and talented mother who was a true artist at heart, she opened my eyes from a very young age to all things creative – from fine art, to decorating (our home was constantly being reinvented!), entertaining, fashion, beauty and everything in between. Thanks to my biggest inspiration, my beautiful mother Katherine, I grew up pursuing and studying design and the arts, and now live a life surrounded by the things that I truly love and find most inspiring. We can find beauty in so many things, it’s everywhere we look! Bringing beauty and the things we love most into our lives and our every day surroundings, is what truly brings us joy and helps to create a home that feeds our souls.

Citrine topaz is my birthstone, and is believed to bring abundance into one’s life and also possesses healing properties with the flow of positive energy. I hope to inspire you with beauty, here at CitrineLiving – I believe beauty in any form can help us create spaces and bring us fulfilling daily experiences, full of abundance. Whether it’s a beautiful tablescape to linger over with friends and family, a gorgeous mix of pillow patterns to adorn our sofas, blue and white chinoiserie to dress our shelves, or a beautiful piece of art, my job is to excite and inspire you to bring beauty not only to your home and life, but to inspire your every day.

Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you stay a while and enjoy!

Tamara xo