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It’s officially spring, and I couldn’t be happier! With the warmer temperatures we’ve been getting, our snow is melting and I’m ready for open windows and doors and I’m loving the longer days! Bringing a spring feeling inside our home is easy to do. I took a beautiful and very simple approach with my entryway spring decor, to create a light, airy and calming look.

If you saw my spring living room, you’ll remember layers of soft blues, paired with whites and the prettiest soft blue hydrangeas for an elegant spring look.

You’ll find a similar look here, in our entryway, with a few warm tones and textures layered in. Come inside and take a look!

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Beautiful blue and white spring decorated entryway

Spring just makes me so happy and I love the month of March because of the beautiful light we get inside our home.

Spring entryway decorating with soft blue, white and natural accessories styled on a classic console table.

We have a wooded property, so we get the best lighting in the winter and into April, when there are no leaves on the trees.

As much as I don’t love winter, the one thing I can truly appreciate in our home is the light at this time of the year.

Console table styled with spring decor featuring light blue hydrangeas, white ginger jars, and natural closed accessories.

With the beautiful natural light pouring in, I love the light and airy look that soft blues, warm whites and natural touches bring.

This is our first spring since we’ve wallpapered our entryway (check out the reveal) and our blue walls are so energizing!

Entryway styled for spring with light blue and white accessories.
Spring decor styled on a grey console table with ginger jars, hydrangeas and other decorative accessories.

Using my newest light blue hydrangeas styled in our gorgeous, new blue and white planter from Cailini Coastal, they helped to set the tone for my entryway spring decor.

As the focal point on our console table, they’re also perfect with our faux grasscloth wallpaper.

If you’re new here, you can take a look at last spring’s entryway, to see what this space looked like before we installed it…such a huge transformation!

Beautiful entryway decorated for spring with a classic console table styled with a vintage ginger jar lamp, blue and white planter and blue hydrangeas, and other white, light blue and natural accessories.

I also used two of my Lorna Blue pillows from Arianna Belle to continue the blues from our entryway into our home.

You can see how I styled these beauties in our spring living room from last year.

Blue hydrangeas styled in a beautiful  blue and white planter is the focal point on a spring decorated entryway console table.
Entryway decorated for spring with a calming color platte using light blue white and natural coloured accessories.

One of my favorite pieces that I have is this vintage ginger jar lamp.

It was my Mother’s for many years and I snagged it one day from her guest room (my old bedroom!) since I figured it needed to be in our home!

She didn’t mind. My Mama always loved to give me her beautiful pieces, she always knew how much I loved everything she decorated with!

Spring decor styled on a beautiful console table with blue and white planter and blue hydrangeas, white ginger jar and lamp and neutral toned accessories.

I painted the base of the lamp with gold acrylic paint to ‘chic it up ‘a bit – it used to be black, and I found it was a little too heavy looking.

I love using paint to freshen things up!

I used the same paint years ago on our pendant light that hangs in here as well, giving it a two-tone look. Such an easy DIY.

A simply styled spring entryway wth light blue, white and natural accessories.
Entryway console table styled for spring with light blue and white accessories.

I love the elegance this gorgeous lamp adds to our spring entryway decor.

My white ginger jar from Lo Home is equally elegant, styled symmetrically on our console table.

I love to use symmetry to create a beautiful, calming look – it always helps to ground any display or vignette.

A symmetrical display styled for spring with white ginger jars, a blue and white planter and light blue hydrangeas is elegant and chic.
Entryway console table styled for spring with white ginger jars and ginger jar lamp, light blue hydrangeas and neutral accessories.


  • Add flowers – here, I used my beautiful light blue faux hydrangeas for a fresh, light and airy look. You can use any florals that you love – tulips are always a spring favorite, I also love to use peonies and roses.
  • Change your pillows – if you know me, I love to rotate pillows every season. I have an extensive collection of pillow covers that make their rounds throughout our home.
  • Add some color! Last summer we wallpapered this room, and as I mentioned above, it is so energizing! If you’re not into wallpaper or painting, just add some color with accessories.
Beautiful and simple entryway spring decorating with a soft blue, white and neutral color palette.

I styled the two lower shelves with a few simple pieces.

The long gold tray on the bottom was a find from last fall, and I’ve been using it here ever since. I love the simple elegance it adds.

You can see it styled in our fall entryway and our Christmas entryway.

Spring entryway decor with a calming blue and white color palette is classic and beautiful.

The middle shelf is dressed with some favorite styling pieces that I always love using:

  • A coral sculpture I’ve had for many years adds texture and visual interest.
  • My favorite ceramic tray that gets rotated around our home very often – it’s an elegant piece and is great for keys in an entryway.
  • A decorative box with bone inlay also adds visual interest. Topped with a glass paper weight to add height, balancing out the coral.
Beautiful entryway spring decor with blue and white accessories styled on a classic console table.
Gorgeous entryway decorated for spring with a soft and elegant light blue and white color palette.

Below is a closer look at these beautiful and very affordable hydrangeas I’m using in our home this spring.

I used one, full pack of twelve stems to create this simple and beautiful arrangement.

A beautiful blue and white planter with light blue hydrangeas is a chic and elegant focal point on this classic console table.
A bright and beautiful entryway decorated for spring with classic decor and a calming light blue and white color palette.

With just a few, simple decorative pieces that I love and keeping my color palette light and airy, I created a beautiful and simple spring entryway.

Beautiful and elegant entryway spring decor with a light blue and white color platte.

I hope you’re inspired by my entryway spring decor and I hope you find my spring decorating tips useful too. Stay tuned for some my spring kitchen decor and my hallway makeover reveal both coming soon! xo


Faux grasscloth wallpaper | Console table (similar) | Rug (similar) | Ginger jar lamp | Ginger jar | Blue hydrangeas | Blue and white planter | Decorative Box | Glass ball paperweight | Coral sculpture (similar) | Small ceramic tray | Long gold tray | Round wood mirror (similar) | Pendant light (similar) | Pillow covers | White rattan chairs (similar)

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