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As with most of my images on Instagram, I’m always being asked where I shop and for the sources of many of the items in our home. Today I’m talking rugs. I often get asked about my rugs, almost daily! I was very lucky with all of them and they were all quite affordable. I’m a pattern lover, as you know, so it’s important to me that my rugs make a statement. I love how a great rug can ground a space and for me, either a bold or subtle pattern will do that perfectly. Solid rugs are beautiful as well –  and if you’re not into pattern, a beautiful wool or silk rug with in a neutral or bold color can make as much as a statement as well. But today we’re talking graphic prints rugs, since this is what I get asked about.


The one above, in our entryway, is from Home Depot. I scored this for $50 – yes, $50. It’s about 5×7′ and it’s perfect for hiding dirt when guests come in with their shoes or boots. The Moroccan motif is prevalent in our decor – you’ll see glimpses of it throughout our home. It’s very easy to clean as well. You might not think of putting a black rug down, but it’s always sophisticated in my opinion and in a small dose, it works great, especially on a dark floor.


This gorgeous one, at about 8 x 10′, in the dining room is from Target. I’ve spoken about it before – I bought it for the patio, and my girlfriend gave me the brilliant idea of trying it in here. It hasn’t left since! I will say, I’d like to find a cream colored one to replace it with eventually. Until I do however, it stays. It was $85 – you can’t beat that! I also love the flat weave.

FR2_FEB20This one in our family/living room is about 10 x 13′.


It was a bit of a splurge compared to the other two. That being said, considering it’s hand knotted and wool, it was an amazing price for $500, from HomeSense. Hands down, it’s my favorite piece in our home.

Keep reading for some fantastic options I’ve sourced for your home. Most of them are on sale too! Have fun!

54777db3009ffcda4e88c580f256bc8a_bestThis is a fun alternative to the one in our entry. You can find it HERE.

d4dfb03d237dc50b3c1296a9732052ef_bestGorgeous, exotic and right on trend – check it out HERE.

3c612ff306437328f6cbed223c946f67_bestVERY BOLD! And an absolutely beautiful statement maker! Get it HERE.

f43d579b10a813ddfddc829277251ec7_bestLoving the color combo of this ikat. Available HERE.

423d4c3d1c176a32c876c6ec02ca908f_bestLove this falling diamond pattern and the indigo is very sophisticated. Find it HERE.

ab336b058fb756d69e2062614f9f0d8e_bestI love the hand sketched feeling of this one. Available HERE.

5dc888d03c03e05bd4ad395b86768fcc_bestBlue is ALWAYS a favorite and always neutral! Take a look HERE.

bc1aa1a6e430046a9ec935737daee2aa_best I love this tonal and very chic print. This can work anywhere! Click HERE to check it out.

32891e9d8998616e6ee62f4f7f8b4ad5_bestThis steel blue/grey color is a gorgeous backdrop for this pattern. You can see it HERE.66b2affda5bcd4445bcea1b3bd1fa70c_bestThe scale of the pattern on this piece is perfect. Find it HERE.

I hope you found some of these sources useful or that you’ve found some inspiration today!

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! I love that you love these rugs and I’m thrilled you stopped by to visit and leave such kind words! xo

  2. tamaraanka says:

    I love rugs too and thank you so much for your lovely compliment, Cindy! There was a time when I never had any – I loved just clean hardwood floors everywhere. Now, I don’t think I could love without them! I love how much character they can bring to a space and how transformative they really can be. I hope you’re feeling well!

  3. Cindy Weis says:

    I love your rugs they bring so much color, style and texture to your beautiful home. We also have many rugs as I have all hardwood floors, I do love the rich warmth that rugs bring to a room, and now that we are talking about rugs, I am thinking I need to get the guy who cleans my rugs to send his crew out and pick them up (mine are all really big) and take them in for cleaning. I do it every few years, but it always makes the rooms look so stark and the house almost a echo to it when the rugs are up. Have a great weekend.

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much for visiting! So happy you like it :) Thank you!

  5. So love your decor! Tx you for sharing.

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