Welcome to our spring kitchen, full of chic pops of beautiful color! I wanted the feeling in our home this spring to be energetic and full of life with gorgeous, colorful accents throughout. I shared our spring living room recently, also full of beautiful, vibrant hues. Today, I’m sharing gorgeous, colorful spring kitchen decorating ideas with you, so you can create a chic and vibrant space of your own. One of the main themes you’ll find threaded throughout our spring home this year is touches of orange – either through colorful patterns and prints, art, fruit or faux tangerine branches. The color is so beautiful and happy, especially paired with it’s complimentary color partner on the color wheel, my favorite blue of course. That said, I’ve kept our spring kitchen decor very simple and pared back, to keep the look clean and uncluttered.

Step into our spring kitchen and see how simple it is to bring a chic and colorful feel to your kitchen too. Most of what you see here are also linked in my Amazon Shop and LTK Shop – feel free to peruse either one with tons of ideas and inspiration.

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This spring, I’m using a beautiful, vibrant color palette in our home and with just a few simple touches, our kitchen has spring written all over it.

It doesn’t take a lot of decorating to bring your kitchen into a new season. I wanted to use just a few key accents to tell the story.

Keeping my seasonal decor simple in here is key for me, especially since our latest kitchen update.

If you’re new here, you may not know that we’ve made small updates to this space a few times over the years.

Most recently, our most significant makeover includes a bigger update with stunning new, custom upper cabinets along with many details that helped to completely change this space.

You can visit our kitchen update reveal to see what it was like in here before and to get all the details on how we elevated our kitchen to what it is now.



Since blue and white chinoiserie is also on constant repeat throughout our home, this spring is no different.

One of my spring kitchen decorating ideas was to bring gorgeous, colorful pops in here to compliment my blue and white staples, and it all started with the most fresh looking, vibrant faux tangerine stems.

I absolutely fell in love with these beautiful new stems arranged in one of my favorite ginger jars – the pairing is so gorgeous and chic.

Here, I’ve used six stems in total.

Another one of my spring kitchen decorating ideas that was key in here, was using my spring colors and textures together to make a statement on our island.

Accented with a few touches of green from the branches, faux artichokes, pears and apples all arranged in this beautiful wicker footed bowl – a simple, vignette that creates that stunning statement I was after.

I love how all of these colors, patterns and textures are working together – blue and white, green, orange and that touch of a natural element, with my wicker footed bowl against it all, is so beautiful and says spring is here!


Gently separate and shape your tangerine stems when arranging them in your container to create fullness. I’ve used six stems in total here.


I just love these cheery stems in our spring kitchen! They add so much energy and life to this space.


I kept my spring decorating by the sink and window very classic and simple, with an my elegant pair of topiaries set in blue and white planters flanking the sink.

My bowl of tangerines travels back and forth between this spot, and next to my Mama’s vintage platter – I love how the orange beautifully compliments one of my most cherished pieces.

The pop of orange tangerines in my blue and white bowl is so gorgeous and makes this corner really come to life!

Block prints are one of my absolute favorite patterns and using them gives a laid-back spring and summer look.

Both of these spring kitchen decorating ideas beckon the feeling of warmer temperatures…

This beautiful pair of block print tea towels (shop similar) add some color and pattern to the kitchen sink area and help to break up all of the white tones happening here.

They bring in a little bit of an island vibe that I love!


Chic additions to beautify your kitchen!

I decided to rotate out our kitchen rug again, which I often do, and bring in one of our previous rugs that used to be in here a couple of years ago.

This beautiful, traditional light blue and ivory beauty helps to bring in a light and airy spring look to our kitchen.

I’m loving it in here for a change, it’s so elegant and brings a sophisticated edge, like our new upper cabinets. They’re gorgeous together!


I wanted to tone down the colors over here on the floor, even though I’m going for vibrant, chic and colorful this spring, so that all of my stronger, colorful accents would shine.


  • Using orange (you can use a color you love!) as a dominant color in my color palette.
  • A gorgeous arrangement of faux tangerine branches in my blue and white ginger jar.
  • Beautiful vibrant colors, patterns and textures create a stunning statement on our kitchen island.
  • Block prints help to beckon an island-vibe that speaks to warm temperatures.
  • A simple bowl of tangerines in a blue and white bowl make a spring statement.
  • A light-toned rug creates an airy look that compliments the vibrant spring color palette.
  • A simple ginger jar with a bird motif speaks to the spring season.


I decided to keep the decor around our range simple as well – I didn’t want to compete with my island vignette and wanted a simple, clean spring look.

I found a beautiful blue and white ginger jar at HomeSense (shop similar) and I love the spring-like motif showcasing the happy little birds – another simple idea to bring in the season.

Creating a beautiful, colorful spring look in your kitchen and your home is very simple!


These beauties made their debut last year and I’ve been using them here ever since. So classic and elegant!

Like any other season, for me it’s usually about using color, pattern, texture and showcasing what I truly love – not what anyone else says or does, or what trends might be popular at the moment.

I love to start with a color palette and find different ways to incorporate it and compliment it with beautiful pieces styled throughout my spaces that reinforce my seasonal look.

Thank you for visiting today and touring our spring kitchen! I hope you found some fabulous spring kitchen decorating ideas to help you incorporate some chic, bright color into your home this season. I’ll be back with our spring entryway, see you soon and happy spring! xo

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