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I’ve been very busy working on all of my summer content to share with you, but what you may not know (or you may if you follow me on Instagram), is that I was recently invited to Indianapolis to attend an incredible 3 day trip with Delta Faucet Company. I was so fortunate to be asked to visit their headquarters, along with a fabulous group of bloggers for their Delta Faucet Design Blogger Event.

All I can tell you, is that I was truly wowed from the moment we met the Delta Faucet team, to the moment we said goodbye. My experience was just amazing all around, from the incredibly talented women I spent my time with, to the incredible people at Delta Faucet Company, to learning about their philosophy, design principles, innovation, vision, I could go on and on.

I want to tell you so much more, so sit back and get comfy! I learned a plethora of information on this trip. The most important for me, and one of the Delta brand’s main philosophies – something I never even really thought about, until now – is that water has the power to completely transform our everyday lives into something spectacular.


On my way into Indianapolis, I was fortunate enough to see the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway as I was landing – I thought that was so cool to get a glimpse from up above! I just had to snap a shot of it, and the really cool vintage race car inside the airport too.

Upon our arrival at the hotel, we started our event on our first night with a meet and greet, where we were served the most delicious food – as well as the entire time we were visiting, I might add – so many incredible meals, treats, and snacks from start to finish.This was just a sample of the snack table at our meet and greet – for dinner we had delicious beef tenderloin, incredible stir-fry of our choice, made for us on the spot, and so many other delectable treats.We were showered with a fabulous swag-bag full of all sorts of fun surprises and treats. When I say we were treated like A-list guests, I am not exaggerating one bit! The Delta Faucet Company must be some of the most generous and gracious hosts I have ever encountered.



Here’s the adorable group of bloggers I spent my time with for the event, we hopped on the shuttle bus over to headquarters the next morning. One of my favorite things about blogging, is meeting fabulously creative individuals who are all doing the same thing I am but in their own, unique way. So much talent in this one shot!Delta headquarters is quite something to see – it’s beautiful inside and out, and very impressive on all levels. 
As soon as we entered the building, we were greeted by at least 30 or 40 staff, and we had the chance to introduce ourselves and chat – it was such a warm and welcoming introduction to the company, I was truly blown away by the genuine spirit of the people at Delta Faucet.
Here we all are, as we started our venture – these ladies are amazing! From left to right: Cynthia Harper, Cynthia Harper Living | Ashley Petrone, Arrows and Bow | Bre Douchette, Rooms for Rent  | Sarah Wagner, Dreaming of Homemaking | Bree Hancock, ZDesign at Home | Ashley Wilson, At Home With Ashley | Me! | Caitlin Flemming, Sacramento Street – truly, an amazing group just oozing with talent and vision.


We learned a brief history about Delta Faucet Company and its founder and visionary, Alex Manoogian. It was truly fascinating learning a little bit about what this company is built on and what it stands for. I have worked in several corporate offices in my professional career and I can honestly say that the family-oriented spirit I felt from the moment we entered was astounding.It was so clear to me that each individual plays such an integral role through every process in this company – the positivity, collaborative nature, and inclusion on all levels gave me the sense this isn’t just a wonderful place to go to work – I could tell it was like home to so many of their employees. Each person we met has worked for Delta Faucet for many years and they take such pride in everything they do, which clearly translates into their products.
I loved the ‘museum’ showcasing the original, revolutionary Delta 100 faucet – such a fun glimpse into the history of Delta Faucet Company!The office is filled with wonderful history about their founder, the brand, and their products.


This is a little peek at the snack space that was always filled with the yummiest treats and drinks in between all of the presentations we attended. Pretty fabulous space!
These yummy protein balls were so good, we could not get enough of them – we all wanted the recipe – made on-sight in the Delta kitchen of course, like all of the food we were served in their office.


We learned so many fascinating things about the Delta brand and its product offering. This is just one glimpse at some of the items from their different product lines.

Everything the Delta team pours into their products is inspiring. From observing the way people live and interact with water in order to solve their everyday problems – through human insight they can find innovative solutions to help the way people live. I never even thought about faucets, or the power of water for that matter, until I learned the philosophy behind everything they do. I mentioned earlier that one of the most important things the Delta team prides itself on, is that water truly has the power to transform the way people feel every day…it’s all about our experience. They believe there can be magic in simple solutions, which can truly enhance our living experience. I couldn’t agree more.Here’s a peek at the new Broderick collection (read more about it here) coming out later this year. I love the traditional meets industrial design vibe of this stunning collection. This one in particular stole my heart with the cross handle at the top – isn’t this gorgeous?? Here are all the different options available from this line, including pot fillers – I wish I had one of those in my kitchen! We learned about so many different innovations and products during the presentations, which were all so fascinating to me. These were some of the latest shower systems we were able to see as well.


The interactive showroom was so much fun! There were so many gorgeous designs all laid out in one large open space. We were able to test the faucets and showers and play around with them, which I really loved.
There were so many different, beautiful designs to choose from, in tons of different finishes – gorgeousness overload, I was in heaven!


I was truly amazed learning about the innovations the Delta team pours into every single item they develop and design.

One of their groundbreaking technologies that I loved the most was the Touch2O® Technology. This was inspired by observing users in their homes, their interaction with their faucets and solving their problems with simple solutions. More than ten years of research went into developing this technology.All of these have the Touch2O® feature. No messing up a beautiful faucet when you’re cooking and your hands are dirty! With a simple touch of your wrist or forearm when the handle is set to where you want it, you can operate the faucet as you wish. Even cooler, the Delta TempSense® Indicator changes color to tell you the water’s temperature.

And cooler than that, their latest VoiceIQ™ Technology dispenses exactly the amount of water you need with hands-free voice activation. Pair it with Alexa or Google and ask it to tell your faucet to turn on and off, warm the water, dispense a certain amount you need, or fill custom containers like your coffee pot – if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!
I have my very own Delta Cassidy faucet that I bought last year, and I love it. It boasts the ShieldSpray® Technology, which helps to clean stubborn stuck-on food with a laser-like jet (which I use all the time), which is also protected with a sphere-like bubble of water so you don’t get splashed when cleaning your pots and dishes. It also has the MagnaTite® Docking, which uses a powerful magnet, built right in, to snap the faucet spray wand right back into place…no droopy faucet wand dangling in the sink!Our Cassidy faucet by @DeltaFaucet is one of my favorite additions we used to refresh our kitchen over the las year!

I truly was so impressed on every level with what I learned from the amazing team at Delta Faucet Company and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such a fun blogging event! I’m very excited that we even get to choose a new kitchen faucet, and even though mine is newer and I love it, I can’t wait to have an even more innovative product in our home – stay tuned to find out which one I choose! Thank you so much for taking the time to read with me and learn about this truly amazing company! Xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    It was awesome, they really do have amazing products! I will definitely get my hands on it and once I make them I will share, great idea! xox

  2. That must have been so much fun! Delta’s products are stunning. btw if ever you get the protein ball recipe, please share with your blogging family ;)

  3. Digging your outfit in the group pic. Always always fun to read your blog~

  4. Tam, it was so great seeing you at the Delta Design Blogger Event! I loved reading your recap and love the Cassidy faucet in your beautiful home too! Such a fun time learning all about their amazing products. Can’t wait to see you again next time!! xoxo

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