Today I’m finally sharing our elegant dining room decor for spring! Last week we had a freezing rain storm that rendered much of the city and surrounding areas where we live without power…it was quite an ordeal for so many people. Luckily, our gas stove and fireplace kept us going until it was restored – we were very lucky and we had no damage from all the falling branches! Now that things are back to normal, I’m back to work and thrilled to be sharing the rest of our spring home with you – and today, it’s our dining room.

Our dining room is always styled very simply, with just a few elements that speak to the season. If you’ve had the chance to visit our spring kitchen, spring entryway and spring living room, then you’ll notice a common thread in here as well today.

Simple, classic, elegant decorating. Come on in!

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I always love the view into our dining room from our entryway. Our faux grasscloth wallpaper creates the prettiest frame for this space and draws your eye right in.

Our dining room is small, with just a few key pieces that help it function well when we entertain. At only nine by ten feet or so, it can be a decorating challenge!

We don’t usually keep the leaf in our dining table for that reason, but we decided to leave it in after the holidays just to have a different feel in this room for now.

It’s a bit tight, but I don’t mind it at all. We can sit eight in here comfortably and manage pretty well.


Simple, classic and elegant was on my mind when I styled our home this spring season, and I like to carry a common theme throughout each room when I can.

Our home is open concept, so a cohesive look with continuity is key in a home like ours.

Like the rest of our spring home, you’ll find orchid arrangements on our dining room table.

Such an easy and beautiful way to welcome spring!

I styled a couple of my spring orchid arrangements together with our gorgeous new pedestal bowl, from Cailini Coastal and filled it with these simple, affordable faux moss balls. I just love the gorgeous pop of greenery in this space!

I used another of these beauties in our spring living room, on the buffet that faces our dining room, filled with gorgeous faux hydrangeas. Truly such a statement piece!


No need to entirely fill your planter with all those moss balls! Fill a container of your choice with crumbled craft paper or newspaper – anything to fill up about 3/4 of your basin. Then arrange your moss balls in varying sizes on top until you achieve your desired look. Use the smaller sizes to fill in gaps.


This oversized pedestal bowl is a statement-maker indoors and out! Available in two sizes.


Shop the items you’ll need to create a gorgeous orchid arrangement of your own!

A few simple arrangements gathered together on your dining table is all you need. So chic and elegant, it’s a simple way to speak to the season without going overboard.

I used my gorgeous banana palms temple jars atop each of our mirrored cabinets for a beautiful pop of spring color.

They’re the perfect pieces to use in this room to add a layer of interest, and of course they make a chic statement.

Did you notice our new brass wall sconces? These are the same ones we have in our kitchen and we just love this addition in here.

Wall sconces always elevate any room and add another layer of lighting that creates mood and ambiance.


No hardwiring for wall sconces? You can install two different kinds! Either the regular, hard wired lighting like we have (we hope to wire them eventually), and simply use battery operated light bulbs with a remote control, or you can install wall sconces specifically built for that reason, made to hang and use with this type of bulb – no wiring required – there are many options that allow for that!

As you enter our home, this is the view through our dining room. Last year, we updated our hallway (visit the reveal) and we finally just hung some pictures I’ve been wanting to for some time now. It’s one of my favorite spaces in our home!

We’re also contemplating painting our living room a very pale blue and adding the same upper wall moldings that you see here in our hallway and dining room – we also installed them in my home office last year.

What a difference moldings make in a room! It’s such a worthwhile investment that elevates your space and adds so much interest and detail. Especially if you love traditional interiors and decorating.

Thank you for reading about our elegant dining room decor for spring today…simple and classic styling like the rest of our spring home! You can scroll down to further to click through to visit each room. Stay tuned for some Mother’s Day gift ideas coming soon! xo


SEE our spring KITCHEN!


Blue and white is always right!

SEE our spring ENTRYWAY!


Gorgeous new pieces elevate this space so beautifully!

SEE our spring LIVING ROOM!


Gorgeous pops of blue, chic florals and elegant coastal vibes.

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    Hi! The art is my own! The frames are from Ikea, but here are some that you might like!

  2. Can you link where your art work and frames came from.

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