Our hallway makeover reveal is finally here! It’s taken a little longer to get this post published than I had planned, but I think the wait was very worth it. If you remember, when I first shared the plans for this space (read the before post), we had a dark, narrow hallway that was nice, but had almost no visual interest at all.

Well, today I’m thrilled to reveal that we’ve changed all of that, and the results are light, bright and fabulous! Please come and take a look!

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Hallway with white painted moldings, light blue oushak runner, large lantern pendant light and crown moldings.

This is a small little hallway and very hard to photograph, so today I’ll only be sharing a few photos with you.

The results are so good however, it doesn’t matter!

Let’s take a look at the before, as well as a progress shot below of our hallway makeover, as a reminder of what we started with.

We did make some minor tweaks to our original hallway makeover plan…

There are no added pot lights (which I was hoping for), I decided to keep the walls free of photographs and art, and I swapped out our air return vent for a much prettier one. A small detail that goes a long way!

White painted hallway featuring wall moldings, light blue oushak rug ad large white ad gold pendant light.

For beauty’s sake, I retouched the thermostat on the wall out of most of these shots, which is also why I decided against adding frames. It simply would have been too busy.

I just wanted a clean, bright space that would allow the stars of the show to shine…

The biggest star of course, is our gorgeous new Regan oushak rug from Palindrome Home…it is truly a stunner!!!

A view of a narrow hallway painted white in Behr Ultra Pure White, semigloss paint. Crown and applied wall moldings are elegant and the large oversized pendant light in white and gold is a sophisticated touch. A light blue oushak runner brightens up the dark hardwood floor.

The colors are perfect for our home, the look is soft and elegant, the pattern is beautifully chic and traditional, and it is so soft underfoot.

It has brightened up our hallway so much, and allows the white walls to sing! I love, love, LOVE this rug so much.

A beautiful hallway makeover featuring white painted walls with moldings, a large white and gold lantern pendant light and a beautiful oushak runner.

I also love how it leads your eye straight to my home office at the end of the hallway and coordinates beautifully with the blue walls.

Palindrome Home has a gorgeous selection of oushak rugs, furniture and so much more!

If you’ve never seen my office, you can head over and read all about it!

Open concept home with a view down a white painted hallway with moldings, large white and gold pendant light, and light blue oushak rug

The second star of the show, is our gorgeous pendant light…which isn’t available anymore, unfortunately.

You can find other white pendant lights like this beautiful option and this beauty. Both are equally beautiful.

An oversized lantern pendant light in white and gold hangs in a small hallway painted Ultra Pure White by Behr.

It is truly a stunner and elevates the whole look of our hallway.

It is quite large, but I’m a sucker for oversized lighting. It’s dramatic, yet classy and elegant too.

An oversized lantern pendant light in white and gold hangs in a small hallway painted Ultra Pure White by Behr.

Having a four-light fixture helps to light this space at night really well, especially with the white walls. We do plan to install a dimmer switch, so we can have some mood lighting in here at night.

Here’s a peek of our hallway and our fabulous new runner from my office, looking out…I love this new view!

A view down a small but elegant hallway painted white, with wall moldings, crown moldings, a large oversized pendant light and light blue oushak runner.

It’s amazing what just a few simple changes can do, and how they can completely transform a space.

Here’s what we did to elevate our hallway and create a memorable space:

Hallway makeover with fresh white paint, wall moldings, large oversized pendant light and oushak runner

Our basic, dark, narrow hallway is now beautiful and bright, it feels larger and makes a strong, but elegant statement, with a ton of visual interest.

A beautiful hallway makeover with white paint, wall moldings, large pendant light and light blue oushak runnner

Thank you for reading with me! Tell me what you love most about our gorgeous new hallway makeover! We couldn’t be happier with these results. I hope it inspires you to amp up your hallway game too! xo


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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Kelly! This is Collingwood by BM!

  2. What is the beautiful warm neutral wall color for the room attached to the hallway?

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Marion! The difference is truly incredible! I’m glad you like the light as well, we love it!! The door color is off black, yes! It’s called Cracked Pepper by Behr. Blue would be gorgeous too, I’ve always loved that idea too!

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you!! We love it all so much, it’s a totally different space! Thank you for letting me know!

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you very much, Sally, I’m thrilled you like it!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous transformation. Love the moldings and the rug but that light is stunning! It just makes the hallway.

  7. Love are the trim moldings. Makes a huge difference. The lovely light fixture is perfect.

  8. Savvysnowbirds.com says:

    Stunning!!! I love how much brighter the hallway is simply by painting it white. Gorgeous transformation!!! …and can we talk about that light fixture?? Eye candy!!! What colour are the doors? They don’t look as though they are black but maybe more of a grey black? I have black-black on my front door and stair railing. I’m considering an off/black (if that’s a colour lol) or blue.

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! Yes actually! I want them on all of the doors some day! I love that idea! Thanks for reading with me and thanks for the suggestion! xo

  10. Very nice, beautiful trim work. Have you considered adding a transom over the office door? It would flood the hall with natural light in the day and at night light the space when the office lights are on.

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