Welcome to our spring living room! It’s officially spring and I’m so happy we’re getting closer to warm weather, soon the snow will all be gone and we’ll finally have green outside…it’s definitely something to celebrate! Our home indoors is fully styled for the season and I’m very excited to share our elegant living room decor with you today.

You’ll find simple and classic styling, with a coastal feel, like the rest of our home. I have a few new pieces featured in here, and many pieces that are the staples you’ll always find.

Changing up your decor each season can be a daunting task, that’s why I like to keep things easy and simple. I love to rotate and combine my favorite things with our new items. I hope you’e inspired today to do the same!

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This spring, our living room is all about soft neutrals, woven textures, orchids, hydrangeas, blue and white chinoiserie, bold pops of blue, and simple, classic decorating with an elegant, coastal feel that I always strive for.

Through color, texture, motifs, pattern, accessories. It speaks to me! It must be why blue is my all-time favorite color.

You can read more about how I’ve created this look in our home over time, in this post about elegant coastal chic decorating.

I love the view in the above image, and the visual flow of my color palette and the elegant coastal feel looking toward the front of our home.

One day we hope to live near the water in a beautiful warm climate. These northern temps of ours are getting old!

Did you get a chance to visit our spring entryway yet? We have some gorgeous new pieces that have really elevated that space.

You’ll find a few new key pieces in here as well this spring.

Our gorgeous new pillow covers from Arianna Belle (get 15% off with my code CITRINESPRING23 until March 30th!) and stunning, statement-making florals in our new oversized footed pedestal bowl from Cailini Coastal.

This pedestal bowl is just so gorgeous, and invites you right over to our living room as you enter our home.

I’ll be honest, at first I thought it might be too large to use indoors. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it!

Once I filled it with our light blue hydrangeas, I fell so in love with how gorgeous it looks, and what a beautiful and elegant statement it makes. I’ve arranged several hydrangeas here, there are about 5o faux stems in total.

I’m thinking I’d like to use these planters outside this summer, possibly near our new pool – I have one in the dining room as well – wait until you see how I styled that one – so good! – more on both of these topics coming to CL Blog soon!


This oversized pedestal bowl is a statement-maker indoors and out! Available in two sizes.

It sits so beautifully on our buffet and draws your eye right over to this space.

Many of you know how much I love to decorate with symmetry, and this vignette is the perfect display of how classic and beautiful it can be.

It helps to create a focal point as well, especially with large pieces.


I’m always trying to find different ways to refresh our living room decor each season, while keeping true to my home’s color palette, that coastal feel I love so much, and my favorite blue and white.

This spring, I found these stunning, muted Zebra Linen pillow covers that just ooze sopistication and elegance. They were the starting point for my spring look.


Get 15% off of our gorgeous designer pillow covers and all of my personal picks from Arianna Belle now through March 30th, 2023!


I wanted to accent them with something vibrant and more saturated, and these stunning Hampton Blue pillow covers are the most gorgeous addition with that preppy and chic ribbon detailing.

I love the contrast of the two pillows together and that pop of rich blue is such a beautiful look for spring, don’t you think? It’s so gorgeous against our entryway wallpaper too.

Piped edges always add an elevated, luxe detail to any pillow as well, it’s such a beautiful finishing touch.

If you notice, your eye goes to that beautiful blue of the pillows, then wanders around the room to all of the other rich blue touches.

The soft colors in the zebra print speak to the softer blues as well. I’m thinking I might use these zebra beauties for fall possibly – I always love a chic animal print in autumn!


Use color strategically to create balance in your space and to draw the eye around the room. It’s an accessory all on it’s own!


Let’s talk about the decorating details.

A few simple touches styled on our trays atop some of my favorite books, is always how I decorate our ottoman.

As usual, I rotate my pieces, and here I’ve used two orchid arrangements that I made for the season to layer together.

I recently shared how to create these beautiful orchid arrangements in my spring kitchen and spring entryway, but if you haven’t seen them yet, below you can find everything you need with all the steps to create your own.

SO easy and they are so beautiful! Perfect for spring.


Shop the items you’ll need to create a gorgeous orchid arrangement of your own!


Create a stunning arrangement in minutes!

  • Select your pot – I love to use anything blue and white
  • Arrange florist foam inside the pot, cutting to size – I like to make sure the height is level with the opening of the pot
  • Secure the faux orchid stem (or multiple stems for a larger pot) by pushing it into the foam, making sure to leave a little bit of space for dried or faux moss
  • Arrange and tuck the moss under the leaves and around the opening, covering the entire surface so no gaps or foam are visible
  • You now have a gorgeous spring orchid arrangement!

Our bookshelves don’t change dramatically from season to season, sometimes they’re layered with more pieces, but I usually keep them very simple.

They’re so large and with so many shelves, they can look busy and cluttered, so I have to be selective when styling them.

I often rotate some of my favorite pieces here as well.

My decorating go-to’s are always my ginger jars (I have several in different colors), coral sculptures, books, bookends, decorative boxes, agate, and blue and white chinoiserie of course!

Many of you know that already!

I wanted the overall look of our bookshelves to read as more neutral, so my use of blue is with just a few accents dotted throughout.

I layered in my woven baskets, they are such a versatile accessory.

You can style them in so many different ways – they’re the perfect piece to use as a riser, or simply stacked in varying sizes.

They add texture, a natural element and soft, neutral color.

Again, just simple, classic and elegant decorating with a coastal vibe. I love this look so much.


Standing at one end of our living room, facing toward the front of our home, you get a real sense of our living room and our home as a whole.

Coastal chic, chinoiserie, traditional, classic, elegant. You name it, I love it all. I hope you love it too!

Living room decorated for spring with blue and white pillows - a muted zebra print and a vibrant solid blue with white topstitch ribbon detailing.

Explore more of our spring home below!

SEE our spring KITCHEN!


Blue and white is always right!

SEE our spring ENTRYWAY!


Gorgeous new pieces elevate this space so beautifully!

Thank you for reading with me today. I hope you’re inspired by our elegant living room decor this spring season. I love the bold pops of blue from our pillows combined with that elegant, muted zebra print, that statement-making footed pedestal bowl and spring florals. What do you love and what are you decorating with this spring? Tell me below! xo

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