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Happy Fall! It always amazes me, and I know I always say it, the time flies so fast! Soon it will be all about Christmas and holiday cheer, and I think we all need a lot of that. Today, I’m so excited to share my fall living room decor. 

This season is all about my favorite blue and white paired with rich, luxe colors, beautiful prints, a gorgeous new rug, a chic pair of ottomans all wrapped up together to create a warm, rich and luxe fall look.

I wanted a space that invokes a feeling of chic but still relaxed (this is our nightly hangout after all), luxe, but still liveable, layered, warm, inviting. Since I’m always using my blue and white collection, I love to find different ways to compliment my favorite pieces.

Come and tour our fall living room and see how I pulled this look together.

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I must warn you – there are a ton of photos in this post. You’ll notice a few new things around here, which I’ll get to a little further down.

As I mentioned, the feeling I wanted to create was warm and welcoming, but also luxe and rich.Gorgeous fall decorating with rich, warm colors, blue and white chinoiserie accents annd gold lighting and accessories.

My color palette helped me achieve that. Rich tones of navy, brown and gold, with warm cream and beige are elegant and make a gorgeous statement for the season.Fall living room decorating with navy blue, brown, cream and gold. Gorgeous and luxe throw pillow are a chic addition.You’ll notice a stunning new collection of throw pillows – all from Arianna Belle – scroll further down for more details – they’re so beautiful, and helped to pull my vision together perfectly.
White living room sofa with luxe throw pillows in navy, brown, cream and a gold shimmer. Beautiful and luxe for the fall season.

Simple touches like our new camel colored throws add a layer of beautiful, rich color and soft texture to our sofa.

I really love the pop of color and how they compliment our new tan spotted pillows, our new rug (more on these further down!) and all of the gold accents throughout our home.Living room decorated for fall with beautiful navy blue, brown and cream pillows, ginger jars, and a vintage rug.

A stunning arrangement of luxe, throw pillows for fall, in navy, brown, cream and soft gold.

I decided to keep most of my ginger jars featured throughout our home this fall as well – they add such a beautiful sculptural quality here behind our sofa, especially in this soft beige and pale blue combination.

They’re a beautiful backdrop to our pillows. You can shop these jars here and here.Fall living room decorating with a peek into a chic dining room. I kept my faux florals in soft tones also – creams and soft blush to add softness to the room, and to also allow the more bold colors and patterns in our living room take precedence.Fall living room decorating ideas with rich, luxe colors, beautiful throw pillows, a vintage rug ad ginger jars.

LIVING ROOM BOOKSHELVES: BLUE + WHITE FOREVER!Living room decorated for fall - builtin bookshelves with blue and white chinoiserie accents paired with gold and wood accents for a luxe layered look.

You know I love my blue and white ginger jars and vases, and I usually have many of my pieces styled on our open shelves year round.

My shelf decor doesn’t change that often from season to season, many of these are staples for styling these shelves.Chic and luxe fall living room decor with floor to ceiling builtin bookshelves, white sofas, layered rugs and blue, white and gold accents.Sometimes I move them around, and sometimes I’ll add a fresh pop of color depending on the season – you can visit my summer shelves here to see some different styling.
Simple and elegant shelf styling with blue and white ginger jars, gold accents, and pretty objects.

The focus on our shelves this fall is soft tones and gold mixed in with my blue and white chinoiserie pieces.

I wanted the shelves a touch more subdued as well, also to allow our new pillows and throws to make a bold statement.Bookshelff styling ideas with blue and white ginger jars, solid ginger jars, brass hurricane lanterns, and beautiful objects to create interest and tell a story. Modern art accents the color scheme. An open living room decorated for fall, french doors with transoms allow gorgeous natural light. Blue and white chinoiserie mixed with gold accents is sophisticated and elegant.

OTTOMAN STYLING: SIMPLE LAYERED DETAILSLiving room ottoman styling with a gold tray, pretty boxes, design books and faux flowers.

As you may already know, our ottoman styling has some ‘regulars’ as well. I have a recipe that I usually stick to that I love the most.

Stacks of design books, decorative boxes, a few pretty objects, a ginger jar or two, and a pretty floral arrangement create a typical vignette in our living room.

Candles and lanterns also make appearances here.A beautiful coffee table or ottoman vignette with faux flowers, ginger jars, decorative boxes and design books.

I used faux hydrangeas in a warm creamy tone and paired them with the prettiest creamy-blush faux dahlias.

As I mentioned above, I wanted the florals in this space to have a softer tone, to let the other elements in the room shine.Blue and white chinoiserie, decorative boxes, pretty objects and faux florals on a gold tray make a chic statement.Living room decor for fall featuring beautiful blue and white accents, faux florals, throw pillows in rich colors.

Layered rugs - a vintage inspired rug lays over a natural woven jute rug for a chic, collected look.

Here’s a closeup look at our new rug. I was so excited when I found this! I wasn’t even looking for one, and I found it at our local HomeSense for a steal.

Love it when that happens.

I was even more excited when I realized it had all of the colors in my fall color palette, and the perfect rug to layer over our existing jute rug…definitely a win for me :)A beautiful pair of blue upholstered hexagonal ottomans topped with books, ginger jars, and a floral arrangement is a gorgeous additions to any space.Our gorgeous, new upholstered ottomans from Lauren Haskell Designs finally arrived!

I couldn’t love them more…their shape, color and elegantly tailored lines add such a beautiful touch in our fall living room.Living room decorated for fall with blue, gold, brown, and cream accents.Time to talk about our fab new pillows from Arianna Belle! I had a vision in my mind and I knew what I wanted our fall living room look and feel like.

Those rich colors and gorgeous prints stole my heart right from the start – Arriana helped me come up with this beautiful pillow combo, and I love it so much.
White sofa adorned with luxe throw pillows for fall, in rich navy, brown, cream and gold. Arianna has such an incredible selection of custom made pillows, you will absolutely fall in love with all the different styles offered on her website.

You can shop all of my pillows and so many more – just click here to head over!A beautiful mix of chic and elegant throw pillows - navy velvet, Kelly Wearstler channels in navy and Les Touches in Tan. I wanted something glam and chic, luxe and rich, and again, it needed to be welcoming, cozy and approachable since we use this room daily.

I’m so in love with this amazing combination of colors for the season.

Gold and brown tones paired with navy and cream? Fabulous in every way. A beautiful mix of chic and elegant throw pillows - navy velvet, Kelly Wearstler channels in navy and Les Touches in Tan.Oh – and if you’re wondering where they go when we relax on our sofas?

Thrown on the floor! But I do arrange them to perfection before I go to bed each night ;)Tan and cream Les Touches throw pillow and camel throw for fall.

A FINAL LOOK AT OUR FALL LIVING ROOM DECORLiving room decorated for fall with beautiful pillows, ginger jars, navy brown, cream and gold accents.

Here are some more angles of our fall living room decor. I couldn’t love the results more – a bold and chic statement that’s liveable at the same time. Living room fall decor with navy blue accents, brown, gold and cream. Elegant and tailored whit sofa with a mix of beautiful throw pillows for fall in luxe navy velvet, brown and cream spotted Les Touches fabric, and Kelly Wearstler channels in navy.

I always strive each season to share something a little different than the year before that will inspire you!

I love to find ways to recreate our living spaces that are unique to my style and also approachable and liveable.
French doors, with transoms let in beautiful natural light in this chic and elegant living room! Fall decorating in navy, brown, cream and gold is a sophisticated color palette.A beautiful living room with natural light features a chic fall decorated space with rich, warm colors.

I’m looking forward to the cozy nights ahead this fall season to relax in our elegant and chic space, and to take all the gorgeous colors in.

It’s amazing what color can do and how it makes you feel.
Living room decor with navy blue, gold, cream, camel and brown is chic and elegant for fall.

Layers of warm, rich, luxe and chic!A gorgeous fall decorated living room space with beautiful white sofas, vintage rug, navy, brown, cream and gold accents.Thank you, as always for spending your time with me today and reading about my fall living room decor. I know this post was a long one! I hope you found something inspiring for your fall decorating! Stay tuned, there is more coming next week! xo


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  1. Love this living room!!!! Thanks for the inspo!!! Please tell me the name of the carpet?? Thank you!!!

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Yes, this is Collingwood by Benjamin Moore. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Can you share the paint color?! I love it.

  4. Would love to know the paint color, gorgeous!

  5. I love your wall color. Can you please share the paint name and type? Thanks!!!

  6. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! These are by artist Christie Adelle, she is a huge talent! You can check out here site here: http://christieadelle.com
    Hope that helps! xo

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much, Kim! I’m a little obsessed haha! Thanks for reading with me! xo

  8. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Thank you so much! This is Collingwood by BM!

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Michelle!, we’re really loving the vibe in here – I’m so happy you like it too! Happy Fall! xo

  10. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you very much Juliet, I’ thrilled you’re inspired! Thanks for reading with me! xo

  11. What a beautiful room! I love the subtle fall decor … I’m so inspired! xo

  12. Absolutely LOVE what you’ve done for fall. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I love your paint color! Can you share please? Thanks!!

  14. Kim Baker says:

    So beautiful and calming spaces. I adore your ginger jar collection

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you bought the two abstract paintings on either side of FP? Thank you!

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