It’s finally here! That time of the year when everyone is hustling and bustling getting ready for the most magical season of all. I’ve been so busy getting our home ready for Christmas, decorating night and day over the last week or so. Today I’m sharing our gorgeous red and blue plaid Christmas tree – this is by far our favorite holiday look! Growing up, our Christmas decor was traditional, with loads of red, ribbon and bows, floras and plaids… and I was always the designated tree decorator in the house. I loved helping my Mama deck our halls so much. This year’s red theme is a tribute to my beautiful Mama – her style, her taste and her love for this most festive color. I know she and our Dad are both loving our Christmas home so much this year, from up above in Heaven…

I’m sharing a lot of close-up details and my simple tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree like this. I hope you love this look too! I also hope it inspires you to bring in some traditional decorating to your home this year. You can shop our Christmas decor in both my Amazon Shop and LTK Shop too! xo

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Gorgeous Christmas tree with red and blue plaid ribbon, red, blue and ld ornaments and red berry picks.

The theme for our Christmas home this year started with this most stunning red and blue plaid ribbon, with hints of forest green, yellow and black – it’s so classic, beautiful and traditional.

When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for our home, and what I wanted this year’s holiday look to be all about.

I always use a lot of ribbon on our Christmas tree, it’s the perfect way to fill in large holes and gaps, and it is such an easy way to make a bold statement both on your Christmas tree, and throughout your home with your holiday decorating.

This ribbon stole my heart when I saw it – unfortunately it’s already sold out! Which is SO disappointing, I know. I’ve had so many requests for this ribbon!

But this ETSY shop has so many gorgeous plaid ribbon options to choose from, I think you’ll find one you love just as much.

Here is a little glimpse of our Christmas living room, styled in the most beautiful colors – red, blue, gold, and rich, deep green. The plaid and chinoiserie together create such a classic look. Feel free to read more about this holiday look in case you missed it.

Our tree this year is so traditional and nostalgic to me, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Keep reading further below for the how-to!


Our plaid Christmas tree is full of decorations, but I still wanted a lot of the greenery of the tree to show. Like last Christmas, I’ve used a lot of greenery throughout our home as well and I wanted our tree to have the same feeling.

I’ve used a plethora of red berry picks in varying shades and sizes for added dimension and visual interest on our tree, as well as the greenery and arrangements around our home. I’ve also used sprinkles of blue and gold picks and stems too.

The first thing I use when I decorate our tree like this is, is the ribbon. This ribbon is four inches wide, and fills the holes perfectly.

Often times a faux tree has a lot of holes so this is the perfect way to fill them in and cover them up.

Second, I used my large gold magnolia stems, also to fill in any large holes. Following those, I fill the tree with my blueberry picks and all of my varying red berry picks.

Third, the ornaments get hung, I like to use a ‘diamond’ like pattern as much as I can to arrange them by color, so there’s visual balance on the Christmas tree.

I started with the largest size ornaments and worked my way down in size from there.

Lastly, I’ll add more stems, picks or more ribbon to fill in any spots that need something, and I’ll also move a few things around that don’t look balanced on the tree.


Simple steps for a stunning Christmas tree

  • Use wired ribbon to fill any holes or gaps around your tree. Here, I’ve used about four foot lengths, tucked at one end, looped and tucked again. You can twist a branch around the ribbon to secure it if needed. Repeat all over the tree until you have even coverage.
  • Second, fill any remaining gaps with your stems and picks. Again, you want even coverage.
  • Third, add your ornaments in a ‘diamond’ like pattern for visual balance, starting with the largest size, then work your way down to the smallest size.
  • Lastly, rearrange anything that is uneven, or needs moving. You can add picks and more ribbon if needed.
  • NB: This seems obvious, but if your tree is unlit, start with your lights first!



Take a walk down memory lane with me! Let’s look at our Christmas tree over the last several years.

Tell me, which one is your favorite? You can link to each blog post a little further down.

Elegant and sophisticated, this blue and red Christmas tree is a gorgeous take on holiday decorating.


We’ve used this same Christmas tree for the third year in a row now. Ours is nine feet tall and slim, which is perfect for our compact space. Here is another slim Christmas tree you may like as well.

Our tree has eight thousand micro LED lights! It is truly magical at night in all its twinkling glory. This ten foot Christmas tree also has similar lights, you may be interested in.

Last year, our tree moved to the other side of our living room, we decided this year we wanted it back here in this corner. The footprint in here is tight, so it’s always a challenge figuring out how to maximize our space.

We have a small home, so there’s only room for one large tree – which after more than a week of decorating, is fine with me! Hats off to all of my friends who decorate multiple trees!


Thank you for visiting today, I hope you love our red and blue plaid Christmas tree as much as we do. There is just something that feels so right about a traditional, nostalgic look throughout our home for the holidays. Stay tuned for more of our Christmas living room, coming very soon and the rest of our Christmas home too. xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Maria, you are truly so kind! I appreciate all of your support and thoughtful words so much! Merry Christmas my friend! xo

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Kim thank you so much, that means so much to me, I truly appreciate it! Merry Christmas!

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Cindy! You are always so kind! Merry Christmas!

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Oh I love that so much, I’m thrilled that this was helpful! Merry Christmas! xo

  5. I love the use of blue tartan and burgundy ornaments and gold! Im seeing now how to bridge our three main rooms with trees now!

  6. Stunning! I can see why the ribbon is sold out. I need to shop somewhere different because all I see is the boring stuff. I know I’d just sit in there for hours staring at it. Love all of your past trees as well. You have quite the tree-decorating gift! Hope you have a magical holiday season.

  7. Tamara, this tree is absolutely gorgeous! The plaid ribbon is spectacular! I’m sure your mother is looking down with joy! Happy holidays!

  8. Maria Gerbac says:

    Tam, it’s absolutely stunning. I know your Momma is looking down enjoying the twinkle. I love that your decor this season is very traditional but yet still feels very contemporary. Beautifully done my friend. I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous home decked out for the Holidays 💙❤️

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