It’s here! Our blue and green Christmas tree and mantel! I am very excited to share this with you today. This year’s holiday theme is simple, elegant and timeless, with a slight nod to nostalgia and a little bit of modern thrown in. I’ve layered faux greenery throughout our home this Christmas season, and dressed it up in a very simple way – blue and white Chinoiserie is the perfect compliment, for a chic, understated look.

Last week in our Christmas entryway, I talked about my ribbon obsession this year, ha! It’s incredible how much you can decorate, and create simple elegance with this most versatile accessory. You’ll find ribbons and bows galore in our Christmas home this year, and I am loving it.

Here they are in all their glory, this year’s blue and green Christmas tree and mantel. I hope you enjoy!

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To decorate this year’s blue and green Christmas tree, I used fewer ornaments than I typically have in recent years and almost all of them are what we already own.

Do you remember last year’s blue and gold Christmas tree and our blue and gold Christmas living room? I used a heavy does of gorgeous ornaments and ribbon on our tree and garland, while keeping the rest of our living room simple.

This year, I wanted to create a Christmas tree that is somewhat vintage-inspired, so I went lighter on the beautiful ornaments and just one type of tree pick, but very heavy on these gorgeous ribbons!

I love this simple and elegant look, and I love that we can fully appreciate the beautiful greenery and twinkly lights on the tree.

Creating these stunning, two-toned blue and green Christmas tree bows was very simple to do and they’re so gorgeous.

I love the way they catch the light!


  1. Cut a 6 foot length of ribbon – I used my sage green 2.5″ faux silk wired ribbon.
  2. Start by finding the center of the ribbon.
  3. To one side of the center, form a loop with one hand, then grab the ribbon with the other hand and wrap around the loop to begin to tie a bow, as you would a pair of shoelaces.
  4. As you’re tying your bow, form the loops so their shape is somewhat long and they droop a little. Note: if you use non-wired ribbon the loops will naturally fall this way.
  5. As you’re working, pull each loop slowly and work the knot gently to shape your bow.
  6. Don’t pull the bow too taught as you would with laces – leave the center knot loose for a more elegant look.
  7. Continue to work until you achieve the look and fullness you like – it took me a while!
  8. Make sure the tails are even, but a little uneven is beautiful as well.
  9. To create a layered bow, take your coordinating ribbon – I used my 1″ satin light blue ribbon – before cutting it, pull it through the loop of your bow.
  10. Cut the ribbon to your desired length – I made it the same as the bow.
  11. Affix your finished bow to the Christmas tree by nestling it into the branches.
  12. You can also use wire at the back and fix it to a branch.
  13. Don’t be discouraged if it take a few tries to get your bow looking how you want it – it took me a few tries!

I added the same ribbon to my decorative gift boxes and used some of my blue ribbon from last year also.

We decided to put our Christmas tree on the other side of our living room this year for a different look. We’ve had it here in the past, and decided it was time for a change again.

We do miss having it in front of our french doors, but I love the look as you enter our home and living room. Plus, the twinkly lights are just beautiful from the street.


This year’s blue and green Christmas mantel is one of my favorites ever!

With that nostalgic, vintage-inspired Christmas look in mind, I decided to leave our garland bare, except for simple ribbon detail.

I layered two types of garland together, tied beautiful bows for the corners, and swagged the ribbon in the same shape as the garland, which is fixed with command hooks to the mantel.

But what really steals the show on our mantel this year, are our gorgeous new green velvet stockings from Cailini Coastal. I loooooove these so much, and love the look they bring to our Christmas living room!

They’re so luxe and elegant, and the soft seafoam color is just so pretty – it’s the perfect tone with my blue and green Christmas palette.

Simple bows dress them up for a chic, vintage look. I used both blue ribbon and green ribbon to add some variation.

Tell me they’re not just so beautiful!

Blue and green decorated bookshelves for Christmas. Ginger jars dressed with ribbon, green garland with ribbon.

Did you notice my gorgeous new ginger jars? I am so in love with them. They’re just beautiful at 18″ tall, they’re the perfect size for our bookshelves.

I love the banana leaf motif and the rich, blue color is so beautiful.

A simple and elegant bow in sage green dresses them up beautifully. I’m telling you, ribbon and bows will be your new best Christmas decorating friend.

On our bookshelves, I wanted a simple and elegant look.

I kept all of the decor monochromatic in blue and white chinoiserie, layered with my faux cedar wreaths for added greenery.

This blue and green Christmas color palette is definitely one of my favorites yet , especially with all of my chinoiserie – such a gorgeous and timeless combination!

The only Christmas decorations I used on our bookshelves are these beautiful Christmas churches (similar) that I found at my local Homesense.

Our bookshelves are quite large and take up a huge part of our living room, at eleven feet tall and about ten feet wide, so I try to keep them simply decorated – for the maximalist that I am!

The rest of the Christmas decor throughout our home is somewhat minimal (for me that is!), with little bit of a modern feel.

You’ll see more of those touches in my upcoming Christmas posts – our living room will be live next week, and our kitchen and dining room will follow.

I’m so happy with the results of our blue and green Christmas tree and mantel, we all love the ‘less-is-more’ approach with the abundance of simply decorated greenery everywhere. I’ll be sharing our full Christmas living room in my next blog post, so stay tuned! I hope you’re inspired today to create something new this year. xo

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I’m a blue/white gal having collected since my first blue/white Currier and Ives plate in 1972. When we downsized 4 years ago, I pared down to only a blue/white color scheme and decor. Folks love it because they say our home feels so peaceful. Anyhoo, I love your tree and the ABUNDANCE of tiny lights that make it glow! I have always been a bow nut at Christmas having been known to even tie them on cabinet door pulls 😉

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Cher! Happy holiday season to you too! Thank you for your note, I completely understand your frustration! My readership is largely US based, that is the reason I have partnerships with Walmart US. Trust me, I do wish we had these items here as well because the assortment is so fabulous! Thanks for reading with me, I hope you’re inspired by my holiday content! Wishing you all the best this season! xo

  3. Cher Robertson says:

    Hello, I want to first say that I wish you and yours a joyous holiday season!. I know that you are based in Canada so was somewhat disappointed to find that your Walmart fashion component to this blog entry is available only in the U.S. I will check in store to see if any of these fashions are available here in store in Canada but I know in the past this was most often not the case.
    Again, Happy Holidays!

    Cher Robertson

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