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I’m so happy to finally be sharing our elegant Christmas living room with you! I For those of you who visit regularly, you’ll notice a small change in here – we rearranged our sofas to get a full view of our tree! We’ve tried so many times and never liked it, but with our new white sofas from last year, it actually works.

It’s a tiny bit on the tight side, but at the same time, it’s so cozy and we’re loving it. Our teenage kids even love it – and they love being in here with us, which makes me so happy! Come on in and have a look around… I hope you enjoy our elegant Christmas living room as much as we’re enjoying it.

I went with a soft color palette with mostly light blues and some light greens/aquas, gold of course, silver and warm, creamy whites. Tell me what you think down below! As always, you can shop this look down at the bottom of my post.

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OUR ELEGANT + COZY CHRISTMAS LIVING ROOMElegant Christmas living room with flocked tree and garland.

December came so fast this year – actually, I can’t believe the year is over in a few weeks.

I’m not sure where the time went, but here we are, Christmas all over again!

With our whirlwind schedules, sometimes it feels so challenging to get it all done. At least for me!Light blue, gold, silver and white Christmas decorating

With that in mind, I decided to challenge myself, and try to keep my Christmas decorating on the simple side of things (for me that is!), not spend too much on new pieces (I did however indulge in a few new things), and try and use as many items that I already owned.
Elegant Christmas living room - flocked Christmas tree with ribbonIf you read my post back in October, about my BHG Christmas Ideas magazine feature, then you already know what my colors were going to be this year. I went back to my blues – last year I went all neutral – and I love this palette so much with our white sofas.

I added small touches of light greens and aquas in the garland and tree as well.Elegant Christmas living room - Flocked Christmas tree and garlands with light blue and gold decorations

I truly couldn’t love this look more. It’s elegant, sophisticated, soft and chic…yet still so cozy, welcoming and laid back, with that luxe feel that I love.Elegant Christmas living room - Gorgeous Christmas mantel with flocked garland, light blue and gold decorations.Living room with double french doors, flocked Christmas tree and wreath. If you saw my fall dining room post, then you remember these gorgeous velvet greek key pillows, from Lauren Haskell Designs – seriously, they’re so luxurious and beautiful.

I just love the feel they bring to this room for Christmas, and how the light blue and beige/gold tones compliment our tree and garland.

Rich, elegant and so beautiful.Elegant Christmas living room - Christmas decor with light blue, gold and warm white.


The only new decorations you’ll find on our tree this year are the few light green/aqua ones I mentioned earlier, I used a palette of mostly light blue silver and gold, all of which I already owned, ribbon included.

I get a lot of questions about our ribbon, and how I achieve this look. it’s so simple to do!

The trick is using wire-edge ribbon so you can shape it how you want. Here, I have full rolls of ribbon as well as cut pieces – you can use either, or both.
Flocked Christmas tree with light blue, gold, silver and white decorations Christmas tree detail with beautiful ribbon

I ended up having to wrestle with lights and ribbon this year – we added extra lights for more twinkle (even though this tree is pre-lit), and unfortunately after it was decorated, they all burnt out – all of them.

So, we added new, battery operated ones, but they had to go over the decorations, because I was not redoing the tree! What happened to simple?!?

The wires ended up squishing all of my ribbon, so that in itself was quite the feat to fix. In the end it’s fine, but what a mess in the process!Holiday decor with flocked Christmas tree, garland and wreath

My goal was to have lights on the tree that look like the lights in our garland (pretty, right?!)…hopefully next year we’ll figure out a better solution.

If you have one, please tell me! Nonetheless, I still love it, malfunctioning lights, half squished ribbon and all, it turned out just as I had wanted.Christmas living room decorating ideas, flocked tree and garland with blue and gold decor.

Light blue, gold, silver and white Christmas decorating


You may already know that I created our garland with several pieces to get this look.

I’ve had this garland for a few years now, and although it looks like it came this way, it didn’t. It’s layered with two 9′ garlands, with added flocked pine picks, glittery silver picks, and a multitude of ornaments tied with ribbon.
Elegant Christmas living room - Christmas mantel with flocked garland and stockings.Keeping it simple – I left them all tied on from our BHG shoot and stored the garland in bins once it was taken down last year.

The beauty of this is you can create a different look year after year if you choose.

Have a look at last year’s neutral, silver and gold garland, and the previous year’s look, when it was new, and our Christmas theme was blue as well.Elegant Christmas living room - Built-in bookshelves, christmas mantel with flocked garland and stockings.

I love the look so much with our pillows and ginger jars, also from Lauren Haskell Designs.
Elegant Christmas living room decor with velvet pillowsElegant Christmas living room decor with velvet pillows

Elegant Christmas living room - mantel with flocked garland

Christmas mantel with flocked garland, blue and gold decorationsChristmas mantel with flocked garland, blue and gold decorations, ginger jars

Elegant Christmas living room - Christmas mantel with flocked garland, blue and gold decorations, builtin bookshelves


Lauren also sent me these beautiful and elegant little 22 karat gold painted trees, aren’t they so gorgeous?

I shared them in our Christmas kitchen post if you haven’t seen it yet.

I love them scattered with my mercury glass trees (they’re new this year!), reindeer and twinkly lights.

It’s magic at night! This little setup took me five minutes to create – I’m keeping things simple, remember?Console decorated with scattered Christmas trees and lights.I scattered the trees, placing some forward, some back, with the tallest ones in the center.

My little white reindeer flank the grouping, and then I entwined the lights throughout.

Literally five minutes. this would be gorgeous anywhere – a mantel, a console table, a centrepiece…and it’s so pretty.Console decorated with scattered Christmas trees, lights and reindeer.Christmas vignette with gold tipped and mercury glass Christmas trees.

Elegant Christmas living room - Gorgeous Christmas tree with blue and gold decorations

You may be wondering – is this really that simple to achieve? Yes it is.

I used almost everything I already owned – I already had all of these gift boxes that I use as ‘props’ from previous years.

Aside from the tree light debacle, it was pretty simple!

It is however, a lot of work getting it to look just right for photos.
Elegant Christmas living room - Beautiful flocked Christmas tree with blue and gold decorations and ribbon.

I won’t lie to you about that – there’s a lot of primping, moving things around for the best composition for my shots, bows and ribbons tied just right.

But the notion of keeping it simple for me, was creating a new look with what I had in storage, except for a couple of items, like pillows and a few decorations.

Not overspending money or time shopping for new decor was key.Elegant Christmas living room - Beautiful flocked Christmas tree with blue and gold decorations and ribbon.Is my tree simple to decorate? Well, for me it takes time and patience and a few days to get this full, layered look that I love so much.

And of course more time wresting with those darn lights!

My point is, you can have an exquisitely decorated home for Christmas and still keep things simple for yourself too.

Use what you love and I promise, you’ll be very happy with the outcome…Elegant Christmas living room decor with light blue and gold color palette. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me today! I hope you enjoyed our elegant Christmas living room and I hope you found some inspiration here today! From five minute decorating, to adding just the right pieces here and there. I’ll be back with our Christmas porch and dining room – maybe even a tablescape if I can find the time to squeeze one in! If you’d like to see some other Christmas posts, visit my entryway and kitchen. Happy Christmas decorating! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

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  1. Kiara M Wallace says:

    Hello where did the soft blue and gold pillows come from?

  2. Absolutely fabulous. I will be moving in January and would love those main ceiling lights for my living room. Have saved the blue gold scene for 2021. Thank you from UK and happy Christmas

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you very much, that is so kind!!! Love that you love it! xox

  4. You have outdone yourself!!!! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!

  5. Cindy Shrimanker says:

    Hi Tamara
    Love the Living Room Would you please let me know the rug name and where I can purchase.

  6. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! This is Collingwood by Benjamin Moore!

  7. What is the name/ brand of your wall color?
    It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to find.

  8. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Bridget! First of all – thank you so much for following along with me – it truly means so much that you take time our of your day to read what I have to say and that it has such a positive outcome! I’m very grateful! Merry Christmas!! xo

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Marty thank you so much, I am very thankful and humbled!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! xo

  10. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Val! You are so kind to tell me – thank you SO MUCH! I love hearing from everyone, so please don’t be shy! Thank you so much for following along and for your very nice compliment! I’m humbled! Merry Christmas! xox

  11. I have never commented before but had to tell you that your tree is one of the most beautifully decorated that I have ever seen! Very pretty living room, too.

  12. Your blue and white really is stunning and that tree is amazing. Elegant is the perfect word.

  13. I love everything that you do! I have been following you for a year now. Christmas 2018 to Christmas 2019. I love your taste – my favorite sentence in your blog is ” My point is, you can have an exquisitely decorated home for Christmas and still keep things simple for yourself too. Use what you love and I promise, you’ll be very happy with the outcome” Thank you for being so positive, Merry Christmas :)

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