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Making your home Summer-ready is really such an easy thing to do. I used a few basic ways that you can also use to infuse the relaxed vibe of season into your home. If you’re joining me from Kathleen of Lindsay Hill Interiors, welcome! Don’t you just love her Summer home? Everything Kathleen does is so inspiring! I’m very happy to have you here and I hope you enjoy your visit and stay a while! I’m sharing links to all of the fabulous bloggers on this tour, at the bottom of my post, make sure to look for them! Today I’ll be sharing simple Summer decorating tips that anyone can use, no matter what your decorating style may be. If you’re a regular reader, you may have already picked up on some of these tips with my two most recent blog posts – Summer Home Tour : here and my latest obsession, Stripes : here. I’ll be looking a little closer at some details with you today, so sit back, relax and enjoy reading!

A striped runner by the back is the perfect way to ring in the Summer season. Today I’m continuing the conversation about adding stripes for the season. In the above and below images, I’ve incorporated striped runners in the living room and kitchen. Here’s the catch – they’re not even runners at all and I have the easiest DIY tip ever to share with you.

Use a blue and white striped runner in the kitchen to create a relaxed and easy Summer vibe.I’ve used different striped textiles in a variety of ways. Blankets and turkish towels with tassels are currently on-trend and a favorite of mine, and when layered with another pattern or stripes, it provides that casual feeling of Summer we all crave. Below is my Spring porch with a little al fresco snack station. You can read this post here.


Fresh produce, as I’ve shown a lot of recently since this past Spring, is a great way to bring a new season into the kitchen for very little cost, and the punch of vibrant color is delicious :)
Lemons and limes happen to be my favorite. In the image above I’ve paired them with the deep, rich tones of the blueberries and blackberries for this casual tablescape. You can see more of this table here. By the way, do you notice the Turkish towels used as a table runner? Be creative and find multiple ways to use pieces like these around your home!


I love to use starfish, shells and agate around our home for the season as well. Natural curiosities always bring an elevated look to any space. They’re elegant and refined, but also relaxed. The textures and colors add another layer to a vignette and they’re always interesting to look at, with their textured surfaces and interesting shapes. I use both real and faux around our home.Natural curiositie like starfish, agate, and seashells are perfect for Summer decoratingNatural curiosities like starfish, agate, and seashells are perfect for Summer decorating Natural curiosities like starfish, agate, and seashells are perfect for Summer decoratingNatural curiosities like coral, agate, and seashells are perfect for Summer decoratingNatural curiosities like starfish, coral, and seashells are perfect for Summer decorating


Layers and layers of pattern and texture are a key focus in our living room, and by using a very focused color palette of blues and neutrals, I was able keep the look from getting too overwhelming.  Stick to one to three colors to keep the look more restrained. You can vary the shades within those colors, as I have here. I’ve used blues (the dominant color and my favorite) , greys and whites/creams. Mix multiple colors for a more energetic vibe.Layer different patterns and textures with your textiles to create a relaxed vibe for the Summer months. Subtle blues, greys and ivories are sophisticated and elegant.
Layer different patterns and textures with your textiles to create a relaxed vibe for the Summer months. Subtle blues, greys and ivories are sophisticated and elegant.Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns together – by varying the scale of the patterns and combining different pattern styes together, you can come up with a pleasing mix. I love to simply play around with them until I find a balance that I like. Not everything needs to match perfectly and it’s always fun to try something new. Oh, and I threw in more stripes of course ;) Layer different patterns and textures with your textiles to create a relaxed vibe for the Summer months. Subtle blues, greys and ivories are sophisticated and elegant.A general decorating tip, is to try to repeat your use of color somewhere else in the room as well, to create visual balance in your space. We have an open concept home, so I often use this basic principal throughout, to create cohesion.
Layer different patterns and textures with your textiles to create a relaxed vibe for the Summer months. Subtle blues, greys and ivories are sophisticated and elegant.


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look a little closer at my Summer decor this season. I hope you found some useful tips to incorporate into your home for the Summer! Next on our tour is Lizbeth from HOME AND FABULOUS – you’ll love her beautiful Summer home tour and her chic and glamorous style! Don’t forget to visit everyone on the tour, listed below!


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  1. Such an amazing play of patterns! Classic elegance!

  2. Beautiful seasonal accents – I love it all, Tamara! And you’ve elevated stripes to a whole new design level.

  3. Marty Oravetz says:

    So pretty. I love your gorgeous pillows.

  4. Wowwwww Tamara! You know your home is one of my favorites! I love it, simply beautiful!

    Xox, Lizbeth

  5. Tamara, We love the excitement you bring to your rooms. The way you mix patterns is especially fun. We are huge fans of your designs always, but the fresh appeal for summer is additionally enviable. So glad to be joining you on this tour. Hope we have many opportunities in the future. XO Julie & Jodie

  6. Beautiful, Tamara! Absolutely beautiful. Love the diy runner idea. That’s brilliant! Thank you for that. And I was literally taking notes all the way through….love how effortlessly you layer patterns. I am not as good at it but am going to try to follow your lead. Thanks again for inviting us into your gorgeous home! xoxo Jodie & Julie

  7. loving all the pattern play Tamara especially on the sofa! love your gorgeous home. So elegant and comfortable at the same time.

  8. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Amie!! That means a lot to me! Can’t wait to check out your lakehouse tour!

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you, ladies, so much for such kind words! I’m truly humbled! Mixing pattern is easy! Just play around with it until you like it, I always just go with my gut!! I bet you’re awesome! So happy you toured with us today! Can’t wait to read your tour!! xoxo

  10. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! Love you girls!! xoxo

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Liz you are so kind, that means so much to me! Thank you for the sweetest compliment! So excited to see all the tours!! xox

  12. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Marty, thank you so much! I love that you love them all! So happy you stopped by! xoxo

  13. tamaraanka says:

    Loi you are so kind, and I am thrilled to have you joining in on this tour with us! You’re so sweet, I just love you! Can’t wait to get over to your tour my friend! xoxo

  14. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Gloribell! That means a lot to me!! Muah!! xox

  15. Tamara, your house is so pretty, and the blue and white that I’ve always loved is especially welcoming in the summer! I love how it’s weaved all throughout the house. And the tablescape! I’m seriously IN LOVE with those blue and white dishes and I’m heading to that post right now to see where you got them!

    Your taste is impeccable and I’m always inspired by you, my friend:)


  16. I love how everything just flows tam, from room to room. You have some good artistic ideas and a great flair for design that you use so well xoxo

  17. Okay – I am definitely using your runner DIY! So clever and so easy!! Your home looks beautiful (as always), Tam! Love your classic yet fresh style – it is always so inspiriting. Thanks for sharing!



  18. Tamara, your home looks gorgeous! Your causal tablescape is effortlessly styled! Love it all!


    Lacey & Kim

  19. Hi Tamara, I just love your summer tips! Your home looks gorgeous. I especially love how beautifully you have used and mixed patterns and stripes….beautiful!

  20. Tamara, it’s pretty amazing! Love the idea of taping the rugs together to make runners! Your home always looks so crisp, patterned, and classic! Love what you do, every time!

  21. Love all the beautiful patterns Tam! Your home is so summer perfect!! xo

  22. tamaraanka says:

    Sheila, thank you so so much! I truly appreciate your kind words, it really means so much to me! Thank you!! xo

  23. tamaraanka says:

    Thanks Trace, you know that I love when you stop over and let me know what you happy you like it all! xoxo

  24. tamaraanka says:

    Kathleen thank you! And is that not the easiest trick ever? So fast and so inexpensive!! Thanks for your kins words!! xo

  25. tamaraanka says:

    Ladies thank you very much!! I’m so happy you like it! Muah!!

  26. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Joan! I’m on a stripe kick lately that’s for sure! I have a million striped things in my closet and you’d think I’d have more around our home! Im obsessed now lol!

  27. tamaraanka says:

    Amy thank you so much!! I’ve done that runner trick so many times over the years, I don’t know why I’ve never shared it before! So so easy! Thank you for your sweet words my friend!

  28. tamaraanka says:

    Laila thank you so much!! I’m in love with the transformation in your home, you have done an incredible job so far, can’t wait to see the rest!!

  29. Hi Tamara, could you provide the source for the beautiful framed art pieces on either side of your mantle? Love them !

  30. my3rddecade says:

    Dear Tamara, thank you so much for opening your beautiful summer home. I enjoyed to watch and to read it. I had “banned” my blue accents but now I’ll go to my attic and have a second look – these shades of blue you are using breath summerfeeling and freshness. But most of all I want to thank you for the trick with the runners. I sorted out the long ones because my washingmachine didn’t love them. Now I know how to create my own ones and can separate them again for washing. So easy, once you know.
    Enjoy your summer in this lovely home. Jeannie

  31. Such a beautiful post, Tam! Always love your clever use of pattern!! Happy summer dear friend xo

  32. june clarke says:

    First time checking out your blog. Your home is truly elegant and also serene. Congrats!!

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