Welcome to my simple fall front porch! I’m a little late with my fall posts this year, but here I am with my first official fall decor post.

I shared my luxe fall tablescape the other day, so if you missed that one, you can see it here. I’m very happy I finally had the chance to get our porch pulled together for the season.

So far, October has been such a beautiful month weather-wise, and I just wish I could bottle up this time of year with all of these gorgeous, rich colors.

I always keep my front porch ideas and decor ideas very simple – I like things that are easy and efficient!

As much as I love decorating our home from the front door to back, I have very little time to do it. Life is busy for all of us – so, here I am with my simple fall front porch in all its glory.

All you need are some vibrant-hued mums in varying colors, a small bunch of pumpkins, a few lanterns and a gorgeous wreath.

Come and take a look!

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I say bring on the color! This fall, I’m keeping my color palette inside the house more muted and neutral (stay tuned for my decorating posts coming soon!), but I wanted our front porch to be layered with rich, vibrant color.

No better way to do that than to pile on the mums!fall front porch

Fall decorated front porch with beautiful lush mums and scattered pumpkins to welcome your guests.I knew I wanted to make a statement with large plants in specific colors, so I had to go to a few different nurseries to find what I had in mind.

My wreath was the starting point for my color palette (I’ve had it for a few years), which dictated the combination of oranges and golds. I wanted to add in deep red for some depth and color variation.

This is probably the brightest fall porch we’ve ever had and I’m loving all of the delicious hues!Gorgeous fall front porch with vibrant-hued mums, lanterns and pumpkins. Oversized lantern style pendant light makes a bold statement. Beautiful fall front porch

Beautiful fall front porch close up First I found the deep red mums, which I put in my planters at the top of the steps to visually separate the colors between the wreath and the other plants below them.

It breaks up all the orange tones and provides a little more punch and depth as I mentioned above. From there, I added the two different orange-hued mums.

I love how the middle plants have a beautiful mix of different tones throughout, from yellow to a soft orangey-pink.vibrant front porch colorful flowers on front porch

Create a warm and welcoming fall front porch with large, colourful mums and pumpkins. I’m still waiting for the orange mums on the bottom to fully bloom, but they’re the perfect color to coordinate with my pumpkins.

I bought a bunch of smaller pumpkins in orange and white, all in various sizes, and tucked and nestled them in around the base of the plants.

This really is so easy to create, once you know your color palette, you’re good to go!Create a beautiful fall front porch to welcome your guests with lush, vibrant mums and scattered pumpkins to celebrate the season!Beautiful fall front porch with vibrant mums, layered pumpkins and a gorgeous oversized wreath. You can see some of the leaves in golden hues in the shot below, and I just love all of the rich colors working together.

We have mostly pines around our house (hence all the needles on the grass!), but our maple, oak trees, and other trees that we have, turn mostly yellow in our yard.

Living in a wooded area we’re so lucky to live with all of the stunning foliage we get to see every day – it’s something to truly be thankful for!Beautiful fall front porch with lush, colourful mums, scattered pumpkins and a gorgeous wreath welcomes guests for the season. Beautiful fall front porch with gorgeous wreath, colourful mums and scattered pumpkins creates a warm and welcoming entry for your guests. To get this look, it cost me about $100 for the plants and pumpkins, everything else, I already had.

That’s a pretty great deal for a fall front porch that’s warm, inviting and makes a statement to welcome our guests.

I hope the weather stays beautiful for the rest of October so we can hang on to all the gorgeous colors a little while longer – the leaves fall too soon all the way up here where we live!Create a stunning fall front porch and welcome your guests with bright, colourful mums, scattered pumpkins and a large scale wreath. Thank you for reading with me, I hope you’re inspired to create a simple fall front porch of your own – the key to this look is finding mums that are large and full, and also as fully bloomed as possible.

Cluster them closely together, sprinkle a few pumpkins around, finish with your lanterns and you’re done. So easy! I hope you’re getting gorgeous fall weather wherever you are! Happy Fall! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Unfortunately I don’t….it’s been over 11 years when we built our home! It’s a mix of warm and cool grey stone, and we chose to have the mortar flush with the surface. I hope that help! xox

  2. miranda knight says:

    Do you remember what stone you used on your home?

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Hello! Our home is vinyl siding and stone, all in a cool and warm grey combination, so unfortunately I have no paint colors to give you! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  4. what paint? and, paint colors did you use for your homes exterior?

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Marion, you are so kind, thank you so much!! Never too many!! I can’t believe mine are still going so strong! Hope you’re enjoying October! xo

  6. It looks beautiful! I got a great deal on mums this year. It was a door crashed sale at our local nursery! I stocked up on them. I think I almost have too many of that can happen. Lol

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