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Welcome to my elegant fall living room tour! This year for fall, I’m keeping things simple and pared-back, but still chic and sophisticated. I always love to create a warm and welcoming look in our home, but I also love to bring a casually elegant, tailored feel too. Like the last couple of fall seasons, you won’t see pumpkins around our home (except on our front porch, see it here), but you will find sprinkles of gold painted leaves throughout, warm neutrals, and soft grey and blue hues. I’m loving the cozy, relaxed vibe we have happening in our living room this season, and it feels so good to curl up in here with a warm blanket to relax and hang out, read or watch tv. Keep reading for more about how I created our casually elegant fall living room.

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Layers of warm whites and muted tones helped me to achieve this look, and although my blue and white is still very much a part of the decor all through our home, I wanted to tone it down just a touch and replace some of the saturated blues with beiges, creams, soft greys and softer blues.Gorgeous and elegant fall living room with muted colors and soft textures are welcoming and inviting! Gold accents are of course a staple around here as always, and I used a mix of yellow-gold faux foliage and some hand-painted gold leaves (also faux) that I sprinkled throughout our home as well.Casual and elegant fall living room with warm neutrals and muted colors is welcoming, comfortable and warm. Fall is such a tricky time of year to photograph our house, we have a plethora of yellow leaves on our trees surrounding our home and the gold reflection casts a very yellow glow on everything – not the easiest space to take pictures! I’m technically challenged with my camera at times, and still learning, so hopefully by next year I’ll figure this out!
Casual and elegant fall living room with warm neutrals, muted colors and soft gold touches, is laid-back but still sophisticated and tailored.Nonetheless, the warm light brings another warm layer to this space and amplifies all of my gold pieces too. On a bright sunny day, the light is spectacular – the sun is lower at this time of year so it streams in through the front of the house and lights everything up with a gorgeous golden touch. I wish I could capture it for you without everything looking yellow!

Beautiful and elegant fall living room with warm neutrals, muted colors and gold autumn accents is warm and welcoming for the season.

I dressed up our ottoman with some of those hand-painted faux leaf stems I mentioned earlier – these were so easy to do! I bought some green faux stems, but found them far to dark when I arranged them around the house. So I grabbed my handy gold craft paint and paint brush, and in about an hour or so, I had them all painted. I left some green showing to give it a more natural feel, but I think I might paint them completely for a more refined look. I plan to use these for my Christmas decor too, they’re a great addition for both seasons.
Elegant fall living room decor with muted colors and hand-painted gold leaves are the perfect seasonal accent. The soft gold is so pretty against all of the layers  of warm whites and creams in our space, and they add a beautiful natural element to our home, without being too rustic, which I love.


Keeping things neutral on my bookshelves, I added my new, gorgeous ginger jars on each side, and I love them. I received these fabulous, elegant greek key ginger jars from Lauren Haskell Designs, in different sizes, and these beige and white ones are just absolutely stunning. So. Chic. All of Lauren’s ginger jars come in three sizes, they’re gorgeous any way you style them, and you can even custom color them! Pretty fabulous I’d say! Elegant Fall living room with beautifully decorated bookshelves - ginger jars, gold accents and warm neutrals. are the perfect combination for setting the seen. Her team of professionals handcraft these beauties in her shop and they take about two weeks to arrive. She’s an absolute sweetheart and her online store is full of so many stunning and very affordable pieces. I have some more jars and other home decor pieces that you’ll be seeing in upcoming posts as well, so stay tuned for more!The neutral tones are so soft and pretty and I love their casual elegance – they’re the perfect fit for my elegant fall living room, and they are a gorgeous addition to my shelves.


I really wanted to bring a more laid-back feeling to our elegant fall living room, and I found the perfect pillows from Tonic Living that do exactly that. They’re gorgeous, and I couldn’t love them more. They have that casual elegance I was after, and the soft colors and subtle patterns and textures are so beautiful. Keep scrolling down a little further to see them close up and shop them!Elegant fall living room with warm neutral, muted colors and soft gold accents.The muted greys, blues and neutrals in these pillows are such a pretty counterpoint to our more saturated rug, and this particular collection that I chose work so well together. My velvet pillows can read either grey or blue, depending on the light – the website says sage green, but I think it depends on your surroundings. And how cute are those oversized pompoms on this cozy chic lumbar pillows? The tailored look of the grey striped mitred pillows sit perfectly in between the two, and even better, they’re reversible – I think they were meant to be :)These fashion-savvy little leopard numbers are my favorite of the bunch. I love that they take the cozy, comfy vibe of the others to a more elevated level. SO chic, and of course, perfectly casually elegant too.


Elegant Fall living room with warm neutrals, soft textures and muted colors are perfectly paired with gold autumn accents.That wraps up my elegant fall living room tour. Thank you so much as always, for taking the time to read with me today, I hope you found some fall inspiration! Keeping things simple, focusing more on a color palette and an overall look, truly helped to take the stress and pressure out of ‘fall decorating’ for me. Elegant Fall living room with warm neutrals, soft textures and muted colors are perfectly paired with gold autumn accents.There are so many creative ways to bring in a new season, without having to use traditional pumpkins if you don’t want to. And if you do, then bring them on too, as much as  you like! You can achieve the same goals – take your vision and stick with it, use pieces you love and it will all come together, I promise! xo

Visit more of my fall posts if you haven’t had a chance to yet! Click the images below to see my simple fall porch and beautiful luxe fall tablescape!Beautiful luxe fall tablescape with an elegant centrepiece using faux hydrangeas and gold leaf picks. Black and white dishware are chic and sophisticated!

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you! This color is Collingwood by Benjamin Moore :)

  2. Gorgeous! Could you share the paint color on walls?

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Jill! You’re so kind! And you will love the ginger jars, there are so many beautiful ones!

  4. Gorgeous and welcoming as always, I just love your style! I will definitely be checking out those ginger jars-yummy :)

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Joanna, so glad you like everything and the leaves! These pillows are so beautiful in person and yes – couldn’t agree more about the ginger jars, I’m obsessed with Lauren’s collection!!

  6. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! Yes, it’s also from Tonic Living, it’s called Toulouse, in Cotton. It’s gorgeous and perfect for upholstery!

  7. Beautiful room! Can you share the name of your ottoman fabric?

  8. It looks lovely, as usual! I like the little bit of green on your gold painted leaves. It gives them dimension. Your pillows are gorgeous and it’s so nice to see ginger jars that aren’t blue.

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