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I love pillows and must admit I’m quite the hoarder. I use them to decorate and style all throughout our home, and our bedroom is no exception! I love to style our bed with a plethora of different pillows each season – it’s always so fun to bring in a new look. With the million and one pillows that I have stashed in our basement storage and around our house, today I’m sharing how to style a bed with pillows.

I chose a mostly neutral and blue color palette to work with for this post, since that’s what the majority of my pillow arsenal consists of (although I do have a few different colors too!), and because our bedroom is currently decked in layers of beiges, creams, whites and soft blues.

I came up with six different combinations, using ten different pillow styles, and trust me, I had to edit down my shots! I came up with so many different pillow looks, it was amazing. It is so great to have a beautiful collection you can always turn to and rotate throughout your home seasonally. You’ll see below, even switching one pillow creates a whole new vibe. I hope you find some inspiration to style your bed with gorgeous pillows too!

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STYLE YOUR BED WITH LAYERS OF BLUEGorgeous blue and white bed styled with layers of blue hues for a light, airy beach-inspired look.

For the first layered look, I used some of my absolute favorite blue pillows. I especially love these blues for the warmer months. Nothing says spring and summer more than blue and white stripes, and some pretty fringe detailing. You can see these stripes in last year’s summer living room post, here – one of my favorite posts!Luxe bed with layered blue printed throw pillows creates an inviting, lush look!Since I’ve had many of these for so long, I can only link similar options to shop for some. Scroll throughout and all the way down for shopping links.

We have a king size bed, and this combo of 20″ throw pillows consists of three striped ones at the back, two in the middle with an allover pattern, and one of my all-time favorites with the fringe detailing. I love the layers of blue and white, it’s crisp and clean, but the mix of pattern and color creates visual interest which I always love.


For this layered and luxe, beige and blue combo, I used the same two allover geometric printed pillows in the center, three classic beige beauties with border detailing (from my spring living room, click here to see it) behind them, and my boho-chic lumbar pom pom pillow in the front. I love the warm, inviting look of these styled pillows, and the blue and beige layered color palette is so pretty, don’t you think?


This look uses another one of my favorite pillows added to the mix, from last year’s summer bedroom post (click here). All I did was switch out the lumbar pillow and it creates a completely different look. It’s really incredible!And I truly love the mix of that eastern influence with western classicism. So gorgeous and rich, I love the pop of color too.


With this look I went all neutral with layers of gorgeous beiges, creams and ivories. So many pretty details in this mix too! I’m telling you, I had trouble picking a favorite with all of these different pillow looks!
Those pretty leopard print pillows and the pompom lumbar are both from my fall living room (click here to see it) from last year.


This pillow combination is a little bit of what I like to call an eclectic mix. Classic-meets-beach-meets-chic-geometric…a little bit of everything! The blue stripe batik pillows in the middle help to create that vibe (from my Spring home tour two years ago – click here to see them), together with with the three mitred ones behind (also from my fall living room). My handy allover geo print makes a comeback here again, because it’s one of my most versatile pillows. I’ve yet to find the exact ones to link, I’m always on the hunt! But I have found some similar ones that give the same look.


My last look today is the same as the previous eclectic look, but you guessed it, I only swapped the single pillow in front. This tribal-inspired print pillow (a very old favorite!) made it’s debut three years ago in my spring home tour – click here to see it, it’s one of my most popular posts!
I still love this printed pillow as much today as when I first used it, it works so well with so may different pillows. It’s a bold pattern and brings a completely different feel to our bedroom, which I love. Which look is your favorite?? Tell me below!Thank you so much for reading with me on how to style a bed with pillows – I hope you’re inspired to play and try new ways to style your bed. For each of these looks, I used six throw pillows in total – three at the back, two in the middle and one in the front.

I found for our king size bed it created the most lush and luxe look. I often use less pillows than that, as you can see throughout many of blog posts. It’s not an absolutely must or a decorating rule – use what feels right to you! Most importantly, have fun and style your bed to create a look (or two or five haha) you’ll love! xo




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  1. Marie Cooper says:

    Could you please link your bed?

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! This color is discontinued but it’s very lose to Benjamin Moore Lily White! I hope that help! xo

  3. Angie Baker says:

    I am in love with the wall color, can you tell me what this is??

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much, Jill! I’m so happy you found this helpful, how fun you’re decorating your guest bedroom! I like the first the best too, blue and white is always right ;) Thanks for reading! xo

  5. Thanks for so many great ideas, I’m reworking my guest room bedding so this is right on time. Blue and white is my favorite color pairing, I like your first arrangement best.

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