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Welcome to my spring living room! I’m sharing this post a little later than I was hoping to, but I was finally able to get everything photographed the other day to bring it to you right on time at the end of the month!

I have a few new pieces that I’ve pulled together in our living room this spring – some gorgeous pale blue ginger jars from Lauren Haskell Designs – which you’ve already seen in my spring entryway last month (click here to see it) and a stunning new pillow combination that I’m absolutely in love with – they’re all linked to shop further down!

I know these times are tough for everyone but I truly feel more than ever we need to continue to create beautiful spaces all around us. My home has always been my haven, my sanctuary.

Taking pride in our homes and creating inspiring spaces is crucial to our well being. I hope you find some inspiration in our spring living room today that will help you create a space you love and find peace and comfort in.

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SPRING LIVING ROOM DECOR – GORGEOUS PILLOWSSpring living room decorating ideas

I have a lot of images to share today, so get comfy – which you may already be – scroll through and get inspired with some very simple ideas that you can use for decorating your spring living room too. Or any space in your home.
Spring decorating ideas with soft blue tones and light beige and warm whites.Beautiful Spring decorating with pretty throw pillows, ginger jars and faux flowers. First, I want to talk about our gorgeous new pillows that I chose to mix together with interesting patterns – which many of you know how much I love to do!

A fresh fawn print in a light aqua, a classic solid with a border detail and a modern, casual mitred pattern. Shop each of these beauties by clicking the descriptions below:

AQUA OMBRE FAWN PILLOW | BEIGE SOLID FRAME PILLOW | IVORY + GREY MITRED PILLOWGorgeous Spring living room decor with blue and white jars, faux flowers and gorgeous throw pillows.

I’m so in love with the gorgeous combination and colors of these three pillow designs and the way they add a fresh and airy lightness to our spring living room decor.Beautiful living room with fresh spring decor.Living room decorating for spring with beautiful pillows, ginger jars, blue and white accents and faux floral arrangements.

They’re especially beautiful against my favorite blue and white chinoiserie vases. Don’t you think?Spring decorating ideas with faux flowers, blue and white vases and ginger jars. It’s such a pretty and soft combination of color and pattern, all working together seamlessly. Notice I used the solid pillow in the middle to break up the other two prints.
Living room decorating ideas for spring - a soft blue, beige and warm white color palette is fresh and airy.

SPRING DECORATING WITH FAUX FLORALSGorgeous sophisticated yet casual living room with elegant spring decorating.

You know I love my faux flowers, I always use them (fresh ones too!) and have been for many, many years. My mother always used them, and like much of my taste in decor, her taste and style has always influenced mine.Spring decorating ideas - faux florals, blue and white, ginger jars and beautiful printed throw pillows.Gorgeous coffee table styling with gold tray, faux flowers, blue and white, design books and chic accessories.

I found these beauties here at Michaels. I’m not even sure what type of flower they are, so if you know, please tell me! I love that they resemble hydrangeas and I love their hearty green leaves against my blue and white vase.Coffee table styling ideas for spring decorating.In the vase on our buffet, I have some faux hydrangeas. I’m using all white flowers this spring. Last spring I used vibrant blue flowers, they were gorgeous. You can see how I pulled last year’s look together here.Spring decorating with elegant neutral tones and blue accents.

SAY SPRING WITH PALE BLUE GINGER JARSSpring living room decorating ideas for bookshelves.

By now you also know I love my ginger jars too! I shared these gorgeous, pale beauties in my spring entryway as I mentioned above, and I am so in love with their soft, ethereal hue in our spring living room. They also make a stunning combo with brass – which I use throughout our home as a main accent as well.Beautiful bookshelf styling for Spring with ginger jars, framed art, blue and white accents.

I added some framed prints on our shelves, and found the blue and white ginger jar free printable over at The Painted Hive – so many beautiful freebies over there you’ll love.

I also framed a gorgeous picture of my dear Daddy, who we very suddenly and tragically had to say goodbye to last summer…that’s another post for another time…
Spring decorating ideas for bookshelves with ginger jars, blue and white pottery and brass accents.Beautiful spring bookshelves with ginger jars, coral, framed art and blue and white acceorries.

The other chinoiserie images were found online as well, I simply printed some wallpaper images that I found and framed them. They add a small punctuation of color on the shelves that I love.Spring living room decorating with pale blue ginger jars and blue and white chinoiserie details. You’ll also notice my flowers in most of my shots…I move them around to get the right capture for my posts (they’ll be in my kitchen post too!).

I don’t have a plethora of floral arrangements all over. Some seasons I do, but this year I opted for a simple and clean look with just a couple of arrangements.Spring living room decorating with pale blue ginger jars and blue and white chinoiserie details. Now that we’re already at the end of March, I’m hoping the snow will be gone soon! It is warming up, but there’s still a lot left in our yard. I am so eager to get outside and use our patio – especially now, while we’re all at home.Gorgeous spring living room decorating ideas. At least it feels warm and like spring in our living room! I just can’t wait to open our back doors and let the fresh breeze come in through our home.Spring living room decorating with soft blues and creamy whites. Beautiful living room decorating for spring - light blue accents and soft neutral tones. What are you doing during this time at home? Are you decorating for spring? It doesn’t take much at all. Shop around your home and move things around. Print out some free art online and add some color. If it’s warm arrange some flowers or cut branches from your yard.Elegant living room decoratating for spring with faux flowers, blue and white chinoiserie details and pale blue accents. Spring living room decorating with gorgeous pillows, faux flowers and blue and white accents.I hope you enjoyed this tour of our spring living room and found some inspiring ideas for your home this season. Keep it simple and use things you love. Add some colors that speak to you, like the pale blue touches I added to our space, to make a seasonal statement.

Sending you all some positive energy, and happy thoughts. We’re all in this together, friends, make the best of your time at home! Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home! xoxo



 MY BEST TIPS FOR A  DAILY ROUTINEBeautiful blue and white vase with faux white floral arrangement paired with pale blue ginger jars.


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  1. What color is the main walls and twim?

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Unfortunately I can’t link it anymore but it is made by Gabby and is called the Jacyln Bench Cushion Sofa!

  3. I love the sofa in this article. Can you tell me where I can find it. Thank you.

  4. tamaraanka says:

    The ceiling and all the trim in our home us Ultra Pure White by Behr.

  5. What is your ceiling color?

  6. tamaraanka says:

    You are so kind, Marcia thank you very much! I’m so happy you like it! Happy decorating! xo

  7. tamaraanka says:

    It’s Collingwood by Benjamin Moore :)

  8. What paint color is on your walls?

  9. One of the loveliest rooms I have seen on the net. Almost everything in my home has always been white, everything else is blue. Thank you.

  10. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Teri,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful note! I love hearing about your story and your beautiful memories! Good to know about the geraniums – I looked it up and I think you’re right! These ones in particular are so real looking, it’s amazing. I’m so happy that you’re able to find some distraction here, during these very difficult times. I hope I can continue to inspire you! Good luck and stay healthy and safe – we’re all in this together! xox

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! It’s my favorite too – it goes with everything and is so calming! thanks for reading! xo

  12. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Jane, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear you’re so inspired – thank you for letting me know! I’m thrilled as well that you’re able to find a little bit of a distraction here at the moment. It really is so important – I’ve always felt that way, that’s why I have such a passion for creating meaningful and beautiful spaces. I truly appreciate your kind words and I hope that I can continue to inspire you! Stay safe and stay healthy! xox

  13. Hi, Tamara. I just love your beautiful and inspiring home, so much so that I purchased your living room rug from Wayfair. A brave move for me, as change does not come easily. Thanks for the encouragement. I have also acquired a few pieces of blue/white chinoiserie, my favorites being two old garden stools at an antique store. Your blog is a breath of fresh air during this difficult season for so many. It reminds us of the importance of making our homes pretty and comfortable, for our family’s pleasure.

  14. Beautiful, as always! Blues are my favorite!

  15. The faux white flowers really resemble geraniums. Particularly the leaves and the way the flowers are grouped. They remind me of the lady that took care of me while my parents worked as a child. She was an amazing green thumb. Her vegetables were perfect and bigger than anyone’s I had ever seen. She had geraniums all over her front and backyard. They aren’t the type of flowers you would be able to snip bunches off though. They grow lower to the ground.

    She also had marigolds at the base of her tomato plants to ward off bugs -she told me it was a more natural way to do it. I’m 41, and she has got to be in her her 80s now and since moved out of state.

    Anyway, beautiful rooms as always. I get inspired so much by your house because my favorite color is blue. You seem to never run out of interesting ways to use that color. Thank you also for the nice blog posts. I’m in Washington state and we are under shelter in place orders (other than getting groceries) and reading this is a nice distraction. I’ve already been home for 2 weeks. Minimum of 4.5 more. Hugs to everyone else and their loved ones in the same situation 💗

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