I hope you’re all hanging in there, staying healthy and keeping busy! The last week has been quite something, hasn’t it! I Our kids have been home as of last Friday and I can tell you, keeping teenagers busy and active right now is somewhat of a challenge…I’ll talk more about that in another post! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know about my latest decorating endeavour, our inexpensive DIY gallery wall in our dining room.

I am SO thrilled with how this turned out, and more excited to share with you! Even though this was not intended as a project for you during this difficult time we’re facing, it’s actually a really great one to tackle if you’re looking for something new to create in your home.

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OUR INEXPENSIVE DIY GALLERY WALLBeautiful dining room with gallery wall, crystal chandelier and vintage inspired rug

This project came to me on a whim (like many of my decorating projects do!) while we were on Spring break a couple of weeks ago – and I’m so happy I decided to tackle it. It was very simple to put together, especially since I knew the look that I was after.

When the idea came to me, I had a certain look in my mind…I had just watched the biography on Ralph Lauren’s career – which, by the way, is fantastic and so inspiring if you haven’t seen it yet (something else for you to do!) – I was reminded of his gorgeous signature style that I love so much and have always turned to for inspiration.Create a simple and inexpensive gallery wall in your home using affordable frames and a mix of free printable artwork.

Did you know that Ralph Lauren was the first fashion designer to create a full home decor collection? You can read more about the history of his iconic career here, and browse some of his stunning pieces on One King’s Lane, here.Make a statement in your home with a gorgeous gallery wall!

I wanted to use a mix of illustration and black and white photography, including fashion, architecture, city scenes, and nature. I used my own illustrations, and found all free printable photography, here.
DIY gallery wall ideas using a mix of free printable art and photography and inexpensive frames. So easy to do!

I also wanted to use only gold frames, since all of the metal accents throughout our home are mostly brass, and it’s my favorite finish, of course!

I had two frames of my own (the two ornate ones), the rest needed to be more simple, which we found at Ikea – they have a gorgeous, inexpensive selection to choose from. You can find some similar frames, I’ve found for you,  here and here.
 Inexpensive DIY gallery wall with a mix of black and white photography and homemade art. A gorgeous DIY gallery wall elevates the look of any space. You can create this look so easily!


I enlisted my handy hubby, Neil, to figure out all of the measurements for our gallery wall. Once I’d found all of my images and printed them out, I planned the layout that I wanted out on the floor. We have moldings on our dining room walls, which dictated much of the placement of our DIY gallery wall.

We hung the same two frames, one above the other, on each side of the center grouping, for a clean, symmetrical look. With the center grouping, I created more of an asymmetric look, since there was a mix happening in the frame styles. 

I decided I didn’t love the look of one of my fashion drawings, so I quickly painted an abstract to take it’s place. I used black acrylic paint, a dollar store brush and sketch paper.

Probably not the best materials, but I can be impatient, so I went for it…I let the brush lead the way!  I asked my audience on Instagram for their help in choosing their favorite one, and they chose my favorite one too (top left above) – I was thrilled!

A few abstract swirls was all I needed to finish the look of our inexpensive DIY gallery wall. 

I was inspired by a fabulous artist, Kristen Tireny, who also created some gorgeous pieces for our master bathroom. Install an inexpensive DIY gallery wall in your home for a sophisticated old-world feel.

I love the way it turned out and how it balances all of the other prints. I think this gallery wall would be equally beautiful with all black and white family photos too.

That’s the beauty of a gallery wall, you can make it whatever you like! I took a more artistic approach to ours, and simply printed them at home to keep the cost low, knowing that I’ll probably change it up eventually.Inexpensive DIY gallery wall using a mix of gold frames, black and white photography and art.

I really love the mix of beautiful photographic images and illustration – it’s elegant, sophisticated and timeless. I think Ralph Lauren might be impressed!A sophisticated mix of black and white photography and illustration creates a stunning gallery wall.

If you look closely at the way the frames are hung on our gallery wall, they’re all centered on the same visually horizontal line.

The top of each frame on the bottom row all hang on the same line, and the bottom of each frame on the top all sit on the same line.

We used 3M Command Strips for some of the frames, and nails for others, since they all have a different hanging system on the back.A sophisticated and curated DIY gallery wall is all you need to elevate the look of any room!Take a look at what I’ve had hanging in here previously – when we updated this space I painted a large abstract piece (here), and last fall, I hung a large sunburst mirror for a new look (here). I’m always looking for ways to freshen up our home.A curated dining room with beautifully layered furnishings and an inexpensive DIY gallery wall is elegant and chic!



  • 8 FRAMES (I already owned two): 2 x $14.99 and 6 x $12.99 – totalling $107.94
  • 3M COMMAND STRIPS – $8.99
  • ARTWORK – FREE! Free printables + my own artwork, the only cost was printing at home, roughly $5
  • TOTAL COST: $121.93 plus tax

Elegant dining room with layers of curated furniture, a sophisticated and inexpensive gallery wall creates a sense of old-world sophistication.I really couldn’t be more thrilled with how our inexpensive DIY gallery wall turned out. A fabulous look for approximately $120…you can’t beat it! Thanks as always for reading with me, I hope this inspires you to create something beautiful in your home too! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hello! Thank you so much!! They are a range of sizes! The smallest ones are 11 x 14″ (also the same as the outer frames on the sides), then there is 16 x 20″ and 18 x 24″. I hope this helps! Thank you so much for the kind words!!

  2. Mary Kate says:

    Hi! I’m obsessed! What are the sizes of the 6 center frames?

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you very much, I’m thrilled you like it! The walls are Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.

  4. Clare M Buff says:

    thank you its so beautiful! Can i ask what the pretty paint color is in the dining room with the gold frames? I would love to know, thank you – Clare

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! They’re varied sizes – 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20!

  6. Looks great! What sizes are your frames?

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Jen, I really appreciate it so much! It was so simple and fun to put together! Thanks for reading! xo

  8. So much to love here! Great choice of prints, and I love that you created one on your own! I love how the middle grouping is asymmetrical but balanced! So beautiful.

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Michelle! We do! I’m lucky to have a hubby who is so handy! I’m really happy you like the gallery wall – and it IS so easy!! xo

  10. Beautiful! Tamara you always make it look so easy. You are always so inspiring. You make a great team with your hubby!

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Isabel – that means so much! It was really so simple to pull off! I’m very happy you like it! xo

  12. Gorgeous!! It’s simple and not too busy! I love it and find it so inspiring. Thanks for sharing Tam. Xo

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