I’ve taken a little hiatus from posting lately – we were on Spring break the first week of March, and this past week has been a whirlwind! I think that’s the case for everyone right now, isn’t it? With all of the uncertainty happening around us at the moment, there’s no better time to hunker down, lay low and try as much as we can to stay calm and enjoy this time indoors with our families. I’m sharing some Spring decorating with gorgeous pillows today – a roundup of ideas I think you’ll love!

I don’t know about where you’re living, but here, our schools are closed for two weeks and all large events canceled. With the kids at home for the next two weeks (no get togethers for us!), I’ll be diligently working on projects and finishing up my Spring decorating and sharing it with all of you. Stay tuned for more posts to come!  Let’s all do our best to stay healthy, stay calm and focus on the positive! xo

Affiliate links are provided throughout this post  – see my full disclosure policy here.Some of my own favorite pillows are included here! I have number eleven in aqua (a BIG seller on my blog and liketoknow.it profile), which I shared in this post. I used number fifteen last Spring, and I still love it so much, and finally, number sixteen is a bold print that I’ll always love.

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