It’s finally here! I haven’t shared this space since last summer when we updated our master bedroom (see it here) with a new bed, rug and lighting – those few changes helped to brighten our bedroom so much and we couldn’t have been happier! That being said, I’m even happier now to share the latest changes that helped to lighten the look even more, and create more floor space in our very small master bedroom. Our new three drawer nightstands from Lauren Haskell Designs have made all the difference for us – they’re super chic and elegant, and the quality of craftsmanship of these beautiful pieces is truly incredible.

Some other updates like new ginger jar lamps and a new rug help to unify our space and create a sophisticated retreat that we love more than any other update we’ve done in here. Let’s take a closer look!

I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Lauren Haskell Designs for generously providing our new bedroom pieces. Affiliate links are provided throughout this post  – see my full disclosure policy here.


Beautiful master bedroom, upholstered bed with brass nailhead trim, three drawer nightstands and glamorous velvet pillows.

First, I’ve layered our bed with some velvet pillows, also from Lauren Haskell Designs, you may remember seeing last Fall and Christmas. These luxurious and elegant pillow covers add richness to our bedding and as many of you already know, the blue and gold tones are a favorite of mine and a constant color palette in our home.
Upholstered bed with brass nailhead trim, layered with white bedding and luxe velvet pillows.Beautiful master bedroom with soft blue, gold and white pieces creates a luxe and sophisticated look. Gorgeous upholstered bed white classic white bedding, layered velvet pillows.

They’re such a gorgeous compliment to our space. Layering the bed with a cozy throw blanket and an elegant tray with faux blooms is a fun way to dress up your space when you’re in the mood!A pretty brass tray with faux roses, ginger jar and candle.Style your bed with layers of luxe bedding, velvet pillows, throw blanket and a chic tray with pretty accessories. Beautiful master bedroom with upholstered headboard and brass nailhead trim. Layered bedding with velvet pillows.


If sophisticated and chic has a picture in the dictionary then this is it! I’ve been searching endlessly for new nightstands that not only have the right amount of storage, but are balanced with elegant styling and just the right amount of chinoiserie chic. Our new Eden three drawer chests are exactly that and have truly raised the bar in our space!Chic and elegant three drawer nightstand with brass hardware and tassel pulls.Chic and elegant three drawer nightstand with brass hardware and tassel pulls.Sophisticated and elegant master bedroom color palette with soft blue, gold, beige and layers of creamy white.

They have the prettiest floral detail brass hardware with a tassel pull, that add a unique flair to these pieces, and echo the shape of our headboard and light fixture. I always love when layered details in a room come together in that way, repeated design elements are so important. These dressers and tassel pulls come in a variety of beautiful colors and can also be custom painted or stained as well.Beautiful brass hardware with tassel pull.What I love most, is that these are environmentally and socially responsible pieces! Crafted by hand with solid kiln dried hardwood and packaged with recyclable materials, this fabulous line of furniture is both professionally and expertly crafted by hand in Texas in partnership with Creative Style Furniture – function, beauty and environmentally conscious – you couldn’t ask for more!Chic three drawers nightstand with brass hardware.


Our new white ginger jar lamps are timeless and oh, so chic! They’re handmade in Lauren’s shop, as are all of her ginger jars, and come in an array of colors that can can also be customized to your liking. I purchased these shades separately and used a 15″ drum shade to complete the look.
Elegant ginger jar lamps are classic and timeless in any space. They’re a truly gorgeous addition to our bedroom – and I would use these anywhere in our home to add a sophisticated layer that would dress up any space beautifully.Elegant ginger jar lamps are classic and timeless in any space.

Layers and layers and layers of pretty things I love. That’s my favorite way to style any space…Beautiful layered bed with a chic tray and pretty accessories.


Our new Aralia rug, in beige, adds a transitional base to our master bedroom and is reminiscent of beautiful Moroccan tiles. I love the the tonal colors and the softness it adds both underfoot and visually to our master bedroom. The pattern also echoes some of the shapes in our headboard – more of that layered, repeated detailing I was talking about earlier. A sophisticated and chic three drawer nightstand is the perfect solution for a small bedroom.Beautiful tone on tone transitional rug.Elegant three drawer dresser used as a practical nightstand.

I’ve always dreamed of having a really large master bedroom with grand windows and a separate seating/living area. Wouldn’t that be so fun to design and style?

I have such a vision in my head of how it looks – elegant, tailored pieces, an upholstered ottoman, glass tables, a gorgeous rug, layers of things I love, a truly chic retreat. Creating that same feeling in a small space is just as important.Chic master bedroom with upholstered bed, layered bedding ginger jar lamps and chic three drawer nightstands.

I try and do my best and elevate the spaces we have – and if you have a small bedroom like we do, you can do the same! Layers of luxe details, beautiful bedding, furniture and accessories that speak to you and stand the test of time.
Beautiful upholstered bed layered with velvet pillows and luxe white bedding. Beautiful three drawer nightstand adds an elegant touch in this beautiful master bedroom.

Small spaces can be just as beautiful, and by thoughtfully bringing in the right pieces for storage and beauty (form and function), you can create an oasis that you always love to spend time in. Plus small bedrooms are cozy too!Bedroom update with three drawer nightstands, white ginger jar lamps, beige transitional rug and gorgeous white and blue bedding.Thank you for joining me today! Our new pieces have helped elevate our bedroom so much and we just love how it turned out. Our three drawer nightstands were the perfect space-saving solution in our small space. I hope you love this bedroom update as much as we do! xo


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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hello! I am so sorry for answering you so late! This color is discontinued, but it’s very similar to Benjamin Moore Lily White. I hope that helps! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  2. I am hoping to do a master renovation in the near future and this is beautiful. Can you tell me what the wall paint is? Thanks!

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Elaine! Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! You clearly have fabulous taste haha ;) We removed our dressers when we got these nightstands and we now a console table in their place facing the bed – that’s it. It was such a tricky picture to capture because the room is so small so I didn’t include it. THere’s a small chair in the corner as well. If I can mange to get a good shot, I’ll add it! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading with me, I’m thrilled you enjoy the blog! xox

  4. Hello Tamara: Your bedroom is just perfect – I love all of it … the lamps, the night tables, pillows, bedding, etc. I came upon your blog just a few months ago and was hooked; it’s really uncanny because so many items you have in your home, I have similar (or near similar) items. I’ve always loved blue and white, and ginger jars, faux coral, sunburst mirror and if you could see my condo, I think you would get a laugh out of it! I also loved the painting you had in your dining room. May I ask one question – do you have any other furniture in your bedroom – in other words, a dresser and mirror?

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