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I decided to take a look at our front entryway, and how this space has truly evolved over the eight years that we’ve lived here.

I always love to take a look back at the different spaces throughout our home, and in case you missed it, I have a two-part makeover series showcasing my favorite makeovers here, Part 1, and here, Part 2.

I love to look back for different reasons – the transformation of some of these spaces is incredibly amazing to me –  my style has definitely evolved since we first moved in, and now, I find myself almost leaning toward a more ‘grown-up’ sophisticated look as I get a little older.

I’ve always leaned toward more traditional lines, but I’ve also always loved to bring in an eclectic feel, through pattern-mixing and also mixing styles.

I love so many different looks, and I’ve always been one to just buy the pieces I truly love, and I make them work into our decor.

I think it has a lot to do with collecting pieces over the years – we’ve always decorated our homes that way, building and evolving our style.

I remember our first home was styled with Ikea finds from top to bottom – that was all we had room for in our budget! But hey, it worked, and that was such a great starter home!

This is our third home, and I have big dreams of the next one that’s for sure. For now, I will continue to evolve our look (you know I’m always looking for a project…) and continue to make this home more ‘us’ as we evolve and change with it.

Come on in to our front entryway decorating ideas and tell me what you think about the different seasonal decor – I’m sharing season by season – and the before and after of this space!

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Before I even get started on all of the different looks I’ve created over the years, I thought I’d share these two looks from when we first moved in – that turquoise table was an oldie that’s traveled all over with us, and then the evolution of this room started when we purchased the console table that we currently have.

I love to look back and see the transformation of the years! This one really blows me away!front entryway decorating ideas


I’m starting with fall, my favorite season, since summer is coming to an end soon, and before you know it, we’ll be full steam ahead with the cooler months.

Where we live in Eastern Canada, the mornings and nights are already getting cool if you can believe it.

As soon as August hits, there is a huge change in the air…so here we go, starting with our fall entryway ideas going back to 2015.

This first shot is from my Fall home tour 2015 (see it here) when I used to take all my shots with my iPhone!

This was my first real home tour, and I used to love to layer, layer, layer on the accessories!

front entryway decorating ideasUsing a mix of mercury glass and ceramic pumpkins, natural wood elements and reflective materials, I created this vignette with classic symmetry in mind for a balanced look that’s always favorite lamps, gold touches, and some simple textures The following year, and my fall home tour 2016 (click here to see more), saw a more sleek, pared-back look, with a pop of red from one of my favorite lamps, gold touches, and some simple textures to add visual interest to this table.
 lots of gold accessories, and a spray-painted gold lamp and booksAnd finally, in my fall home tour last year (click here), I used a trio of blue and white ginger jars – which I’ve now been using very regularly throughout our home for a couple of years now – paired with lots of gold accessories, and a spray-painted gold lamp and books.

By the way – I talk about this all the time, books are one of my go-to decorating accessories all year long.

They are so fun to collect and are the perfect riser to display favorite pieces.

DESIGN TIP: Play with book jackets! Sometimes I remove them depending on what color I want to showcase in my vignette. Here, I wanted to show the black and white covers to bring in an element of glamour.
black and white covers

elegant front entryway



Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? I can’t, and I better get moving because in this blogging world, if I don’t have my plan in place by September – and that’s really late – I might as well forget it!

I’ve decided that this year, I’m keeping it much more simple than in years past…so keep your eyes peeled for a cleaner look this upcoming holiday season.

I think I am a little tired of seeing/having so much stuff around all the time. I want to go clean and refreshing. The key to achieving that look is to find the balance that will make it warm and welcoming too.

You can see how much I piled it on for my Christmas home tour in 2015 (click here)!

Fresh greenery with metallics and white seasonal elements were dominant in our holiday entryway that year, and I really did love the rustic yet elegant look it provided.

This one was shot with my phone then too!

Christmas front entryway

The following holiday, for my Christmas home tour 2016 (see it here), our front entryway still sported a dose of greenery, but with the metallics taking center stage this time around.

I used glittery gold trees from the dollar store (yes, the dollar store!), and by creating a symmetrical display, it lends a classic timeless feel to space. 

DESIGN TIP: Incorporate wrapped gifts as part of the decor – real or faux, they’re an inexpensive way to add unique decor each season.small Christmas tree front entryway

Piling on more metallics,  garlands and blue and white pieces once again, I went with a ‘maximalist’ look in last year’s Christmas front entryway – click here for more.

I used the gifts as props again in crisp, bright white accented with navy blue – which was part of my entire theme throughout our home.

I think this year I’m going back to all neutral colors of:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White

Definitely keeping it simple!

I still like this look a lot! But it’s so funny when you look back sometimes you think you would have done it so differently!

I have a challenge on my hands this year to see how ‘minimal’ I can actually go!Christmas front entryway ideas


After Christmas’ maximalist look, I went with just a few simple pieces to create this winter vignette (see more of my winter tour here).

My oversized ginger jar on its own is substantial enough to make a statement, and I balanced it with my favorite gold hurricane lanterns.

Books, of course, a decorative box, agate bookends and one of my favorite pieces you’ll often see around our home, my decorative brass bowl.

DESIGN TIP: Don’t be afraid to use over scale accessories – they always add punch and are a great way to ground your vignette and draw your eye in.


I made over our entryway last February (read the full reveal here), in just a couple of days and few coats of chalk paint.

I found a fabulous new rug for a steal, and swapped the mirror with this brass faux bamboo beauty I’ve had for years  – it was a curbside find and one of my favorite pieces ever.

With a few additional boxes to add texture and color, I styled this look somewhat similar, but I wanted a few more items to layer in.

I used the faux spring blossoms as my focal point to draw the eye in, which serves the same purpose as the ginger jar I used in the previous setup. WINTER FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS



I’m sharing several different looks here in our front entryway – four of them are from a single post I wrote last year, on how to style one console table for different ways.

I think it’s one of my favorite blog posts to date. It was so much fun to create and definitely a reader favorite! The next four images are from that post, which you can see more of here.

Blue and white goes a long way in this vignette – I chose it as the main color story and used my design books to coordinate and pull the look together – without the jackets – remember my design ideas?

I also used a trio of decorative coral to reinforce my color palette as well.SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS A combination of warm and cool metallics creates a chic and effortless look that’s always glamorous! Don’t be afraid of metals!

They are neutrals and always bring in an element of chic no matter what.SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS A colorful display makes a happy statement, and I used my books once again to help bring in the pops of color I was looking for. SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEASAll neutrals keep it clean, even with multiple items layered together.

DESIGN TIP: When using an all-neutral palette, try to think of ways to bring in textures for visual interest.

Notice all the different textures on the middle shelf.SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS

This next shot of our front entryway is from my Spring Home Tour this past spring (click here for more), after I revealed our entryway makeover.
I know I say this about every makeover, but really, this one was one of my faves! Mainly because I decided to do it on a whim, and two days later we had a brand new front entryway.
Getting back to the spring decor, this wasn’t styled much differently than it was when I debuted our new look, save for the simple addition of my blue and white ginger jar and white hydrangeas, which is always one of my go-to accessories hands down.
DESIGN TIP: A few fresh florals styled together with faux goes a long way, no matter the season! I use faux florals year-round in our home.
SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEASThe faux spring blossoms in the glass vase breathe some fresh air in here as well and I love the height they provide for this vignette.
It doesn’t bother me one bit that they cover the mirror slightly – large scale items create a focal point and add impact, right?!
Touches of blue accessories and ceramics are always classic.SPRING FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS



Last year, I used many of my favorite blue and white pieces that I’ve collected over the years for this summer look, combined with my collection of shells, coral and one of my favorite lamps that I often pull out in the summer months.

I wanted to create a traditional yet relaxed coastal vibe. Click here to visit my summer home tour in 2017.SUMMER FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEASSUMMER FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS

This year, with our entryway sporting a clean and brighter look, I wanted to introduce some glass, brass and woven elements for a warm and welcoming look that’s laid-back and welcoming.

Visit my summer entryway here.

DESIGN TIP: Baskets and woven materials are the perfect way to add texture, bring in warmth, and create a laid-back, more casual look.SUMMER FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS

I had many of the items already styled here from the spring, and just layered in a few new pieces to switch it up effortlessly and bring in the warmth I was looking for summer.

Casual yet still chic and elegant!SUMMER FRONT ENTRYWAY DECORATING IDEAS


That wraps up my front entryway decorating ideas and how this space has evolved through the years and seasons.

I would love to hear your thoughts on which look is your favorite and I want to know what design tips you have!

You can sign up for my weekly newsletter at the bottom of this post! I’d love to have you join me!

Now, it’s time to continue working on my fall decorating and start prepping for Christmas!

Thanks for reading with me today! xo


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