I just have to share this quick and easy cream of broccoli soup recipe with you today. It is SO EASY, there is no excuse not to make it – and honestly, you can substitute the broccoli for any veggie – cauliflower, spinach, carrots, I think you can experiment and make it what you want.

I’ve made this soup with the ‘traditional version’ as well, which takes a little more prep and cooking time, so I’ll be sharing both ways of making it in today’s post.

As much as I enjoy it, I have very little time or energy to cook, so meal planning is often a stress for me. This cream of broccoli soup recipe will save you so much time, you will be jumping for joy…it’s so yummy too, you’ll want to save this one, trust me!

Oh, and you can make it ahead of time, and even freeze it if you want. This is a quick post, so let’s get right to it!

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When we built our home, we designed the layout of the kitchen for easy meal prep – the end of the island is where I do all of it and I can easily turn around to cook at the stove, and navigate either to the right or left, to the refrigerator or sink…this is where it all happens.

In case you’re new here, we recently updated our kitchen with brass hardware and it makes such a HUGE difference in this space. You can take the tour here and see it all.

I said this would be quick so let’s get back to this delicious recipe!

You can scroll down to print the actual recipe, and as I mentioned, I’m sharing the quick version and the traditional method as well.

Trust me these are keepers, you’ll want to save them!This twenty minute cream of broccoli soup is so simple and absolutlely delicious! Perfect for lunch, or a quick dinner everyone in your family will love!

Delicious and quick cream of broccoli soup.
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Twenty Minute Cream of Broccoli Soup

Quick and easy, twenty minute cream of broccoli soup that everyone will love!

Course Soup
Cuisine American
Keyword Cream of Broccoli Soup
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • 4 cups broccoli florets
  • 3 cups chicken stock
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp dried onion flakes
  • 1/4 cup heavy or whipping cream
  • 1/4 tsp salt and pepper to taste


  1. Add all ingredients except the cream to a medium pot.

  2. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes.

  3. Once the broccoli is cooked and the onions are plump and tender, add the cream and simmer for another 5 minutes.

  4. Puree with a hand mixer until smooth, about 3 - 5 minutes.

  5. Add more cream for desired thickness.

  6. Serve with grated sharp cheddar, bacon bits, and fresh cracked pepper.

This twenty minute cream of broccoli soup is so simple and absolutlely delicious! Perfect for lunch, or a quick dinner everyone in your family will love!

That’s as easy as it gets, don’t you think? You have to try this this week, I promise you’ll love it and you’ll want to add this to your quick meal arsenal. I know many of you are as busy as I am and we all need a little help when we can get it! I really want to know if you tried this, don’t be shy to come back and tell me! Here’s to quick dinners, full tummies, and happy people! Bon appétit!

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    I am just thrilled!!! So so so happy you guys enjoyed the soup! There are so many variations you can make on it – the other day I made cauliflower and it was amazing! I use the Costco broccoli too btw – it makes life so much easier!

  2. 5 stars
    Hey Tam, I made your soup last night… and OMG so easy and soooo good!! Both of my kids loved it. And actually I am making a second batch tonight it was so good and a no brainer;) I used the broccoli in a bag from Costco. Thank you for the recipe and keep on sharing those quick dinner tricks.

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Marion, I couldn’t agree more! Fall is by far my favorite season – especially the fashion! I hate to wish summer away too, but there is truly something magical about that crisp autumn air, isn’t there? Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello! This soup is so easy and delicious, you will definitely love it, I promise!! xo

  4. With so many seasonal veggies available right now it is a perfect time to make this soup. I hate to wish my summers away, but I am always excited for fall and all it has to offer here in Canada…the fashions, leaves changing and the yummy soups and stews. Woo hoo!!

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