Happy June! I’m so excited to share our summer decorating plan with you today! We’ve been so lucky lately with our weather, it feels like summer is already here and it’s still around the corner. Life has been busy, we have a few family things happening …we just celebrated our daughter’s eighteenth birthday (which seems impossible) and we’re taking a big family vacation with my siblings and their families next week to Mexico…we are so excited! With all of that, I’m a little behind over here, but I’m thrilled to share our blue and white color palette for summer. Since it’s been so hectic these days, I’m keeping our summer decor very simple with just a few key changes. I’m using a combination of existing pillow covers from seasons past, I’ve rearranged my florals for the season (with BIG impact!) and of course layering some of my favorite blue and white throughout, as usual. Read more to get the details on what’s to come and a few small projects that we have in the works!

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This summer, our home will be styled with my favorite blue and white throughout each space – which you’ll find in our kitchen, living room, dining room and entryway – all of our main living areas.

I used stunning pops of color for spring, which I adored! Now, it’s time to go back to my favorite neutral color palette of blue and white. I’ll be using softer hues, with hints of green in my florals as well.

I usually decorate with faux stems as many of you know, you can read all about our favorite faux florals if you’d like to learn my tips and tricks.

Since I never got around to sharing our dining room for spring with my gorgeous pedestal bowl and light blue hydrangea arrangement (I shared this in my spring inspiration post), I decided to give both our dining room and my florals a refresh for summer.

We have new custom dining room drapes hanging right now – check them out in this Instagram Reel, or shop directly in this LTK post – they’re so chic and elegant and give our dining room a more sophisticated feel. I’ll be sharing them here on CL Blog soon as well. They’re the same as our recently new living room drapes, with different trim (shop them in this LTK post).


Simple lines with classic detailing, our new dining room chairs will elevate our space and give it a more cohesive look.

We also have these new dining room chairs on the way (shown in the collage at the top and just above), that I hope to share sometime in the next month or so. They will be arriving here in the coming weeks, and I’m so excited to reveal our simple dining room refresh with you.

Another fun decorating project you’ll be seeing this summer, is the addition of more faux grasscloth wallpaper (this one is a peel and stick) – we’ll be installing it on the back wall of our living room bookshelves and I think it is going to look so stunning!


We’ll be adding this peel and stick grasscloth paper to our living room bookshelves…so exctied!

Below is a look at our bookshelves from our summer living room a while ago – I can’t wait to see what the outcome will look like, with a gorgeous pop of chic, blue grasscloth paper!

I just love everything about summer! You can take another little peek at our living spaces on Instagram or in this LTK post and see where we’re at with our blue and white summer decor, our florals and pillows as well. It’s amazing with just these few simple updates how different our home feels already. Light, bright and airy… I can’t wait to share all of our summer decor and room refreshes with you soon, stay tuned! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Lila, I get it! Thanks for the note – I always try to post for inspiration more than anything else – color, pattern, texture, ideas to help you create your own look… When I work with brands that provide items I am not always able to link similar pieces as there is exclusivity I have to adhere to. That said, I will definitely be on the lookout for similar, less expensive items more often (which I have done several times in the past)! Hope this explains! xo

  2. Lila Housden says:

    Love your posts and beautiful blues. Could you please show us more affordable items? I can’t begin to afford a $165 pillow or a $238 pedestal bowl. Thanks so much.

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