It’s so hard to believe how quickly summer is passing by. Every season seems to go faster than the last, soon it will be time for all things holiday…but let’s not go that fast just yet! This year, all of my summer home decor is very simple – I needed to make things easy and simplify things for myself…life has been full of surprises lately. Using beautiful blues allover, a mix of blue and light green hydrangeas, natural textures and some simple summer touches. Our summer living room is exactly that.

I want to thank two incredible bloggers who’ve been so generous to share my little blog recently. KerriAnne, from Thistlewood Farms and Yvonne, from Stone Gable Blog. Some of you are new readers here, because of them and I am truly humbled to have you. Welcome and thank you so much for joining me! Both of these lovely ladies took the time to share me, and I am so very grateful!

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Living room decorated for summer in a soft blue and warm white color palette.

In case you missed it, I shared my simple summer entryway recently, with some great summer decorating ideas I think you’ll love, using all of the same styling ideas as well.

Come and have a look around our summer living room, I think you’ll love this too.

Beautiful living room decorated for summer in blue and white with faux hydrangeas, ginger jars and coastal touches.


Before I begin sharing our summer home decor in our living room…our family lost our fuzzy baby bunny, Oscar, suddenly last week. Oscar is my precious little fuzzball, his presence in our home was so large…if you’ve been reading with me for a while, then you’ve seen his cameos in many of my posts over the years. Here are some favorite snaphsots of him.

For such a tiny creature, the amount of joy and love is purely unquantifiable. It’s been very sad knowing that he’s no longer here with us, but his new home is now one of my favorite little ginger jars, that sits on our mantel. You can see above just how darn cute he is! He certainly ruled our home there is no doubt! Bunnies are truly such amazing animals. Oscar, Mama loves you forever, my little baby bunny, you are always and forever in my heart…


Summer styled living room in soft blues and warm whites with blue and green hydrangeas, chinoiserie accents and coastal accessories.

Without further ado, let’s tour my summer living room.

If you saw our spring living room, then you’ll notice I’ve kept much of my decor similar for summer.

I needed simple, no fuss changes for the season, and it’s pretty amazing with just a few small details, it feels like summer instantly.

Beautiful living room decorated for summer with soft blues, warm whites, light green and blue hydrangeas and coastal accents.

Some added color and natural textures dotted around, as well as new pillow covers for the season is all it took.

Since our home is open concept and you can see everything at once, sometimes it’s a challenge to keep it from looking too cluttered.

Especially because I am a maximalist at heart! I love layering beautiful things.

Living room sofa styled for summer with gorgeous designer pillows in soft blue and white.

Keeping a cohesive color palette helps with that.

You know I’m a blue and white enthusiast and it is dominant throughout our home, so the rest of my color palette follows.

White sofa with blue and white pillows styled for summer.
Living room decorated for summer with a soft blue and white color palette, natural accents and coastal touches.


Living room with beautiful ceiling height bookshelves decorated for summer with a soft blue and white color palette, ginger jars, baskets, and blue and green hydrangeas.

For our bookshelves, I didn’t want to change too much – I’m going for easy this summer – so just a few little styling changes is all I used in here.

Beautiful, traditional living room decorated for summer in soft blues and white, with light blue and light green hydrangeas, coastal accents and ginger jars.

I simplified the accessories a touch, added some of my seasonal hydrangeas on the shelves and on my little side table here in the corner.

Living room bookshelves styled with blue and white ginger jars, baskets, hydrangeas and coastal accents for summer.

Consistency and balance are key to pull an entire look together.

See that pretty little ginger jar under the TV? That’s where my fuzzy baby, Oscar lives now…oh how my heart aches for him.

Beautifully styled bookshelves with a mix of blue and white chinoiserie, solid ginger jars in different shades of blue, woven baskets, color blocked books and coastal accents.
Bookshelves styled for summer with a beautiful blue and white color palette and natural accents.

You’ll notice a couple of more natural elements styled here on the shelves as well.

A couple of woven baskets and a coral sculpture in a natural tone.

Ginger jars, baskets, books, coral and faux flowers adorn beautiful white bookshelves.

I kept the color blocked books styled here that I introduced last spring, they’re such great pieces to style shelves with.

Bookshelves styled for summer with ginger jars, baskets, books, coastal accents and faux hydrangeas.

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Elegant blue and white pillows styled on a white sofa, a light green and blue hydrangea arrangement sits in front on an upholstered ottoman. Blue and white ginger jars styled throughout the room and beyond.

You know I always love a gorgeous pillow arrangement, and my newest beauties from Arianna Belle are certainly special.

Gorgeous pillows styled on a white sofa for summer - blue with a white trellis motif and an overall leaf pattern in a light blue on a white ground.

With exquisite details like an elegant trellis motif and piped edges, they sit so very prettily on our sofas, in elegant soft blues.

Beautiful living room with white sofa, blue and white decor, brass chandelier and double french doors with transoms.

I opted to use only four pillows this season, in two prints, rather than my usual six pillow combo.

I wanted to simplify and let them really shine.

A living room corner styled for summer with faux hydrangeas, blue and white accents and designer pillows on a white sofa.

Someone sent me a message recently on Instagram, telling me to show something new…why always blue???

Well, it happens to be my favorite color and well, it’s all around our home!

Gorgeous designer pillows in blue and white, one featuring a wide trellis detail on the front in white on a light blue ground, outlined in navy blue, while the other has a light blue allover leaf print on a white linen ground.

Blue just makes me so happy…so why would I change it? This is our home and I love to share it this way.

I hope you love it too!

White sofas styled for summer with beautiful light blue and white pillows in chic chinoiserie prints.
Gorgeous summer decorated living room with soft blues, warm whites. Faux hydrangea arrangements in light blue and green grace different areas around the space.

Mixing prints is another thing I love to do and I just love these patterns together.

The trellis on the Don’t Fret Pillow and the allover print on the Temple Garden Pillow are a perfect match.

Light blue and white trellis motif designer pillow is chic on a creamy white sofa.

Notice how the blues all tie in together from one room to another?

Living room with tailored white sofa decorated with soft blue and white designer pillows is chic and elegant for summer.

I’ve added more and more blue over the years, and I love it more than ever.

Don’t be afraid to use one dominant color to make a statement in your home!

Traditional home with elegant summer decor in light blues and warm whites accented with coastal elements and light blue and light green hydrangeas.

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A gorgeous floral arrangement in light blue and green in a chic chinoiserie planter, styled for summer with seashells and coral.

You also know that I keep my styling here on our ottoman rather simple also.

I love to use trays and I’ll often style them using quadrants – each ‘corner’ of the trays gets a grouping.

Using the same beautiful color combination from my spring entryway, these light green hydrangeas add the perfect summer touch.

Coffee table books are always my go-to for vignettes styled here and around our home.

Beautiful and bright traditional living room styled for summer with pretty light blue and green hydrangeas, chinoiserie accents, coastal decor and designer pillows.

I especially love looking across our living room into our entryway and seeing this gorgeous summer color combination of blue and soft greens.

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Elegant traditional living room with a modern feel - a light blue and white color palette is light and fresh for summer.

That wraps up my summer home decor in our living room…simple, beautiful and elegant is what I wanted.

Living room styled for summer with an elegant light blue and white color palette, designer pillows, blue and green hydrangeas and coastal accents.
Chic summer living room decor featuring an elegant light blue and warm white color palette, blue and green hydrangeas and coastal accents.

As I mentioned above, all it takes is a few simple updates to freshen up your home or any space for a new season.

Living room styled with summer accents in light blue and white,  coastal accessories, designer pillows, ginger jars and hydrangeas.
Elegant living room decorated for summer with a gorgeous light blue and white color palette, hydrangeas, ginger jars, woven accents and coastal accessories.

I hope you enjoyed my summer home decor in our living room! Thank you, as always, for taking the time out of your day to read with me, I love to have you here. And if you’re new, I’m thrilled you’re here and I hope you enjoy your stay. Happy decorating! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words…he was my baby and I miss him so much! The color in here is Collingwood by BM. I haven’t used Alabaster myself, but whatever color you go for, make sure to test it first! I’ve made that mistake more than once! It never looks the same on the walls and differs depending on the lighting. I’d love to refresh our walls in here too! Maybe one day. Good luck and thanks for reading with me! xo

  2. Nancy Cinieri says:

    Sorry about Oscar. He was so o cute! I don’t see mention of the wall color. What is it please? Have you ever used Alabaster on the walls? I need to refresh my main areas and am stuck at a decision for wall color

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Deb! You’re very kind and I truly appreciate hearing from you!! Yes to the bench cushions!! They stay put! Just have to smooth them out every so often. I’m so happy to have you hear, thank you for visiting! xox

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Donna I am so happy to hear from you, and I love that you love blue and white too! What a perfect way to describe it too! You can never go wrong with this everlasting combo! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it so much! xox

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Sally you re so kind! Thank you so much for your very thoughtful words about Oscar…it has been so hard and heartbreaking for all of us. I’m thrilled you love everything that I’m sharing and I am more thrilled you are inspired! Thank you so much for reading with me! xox

  6. Beautiful and elegant!! Your home and decorating style are what I aspire to for my own home. With the open concept you have (which I also have) the blue and white combination gives it a sense of peace, tranquility and continuity! I love the small addition of the green hydrangeas. And those pillows are exquisite. I always look forward to receiving your posts. So sorry to hear about Oscar.

  7. Donna Marsh says:

    Simply love, love your style!! Thank you for inspiring me in so many big and little ways. I too am a blue and white person. As a child, this combination was a favorite and STILL at 87 years, blue and white combinations always make may heart jump with joy!! My homes have always had these colors. God still loves that blue and white combination for his beautiful skies. How can we go wrong with His skies inspiring us??

  8. I LOVE the blue! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! Your home is so serenely elegant, yet inviting and comfortable. I see that you are a smart lady and use bench cushions on your sofa. I honestly don’t know why they make any other kind. Right?!! Thanks for sharing your lovely summer decor. It is inspiring.

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