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BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!You must know by now, that I love blue and white. It’s no secret, that’s for sure. Blue and white forever, as the saying goes. I’ve slowly been building my collection over the past few years, and incorporating it more and more into my decor. If you remember, I’ve told you about how my mother’s style has influenced mine, and growing up around this classic is engrained in me.
BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!I do admit, I haven’t always had it incorporated into my decor. In our first apartment, many years ago, we had a LOT of it! From dishes, to accessories to table linens – my husband even built our first kitchen table for me, topped with the most gorgeous handmade Mexican tiles. Our look was eclectic, layered and collected. After years of it, I grew somewhat tired of all the layers and I started to move toward more neutral decor, with clean lines. In our first home, the decor was zen and minimal with touches glass and metal. In our second home, I started to crave that layered look again, and I began to lean toward traditional, while still keeping some of the minimal elements. Now in our third home, I’m back to a curated look and funny enough, as we get older, I’m finding more and more touches in my home are like the home I grew up in. It’s interesting to me how it’s come full circle. BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!Here we go – my roundup of all of my own blue and white pieces, and all of the different ways it’s slowly growing throughout our home. One thing I’ve noticed, is that it’s becoming an addiction for me! Some of the photos in this post I’ve shared here before and some I haven’t. Please forgive some of the poor quality in the older shots! I hope you can take away that blue and white is neutral, classic and timeless. It goes anywhere, with anything and adds character and interest to any home. This is a long post, so please, kick up your feet and get comfy!


In our kitchen, I have it sprinkled on the counters and island. As you know already, I’m always moving my pieces around, shopping my own home and refreshing my rooms. Here on the island, I have this new ginger jar sitting atop a cake stand. I love that it’s elevated to give it a little bit of importance.
BLUE AND WHITE FOREVER!Below, in the dining room, for my Spring tour (read about it HERE), I used many of my jars and vases along with ceramic birds I borrowed from my daughter’s room and my favorite white foo dogs to build my tablescape centrepiece – you’ll see more of this further down as well. By the way, do you remember our old capiz shell candy??!! I don’t miss it one bit!CitrineLiving_Spring_Dining_Room15Our new, latern style fixture hits it so far out of the park for me, I can’t even tell you! You can read about it HERE and the reasons why I chose it.
CitrineLiving_New_chandelier11I kept the large jar with my faux flowers throughout the Spring season and I just love how the blues and florals liven up our dining room. And for those of you who don’t know, I’m a big fan of faux florals.CITRINELIVING: MAKE AN IMPACT WITH THE RIGHT LIGHTCITRINELIVING: MAKE AN IMPACT WITH THE RIGHT LIGHTI “borrowed” a pair of these blue and white garden stools from my mother for a recent shoot (I’ll be sharing that sometime in the near future), and I’m banking on the fact that she’ll let me have them! No, she really wants them back so I think it’s time I found my own. I’ve only been talking about it now for about 10 years, since I started to build my garden stool collection…still looking for the perfect pair!blue-and-white-stoolThis large scale piece in the shot below, is a favorite of mine. It moves from room to room and tucks perfectly into corners as well as beside furniture. I’ve had this here now for a while, and I’m loving it flanked between my blue lamps. You can read more about my living room HERE, if you haven’t had the chance to tour it before. Side note : I do plan to paint this buffet a light color and would LOVE a pair of blue and white lamps to top it off! livingroom-tour11It really makes an impact from a distance. Speaking of large scale, bigger is always better. This applies with furniture (as long as it fits!) as well as accessories and light fixtures. Always opt for large rather than small, as small pieces get lost and look out of place. Large pieces always make a statement – within reason, of course!blue-and-white-living-roomBack to blue and white – there’s always a lot of it happening!
living-room-blue and-white-grey-sofaThis shelf display is from earlier this year – it’s stayed mostly the same, except for a few items that have come and gone.CitrineLiving-styling-accessories3And if you’ve never seen my Christmas tour, check it out HERE. I didn’t remove much of my existing decor. In fact, I chose to make it work by adding layers of blues and greens in my Christmas decor, to tie it all together.CL_CHRISTMAS_FAM10My Christmas garland last year was filled with greens and metallics, but I chose to keep the bookshelves topped off with my ginger jar for an extra punch of color. You can read about how I created this look HERE.CL_MANTEL_DETAIL2


Coming back to my Spring table, you can get a better sense of how these pieces work together, and how they compliment the linens as well.CitrineLiving_Spring_Dining_Room25All of this blue and white glory makes me very happy!CitrineLiving_Spring_Dining_Room14CitrineLiving_Spring_Dining_Room9CitrineLiving_Spring_Dining_Room13More blues are dominant in my recent Summer Home Showcase Tour – read all about it HERE.Summer-peonies-kitchen12I don’t always set the table in the kitchen (our island is our everyday table) – but it’s such a nice treat sometimes.Summer-peonies-kitchen5I pulled this together for a quick Spring centerpiece in the kitchen last year.
blue-and-white-ginger-jarsMy Blue Fall table from last year was layered with metallics, blues and greens, similar to my Christmas decor. I love to fill the center of the table with decorative objects. Here the star is the ginger jar and everything else is supporting. I say more is more :)
Citrine_Living_BlueFallTableSee more of this table HERE.BW_table_new14A favortie thing of mine is to layer pattern and textiles. This outdoor table from Summer 2014 is still a favorite of mine and was my first tablescape that I blogged about! Check it out HERE.Outdoor Table by CitrineLiving1


Our console table in the entry way is forever changing and this set up is from last Spring, which you can find HERE – you can also read about the before and after of the decor in this space HERE, and how it’s ‘grown up’ since we moved in. I love the beach and although I do use coastal for summer, I decided to use if for Spring here as well.Citrine-Living-Spring_entrance8This is vignette is from last summer. I love my conch shell lamp and it’s in my entry now as well.
EntryMirrorAlways a statement atop some books or boxes.blue_coral3You can never go wrong with blue and white paired with foo dogs!
headerSo chic – high gloss black and chinoiserie. One of my typography print designs (available for purchase HERE), now hangs in our daughter’s room.Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.28.38 PMPattern on pattern play is happening here on our ottoman, all in different blue hues.
CitrineLiving-styling-accessories5In our newly updated master bedroom, I created a Palm Beach feeling with my lattice lamps and gold regency style mirror. A pair of ginger jars complete the look.CitrineLiving_Master_Bedroom_Refresh16CitrineLiving_Master_Bedroom_Refresh6Blue and gold is music to my ears and here I use small dishes for jewelry and watches.CitrineLiving_Master_Bedroom_Refresh25 Fresh blooms are always a stunner with blue and white.


Going back to the mast bedroom, I completely changed the look of this space from moody and grey, to light and bright and this bedding is the statement maker here. Check out our room’s transformation HERE.CitrineLiving_Master_Bedroom_Refresh14newLayers of blue and white fabric, table linens and dishes create this look from a recent blogger’s summer patio tour, which you can have a look at HERE.Summer-Patio-Entertaining14Summer-Patio-Entertaining2 Our ottoman, which I’ve spoken about countless times, is a favorite DIY makeover that took me about an hour. It was clunky and dark brown with big chunky feet. I found this tablecloth and decided to recover it, after searching for the right fabric for quite some time. Check out this how-to HERE.livingroom-tour23

Are you convinced yet? I think I have a serious love for this color! Maybe you feel this is too much for your home, or maybe not! Use it in high gear, or keep it minimal to one jar simple on your table. Hope you enjoyed this post and how I choose to incorporate it in our home. Leave me a comment and tell me how you use yours! Have a great weekend! xo


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Decorating With Blue And White!

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  1. I accessed your archives for inspiration on how to arrange ginger jars. It’s interesting to see how your home has evolved! Always beautiful.

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Christine I am so happy you’ve found some inspiration!! Love that you’ll be using this as your theme! Classic and timeless!!! Thanks for reading!! xo

  3. Christine says:

    What wall color? I’m in ❤️With your blue & white and plan on making this my new theme as we finish the reno. I have both white trim and wood in different areas.

  4. tamaraanka says:

    I’m so excited for you, Cindy! Such fantastic news about your husband! How fun that you have so much to look forward to! Designing new spaces is thrilling and it’s therapeutic! THere’s nothing like a beautiful room to calm and sooth the soul – that’s what it’s like for me! Happy decorating and happy end of summer to you as well! xoxo

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Kelley – I have done the same thing and I honestly don’y now what I was thinking! Oh, I’ll come back for these tomorrow…lesson learned haha! We need to find some of these staples!! Thanks for stopping in! xoxo

  6. Love, love, LOVE all that blue and white! And yes, I think your mom should let you keep the stools ;) haha. They had a pair at HomeGoods several months ago. A PAIR- how rare is that?! And I have been kicking myself ever since :/

  7. Cindy Weis says:

    so beautiful, crisp and refreshing for sure. I also love blue and white, and have some amazing pieces I have collected thru the years on my travels, and no matter where I put them in my house (I also love to move things around), they are an amazing addition. I am in the process of redoing my family room, some of the pieces have come in but of course the couch was a 10 week order, I can’t wait to have everything done. Hope all is well with you, things are moving along here and my husband is doing wonderful, which is such a blessing for us. Happy end of summer to you and your family.

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