Happy February! I know I say this all the time, but really where did the time go? January went in a blink! The one good thing about it though, is that I am looking forward to Spring, that is for sure. We still have ton of snow and will for quite a while, but I’ve been pulling out my pillows and florals and scheming up ways to decorate for the upcoming season. As a blogger, we need to plan ahead (I’m actually late!) and share our homes with you before the height of the season, so that you’re inspired and find ideas to use in your own homes. There’s no surprise the basis of my theme this Spring is blue and white, but I’ll be injecting some beautiful pops of color as well. I’ve put together a preliminary mood board of my Spring inspiration, and I am also showcasing some of the designers and brands that are inspiring me right now, as well as a look back to last year. Happy reading and I hope you love it as much as I do! *Affiliate links are provided in this post for your shopping convenience – while I make a small commission on these items, it’s no extra cost to you!Find some Spring inspiration with a beautiful color palette of blue and white, paired with yellow and green for a bright and happy theme this season.I’ve been thinking how I’m going to approach Spring this year for about a month now. Do I want to a big change or do I want a few seasonal hints sprinkled around? I was really wracking my brain to figure this one out…I have so much blue throughout our home and have no intention of removing it. The challenge is, how do I make this palette look different and fresh all over again, each season? It can be tricky, so as I’ve been thinking of what colors to bring in with my blues, I decided to turn to yellow and some hints of green. I used gold/yellow with my blues in the Fall, so this palette is not new for me, but I think with the brighter tones and a little green added in, it will be very different. And I’ll be honest. At first, I wasn’t even sure I’d like what I was thinking in my head, especially having already used a similar color palette. Then it struck me while looking for ideas and inspiration…I often turn to my favorite brands to see what they’re showcasing as well as my favorite designers. Low and behold, Williams Sonoma Home had my palette so perfectly executed in their Spring catalogue, I had to include it here so you can see how gorgeous these colors are. The yellow roses and the ginger jar – oh my goodness I’m all over that. For the greens, I’ll be adding in a few little touches, a pillow here or there, and definitely some fresh and faux blooms. I might be so bold as to mix in some pinks and purples somewhere too.Find some Spring inspiration with a beautiful color palette of blue and white, paired with yellow and green for a bright and happy theme this season.It seems that I have a love affair with pillows. Who doesn’t love a fabulous pillow? Even more, I really love a mix of fabulous pillows… I have so many different ones that I am moving around on a continuous basis. Between our bedroom, dining room and living room, there is a constant rotation I can assure you. You’ve seen my Henderson Stripe pillow in Sky (the blue one in the above image – find it here), from Tonic Living since last year – and I’m think I’m still keeping these ones in the mix. They’re classic and current at the same time, and they pair so well with so many others from my roster.
The blue ones pictured above were a lucky HomeSense score, and these too, have been around our home very regularly over the past year. Since I have so much blue in our home, these have become a staple as well. Blue is a neutral color and combines so well with just about any other color in the spectrum. I also suppose having it threaded throughout our home, it has just become second nature to me. I can’t imagine replacing it with any other color to showcase and I love the addition of a little color, versus all neutral, which I had for many years. So, it’s still here, and here to stay. I also love my faux blossoms, they will definitely be reappearing this coming Spring throughout our home…
Below is a gorgeous yellow and blue combination from Mark D. Sikes that I thought was so refreshing and pretty – the gold and light blue together is just beautiful.
You can see how I used my yellow and blue palette last Fall in our bedroom, shown below. The gold pillows are the perfect dose of happy I’m looking for, to lend a nod to the warm sunny days ahead.
And again in the living room last Fall… that rich golden yellow, together with the deep blues. The color combination is something I really love and keep going back to!Below in this gorgeous shot from the WSH catalogue really speaks to me (shown in my mood board) with all the blue and white, and fresh greenery, something I seem to be drawn to over and over. I just love the lush combination of the layers.I have my eye on a few new pillows as well, that I think will be beautiful mixed in with my current selection. Below is Passagio in Batik (see it here), from Tonic Living. Love that little bit of global feel it has, and I always love an ikat.Below is a beautiful mix of pattern and color, again, from Mark D. Sikes. That green pillow really got me thinking…So when I saw the one below from Tonic Living, Ingrid in Moss (find it here), I got so excited! I love the fern pattern and the Spring vibe it will bring to my mix. Below is the gorgeous image I was referencing earlier (also in my mood board), with this amazing yellow and blue combination – look at those ginger jars! And those roses! So fresh and pretty, I hope I can find similar florals and the mix of colors… it’s just so happy, don’t you think?I am really hoping to get my hands on a new pair of jars to add to my collection as well, and I can’t get enough of the gold trimmed one below, also from Williams Sonoma Home. You can see it here. I’m even wondering if I can paint some of my existing ones gold on the trim as well – is that totally crazy? I’ve never tried to paint ceramic, but I’m sure there’s something out there for it…I’ll keep you posted on what I find!Another DIY project in the works, is in our entryway as well…I’m painting our console table a light grey and the mirror gold, and I think the change will be refreshing and crisp. I’m also looking to swap out the rug for something lighter as well, that can withstand the dirt and traffic from outdoor shoes. I think I’m just ready for a brighter look all around.
And finally, below is a look back at last year’s Spring decor (see the full tour here). Layers of blues, stripes and fresh and faux florals were the key statement. I’m really excited to use this as a starting point this year and bring in those extra layers of color. I think it will be a lot of fun! 

Thanks for reading along, I hope you’re looking forward to Spring as much as I am! Tell me what you think and what your plans are for Spring, I’m eager to hear you thoughts, and I always love your feedback! xo


















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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Isabel thank you my friend! You know how much that means to me! I appreciate your support and encouragement so much!! xo

  2. Isabel Gauvin says:

    I love all this beautiful gold and yellow accents! perfect for spring. always love all your design inspiration. Thanks for sharing xoxo izab

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Ter!! I love that you love it!! And that’s one serious compliment!! Muah!! xox

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Chaunntel, Thank you so much for the sweet words!! I am so flattered and it means a lot to me that you took the time to say hello! Thank you for following along on my journey! I’m thrilled that you are here!! xo

  5. Chaunntel says:

    As I scroll through my IG account it seems everyone is doing white on white on white and while I the enjoy looking at their beautiful pictures and styles the fact that you have not banished your blue makes me so happy! Thank you for showing a decorating style that includes color! I love looking at pictures of your home. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tam-
    Blues whites and yellows… just like mom.
    Great taste starts w her!! And the gold gives it a classy touch. Love it!

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! It’s Collingwood by Benjamin Moore :)

  8. Caroline Stuhr says:

    What’s the color on your walls ? Love your website

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Tracey thank you!! So happy you like it! I really want some! I wonder if it will work? Gotta think about this one!

  10. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Elizabeth Ann! I am so happy you like it all! Can’t wait to get it all done and for the warm weather! xo

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much sweets! I can’t wait for Spring, I am SO over the snow!! So happy you dropped by! xox

  12. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you, Anastasia!! I love the yellow too, and even though I used it in the Fall, I think it will feel so different in Spring! And I might try to paint them, I’m curious to see what will happen! xo

  13. The yellow pop is beautiful. It stops you in your tracks. That’s a nice choice
    I love the blue with the gold trim. Maybe I can do the same :)))

  14. Elizabeth Ann says:

    Great idea to add a punch of yellow color! I too love blue and white. Your home is stunning with all the beautiful ginger jars! I will look forward to seeing your new jars too!

  15. So many fun things Tam! Can’t wait to see your home this Spring! 💞

  16. That touch of yellow is perfect! Yellow makes me dream of Springtime, of those magical warm rays of light coming through windows. Can’t wait to see your Spring home tour.
    P.S: don’t paint those beautiful blue & white ceramics! ^_^

  17. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Kristy! I am so ready too – we have snow for quite a while still and I just want to open my windows!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  18. I am loving everything! I am sooo ready for spring.. over the cold weather ;) xo

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