Decorating and styling with traysI’ve always had a thing for trays and lately I can’t get enough of them, especially the brass ones I’ve recently purchased. Today I’m sharing some very simple tips for decorating and styling with trays. They’re versatile, they can be used anywhere you want to corral or showcase something beautiful, they’re even perfect used as a display piece. You’ve seen me use this gorgeous greek key inspired tray on my tablescapes in my two recent Fall blog tours, which you can find here and here.Decorating and styling with traysIn this image, I’ve used most of the same accessories as in the first photo, except with a rectangular tray. I recently picked up this gold leaf tray and I love it. I like to move some of my trays around the house and rotate them, to keep things fresh and fun. See more of how I decorate with my favorite blue and white pieces here.
Decorating and styling with traysIn our small bath (and it is very small, I might add) which is located in the main hallway and is used by guests, I have a few pretty toiletries gathered in this silver tray. So simple, it always adds an elegant touch in the bath and is the perfect display atop of the toilet. Decorating and styling with traysHere’s my greek key tray again (I actually have two of these beauties), this time in our master bath.Decorating and styling with traysAlthough I’m not using a tray here, these pretties are the perfect base to elevate something otherwise utilitarian, like a soap dispenser. Even the beautiful ones look better on a tray or a beautiful dish!Decorating and styling with traysAtop my favorite upholstered stools, I’m using my new gold leaf tray again, to showcase some of my favorite design books.
Decorating and styling with traysHere in our bedroom, this one holds my perfume bottles and special pieces that have been gifted to me. If I wasn’t using a tray to show them off and give them importance, my dresser would look messy and junky (I’m a bit of a collector so, you can imagine all the little things I have around the house). This is the perfect tray, especially because it’s white and it blends so well with the dresser.Decorating and styling with traysDecorating and styling with traysIt’s always pretty to set the bed using a tray, although I do admit, this is not something I do every day! I think I may start to though, it adds a romantic touch to any bedroom.
Decorating and styling with traysIn this shot of a floral arrangement from my recent Fall tour, my new favorite piece grounds this tablescape. Decorating and styling with traysThis mirror acts as a tray on my Winter tablescape from last January. You can see more of this table, as well as others where I use mirrors as the focal point here. Decorating and styling with traysI use the dining room as an office at times, since I don’t have my own space, and I think it’s fun to set it up as I would, if I had my own desk. Again, a beautiful display is made more beautiful when it’s grounded with a tray.Decorating and styling with traysDecorating and styling with traysIn the living room on our ottoman I like to use an oversized one for displaying more my collection of design books and objects.Decorating and styling with traysHere in the kitchen, on the top shelf of our recently built open shelving (which you can see more of here), I love the way this simple silver tray complements the water bottles that it would be otherwise serving to guests.

Remember, when you’re finding ways to style and decorate your home with trays, the possibilities are endless. If I had more counterspace in the bath for instance, I’d have a luxe pile of plush towels. Or, even in the laundry room, displaying pretty jars and containers on a tray makes those everyday house hold items seem far more beautiful. Below are a few more tips and tricks to help you style your home with trays. Have fun and be creative!



*Affiliate links are used as sources for some of my favorite items. These are either the same as the items featured in this post, or are similar options for your shopping convenience.

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Denise! I’m so sorry I never answered you! Thank you for your lovely words and for joining me on Pinterest! That means so much :) The coral is made by Three Hands Corporation – it’s quite a few years old, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to find it anymore – I hope you do! Good luck and keep me posted! Thanks for stopping by! xox

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Summer! You’re always so sweet and supportive! You are the best! And I’m so happy you found this useful! Thanks for popping in!! xo

  3. Perfect examples of all the ways to use trays! So so gorgeous my friend! All of your trays are perfect. And I have been looking everywhere for mercury glass apothecary jars so that one on your table has me swooning!

  4. Hello sweetie,
    I have asked this question before but never received an answer. First love your home, the epitome of beauty. I would like to know the brand of the faux coral that holds your jewelry in your bedroom. I do remember when I first saw it, that you mentioned you purchased it at Home Goods I believe. But would love to know the brand. Thank you for your time and designs. I follow you on Pinterest, and belong to your blog. I wish you would join the platform of YouTube, I know many would follow you. Have a blessed week.

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Elaine, it’s so nice that you’re here! I’m not sure if you may have missed my response to this question over in another post (Dining Room in Bloom), I don’t want you to think I didn’t answer!! My mother painted this and it was an engagement gift to my husband and I. It’s oil on canvas and it is an arabic woman in a traditional gown. I love that you love this piece as much as we do! It has tremendous sentimental value :)) Thanks for stopping by to say hello! xo

  6. Beautiful suggestions, Tamara! I’ve always loved the classic, and classy, blue and white pieces and have quite a collection now. I am VERY new to your blog and would love to learn a little about the beautiful painting in your dining room. Is the woman a relative? Who painted the piece? Just a bit of information would be really appreciated! I also paint and admire that piece so much! Thank you.

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Bree, I’m not so sure about me, you’re pretty darn close to perfect my friend! Thanks for stopping by – I love when you do! xoxo

  8. tamaraanka says:

    Katia, thank you so much! I’m so happy poi stopped by! Hope you’re doing well! xo

  9. Tam! I love all of your gorgy trays!!! Especially the one on your lovely ottoman!! So cool and thanks for sharing all of your styling tips with us…I’m pretty sure you are one of the masters of this! Great post:) Xoxo

  10. Great ideas Tam! Love them all! :)

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Please do Mysha!! Thanks for the love and for stopping in! xoxo

  12. Tam what a great post! Totally steelin some of your tips!

  13. tamaraanka says:

    Ha! Kari Ann, I understand completely! I can’t have enough! Thank you for popping in to say hello! xo

  14. It was your Instagram account that first introduced me to trays in decor. I think I’m hooked and notice trays everywhere I shop now. This could get dangerous on my pocketbook!!!

  15. tamaraanka says:

    Kel, you are the best,my friend – you know how much I love how you style everything!! Thank you so much! xoxo

  16. Tam, this is incredible! You style trays like no one else, my friend. I LOVE this post!

  17. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Jan! Welcome to CitrineLiving! I’m thrilled to have you and even more thrilled you’ve found some inspiration! Thank you so much fryer very kind words! xo

  18. Hi, Tamara. I just hopped over here from Rhoda’s blog, Southern Hospitality. I’m lovin’ your style. I collect blue and white china too. You’ve given me some inspiration to change things up with how I display mine. Thanks!

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