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Happy Friday! Today, I’m finally sharing this year’s Christmas front porch decked out for the holiday season. I usually keep our porch similar from year to year, but I do try to mix it up a little bit.

This year, I went back to my flocked wreath on our front door, and I really love the beautiful contrast it gives to the porch, especially from the curb.

If you remember our Christmas porch from last year (see it here), I used a fresh Christmas wreath – which was a stunner.

I love fresh greens and they last a really long time outside, which is so nice. However, I really am so happy to bring this wreath back this year.

I first shared it two years ago, when we also updated our outdoor lighting – you can see that porch setup here – it’s also very similar to this look, but without the pencil trees.

A few small tweaks are all you need to create something a little different each year. Speaking of simple, our fresh pine planter arrangements are so easy to create, you won’t believe it.

Doing it yourself can also save you a ton of money. I keep mine very pared-back, but you can dress them up as creatively as you like.

Come and take a closer look at my Christmas front porch decorating ideas and how I’ve pulled this look together.

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I like to keep things somewhat classic and simple on our porch, and even though I’ve been using the same elements for the last several years, I still love them all.

I do have to say though, that I will definitely be upgrading our garland next year. I say the same thing every year, and I never do.

I’m ready to get a fuller, more substantial and lush garland, I think that will really elevate the look of our front porch.Christmas front porch decorating ideas That said, the simple garland I’ve used all these years still does the trick…for now ;)pencil trees as Christmas treeI used our pencil trees as Christmas tree for the second year in a row out here, but this year, I brought them to the front of the porch, flanking the posts.

Last Christmas they were flanking our front door, standing in front of the sidelight windows.Christmas tree placementChristmas tree placement I wanted to make a bigger statement with them this year, and I think they definitely stand out much more in the forefront of this space.
Christmas tree placementChristmas tree placement


Now, you may remember seeing our new front door hardware that we recently installed, courtesy of Emtek, when I shared our entryway dressed up for the season a couple of weeks ago (read it here).

I shared a closeup of this stunning French Antique Brass handle from the inside of our home – it elevates our entryway to another level, as do all of the handles we’ve recently installed.

It’s amazing what new hardware can do. You can see some of our other recent updates in my living room reveal, here. I also have to say, it adds so much elegance to the exterior of our home as well.

We had simple pewter handles before that were very pretty, but since upgrading everything to brass, I am in heaven!!antique brass handle I’m loving the way it pops off the door and the French Antique Brass finish is just so gorgeous!
French Antique Brass finishShould I consider a brass light fixture too? My wheels are starting to turn…although I still love this lantern now, as much now as I did when we first got it.

Brass would be gorgeous though!
brass light fixture


I’ve always arranged my Christmas planters myself and I’m telling you, they are so simple and inexpensive to make, you will be doing this yourself for years to come.

Well actually, the last couple of years, I’ve delegated this job to my handy hubby, Neil haha. He’s the best.  Honestly, there is nothing to this, my friends.

The secret to making them full and lush is using the soil that’s already in your planters to hold the branches in place.

I get endless messages on Instagram and emails asking how I create them, what I use, or where I buy them, and that is as simple as it gets – fresh-cut branches and dirt! fresh cut pine branches I’ve been buying my fresh cut pine branches for years at a local florist, where they always sell them each Christmas.

In the past, I’ve paid around $30 for each arrangement, but this year the florist went out of business – so sad! – but lucky for me, the farm just down the road from there was selling bundles for $5 each.

Yes, five dollars. I bought four bundles to create these planters, totaling $20 for both.

They’re simple, and a little rustic, which compliments our surroundings perfectly. If you saw my recent Christmas tablescape (click here),

I used fresh cedar for my centerpiece, which was also only five dollars to make. You can’t go wrong! Christmas picks and lightsI like to add a few Christmas picks and lights to dress them up a little, but I’ve also used nothing in years past which is just as beautiful.Christmas lightswrapped gifts in front porch I dressed up our porch with a few wrapped gifts as well, in white and gold, to echo my flocked wreath and hardware.

If you don’t want to keep them outside for long (although our porch is covered, so they’re fine), you can just as easily put them out when you’re entertaining.

Just another simple way to celebrate the magic of the season!Christmas front porch decorating flocked wreath, garland, pencil trees and planters with fresh cut pine branches. Christmas front porch decorating flocked wreath, garland, pencil trees and planters with fresh cut pine branches.

Christmas front porch decorating ideasThank you for reading with me! I hope you found some simple ideas for your Christmas front porch decorating – especially the planters! They’re the perfect way to create a warm and inviting welcome for your guests. Enjoy the weekend, my friends – only two more before Christmas! xo

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