October is just a few days away already and the fall weather is here! I’ve been planning my Christmas decor and we’re still finishing our landscaping around our new inground pool. I’m a little scattered these days to say the least! I am however, very happy to share our fall entryway with you today – a simple and elegant take on the season.

Lately, I need to keep my decorating simple, and as I mentioned in my recent fall living room post, I don’t want, or need the stress of overwhelming seasonal decorating! Here, I shopped our home, and believe it or not – I used a Christmas wreath as a fall wreath, and I absolutely love the result. I hope you do too!

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Beautiful entryway decorated for fall with elegant gold accents and blue and white chinoierie.

Thank you for joining me in our fall entryway today! The season just started, but if you’re anythig like me, it feels like it’s been around for a while.

Entryway console table style for fall with a gorgeous gold wreath, ginger jars, gold candleholders and woven baskets.

Part of doing what I do, is planning ahead for the next season, I’m already onto Christmas!

It’s never too early to plan for the holidays!

A fall vignette styled with gold candleholders, blue and white ginger jars and a stunning gold wreath.
Beautifully styled console table with gold candle holders and ginger jars, styled along with accents - baskets, decorative box and book, finished with a gorgeous god wreath above.

That said, as I mentioned above, the star of my fall entryway this year, is an existing Christmas wreath I’ve have for a few years now.

Amazing how you can repurpose anything with a little creative thinking!

Entryway console table decorated for fall with a symmetrical display of gold candle holders, ginger jars, books, and basket, with a beautiful gold wreath above.

I think this sets a stunning scene and tone for our fall home this year, as you enter into our fall entryway…

Rich colors and pattern, natural textures and elegant gold touches.

Fall decorating using a beautiful gold wreath, gold candleholders and blue and white ginger jars.

You’l recognize this wreath (I actually have two!) from a few holiday posts…click the links below to see how I’ve styled them.

Elegant fall entryway table decorated with a beautiful gold wreath, gold candleholders, blue and white ginger jars, baskets and decorative books and box.

With my love for symmetry, I styled our console table using the wreath as a jumping off point, with more gold accessories to add the perfect compliment.

I’ve had all of these candle holders for so many years and love them all very much.

Gorgeous entryway decorated in beautiful blue and gold, with sophisticated designer pillows, a gold wreath, baskets and ginger jars

A couple of my latest ginger jars, that I found last spring, flank my center candleholder arrangement – you know how much I love my chinoiserie!

Gorgeous entryway decorated for fall with a beautiful gold wreath, blue and white ginger jars, gold candleholders, and elegant pillows.

I added my gorgeous Corneila Navy pillows from Arianna Belle, from last year’s fall living room, they’re a stunning addition to this space this year.

Beautiful and elegant fall entryway styled with a gorgeous gold wreath, blue and white ginger ginger jars, baskets and elegant designer pillows.
Fall entryway table decorated with a gorgeous gold wreath, blue and white ginger jars, gold candleholders, baskets, boxes and books creates an elegant welcome.

Console Table | Rattan Chairs | Pillows | Gold Pendant Light | Rug | Ginger Jar | Gold Candleholders | Square Candle Holder | Baskets | Round Mirror | Gold Wreath | Wallpaper | Decorative Box |

Fall decorated entryway table with a beautiful gold wreath, gold candleholders, ginger jars accented with woven baskets and a blue book and box is simple and elegant.

On the middle and bottom shelves, simplicity is the key to balancing out the fullness of the tabletop.

Entryway table decorated for fall with a chic gold wreath, blue and white ginger jars, gold candleholders, baskets, book and box in timeless blue is a simple take on the season.

A simple stack of one of my favorite art books, a decorative box and another nod to fall with a gold leaf accent adorns the middle shelf.

Beautiful fall entryway decor with gold and blue accessories, a beautiful gold wreath, and woven baskets for a timeless and elegant look.

Finally, a pair of woven baskets on the bottom shelf completes the look!

A gorgeous gold wreath, blue and white ginger jars, gold candleholders, baskets and a simple vignette with a large book, decorative box and a small gold leaf, dresses up a simple and elegant entryway table for fall.

I needed to keep my decor simple, I’m so busy lately and honestly, as much as I love decorating, it can be daunting at times each season!

Take the pressure off, use what you already have in creative ways and keep things simple!

Chic and elegant fall decorated entryway with a beautiful gold wreath, designer pillows, blue and white ginger jars and gold candleholders accented with simple blue accessories and woven baskets.


Gorgeous fall entryway decorating in blue and white and gold with a lush and beautiful gold wreath.
Gorgeous entryway decorated for fall with elegant blue and gold and beautiful gold wreath.

Thank you for taking the time to tour our fall entryway with me today, I hope you found something inspiring! Stay tuned for a fall tablescape and our fall kitchen coming very soon! xo


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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Sally! I can totally relate! It is so much work sometimes and life is getting busier by the day! I love that you’re taking it easy too :) Thank you for reading with me and for your encouraging words! xo

  2. Your entryway looks beautiful and elegant. I personally have decided to do less for Fall and concentrate more on Christmas this year. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and always look forward to seeing your elegant designs.

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