Today I’m sharing our relaxing and calming winter bedroom refresh, with a few new pieces that I found from Walmart Home, it’s the perfect place to relax and recharge. We’ve been cleaning and organizing everything for the last two weeks and it feels soooo good to have things in order around here. There’s just something about a clean slate in January, don’t you think? After the chaos and layers of all the ‘stuff’, a return to simple and calm is what we all love.

Our bedroom was the best place to start with bringing in some calm and we love the results. Keep reading to see how I created the perfect relaxing and calming winter bedroom refresh.

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Calming bedroom decor in soft blue and white. Layers of quilted bedding, throw pillows and pretty accents create a serene bedroom.

I decided it was time for a winter bedroom refresh and sine we’ve been decluttering and organizing around our home, I wanted a clean, restful bedroom to retreat to every night.

There’s nothing like a beautiful, calming space to rest in, and with just a few simple and affordable pieces from Walmart, I was able to achieve the restful and serene space I was looking to create.

Beautiful bed layered with soft blue and white throw pillows and quilted bedding.

I always find amazing, affordable pieces at Walmart Home, no matter what need I’m looking to fill.

From the best kitchen essentials (check out this post from last fall with some fabulous kitchen pieces), to organizing essentials, bedroom essentials, home decor essentials and everything in between, I’m always thrilled with what I find at Walmart.

Beautiful calming bedroom with layers of white bedding, light blue throw pillows, throws, candles and faux flowers.

With my new winter bedroom refresh additions, like our beautiful new quilted bedding, pretty throw pillows, a calming scented candle, simple white vases filled with beautiful faux flowers, and lush throw blankets, our bedroom is now a calm, relaxing space, that helps us to unwind each night and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.


A beautiful layered bed with white quilt, soft blue and white throw pillows, a starburst mirror above the bed and a pretty ginger jar lamp on the bedside dresser.

I wanted our bed to feel like a luxurious, fluffy cloud, so I set out to create layers of beautiful whites paired with the softest blues.

Beautiful layers of white and light blue bedding and pillows on an elegant upholstered bed with nailhead trim.

Our new, clean-lined, quilted bedding is the perfect layer to add to our bed for the winter.

Not too heavy and just light enough to layer in between the sheets and our duvet.

Layers of quilted bedding, white sheets and light blue throw pillows.

The simple, minimal lines of the quilted pillow shams help to keep the look calming and are so pretty layered with all of our pillows.

Layers of quilted bedding, white sheets and light blue throw pillows.

Our existing duvet is folded at the foot of the bed and feels even cozier with the added quilted layer underneath.

Lots of cozy and warm layers feels just like that cloud I was looking for!

A gorgeous layered bed with light blue and quilted white bedding, and a chic white starburst mirror above the bed.



Light blue and white embroidered pillows in a diamond pattern, layered with pretty pale blue pillows styled on an upholstered bed.

The soft shades of blue help to create a serene, ethereal, calming look, layered on our bed.

I found these beautiful blue geometric embroidered throw pillows, and I love how they complement our new quilt and shams with their pretty diamond pattern. I changed the inserts to 20″ feather inserts for a fuller look.

Layers of light blue and white embroidered pillows in a diamond pattern, layered with pretty pale blue linen pillows styled on an upholstered bed.

They’re equally beautiful paired with our light blue linen pillows also.

Layers of pattern and texture in pretty shades of pale blue and soft whites are so luxurious and luxe, but still calming and relaxing too.

Chic throw pillows in a light blue and white diamond pattern, styled with pretty light blue linen pillows and quilted bedding.



Gorgeous winter bedroom decorating with layers of white quilted bedding light blue and white pillows, and a beautiful upholstered bench at the foot of the bed with pretty accessories.

I love to style a collection of beautiful pieces at the foot of our bed. Here, I layered my new finds on our upholstered bench, that help to create the perfect calming bedroom retreat.

Two lush throws, a delicious jasmine scented candle and a classic white vase filled with faux hydrangeas is the perfect vignette in our calming retreat.

I love lighting the jasmine scented candle when I’m reading at night, it helps me unwind and get ready for a restful night’s sleep.

The handled white vase is such a great piece for arranging flowers, but would be great as well used in the kitchen for holding utensils. I always love to find pieces that can serve double duty!

Simple white vase styled with faux hydrangeas is a beautiful bedroom accent.
A chic white tray styled with a white vase filled with faux hydrangeas, a blue and white ginger jar and blue decorated box sit at the foot of the bed.

Of course, a little blue and white thrown in always adds my signature – a pretty ginger jar to complete the look.


Gorgeous and calming winter bedroom decorated with soft layers of white quilted bedding and soft blue throw pillows, with a chic blue upholstered bench at the foot of the bed.

There’s nothing like getting into a cozy, cloud-like bed at the end of a busy day, and waking up in a beautiful, restful space, relaxed and recharged…our little slice of heaven. Thank you so much for reading with me today, I hope you’re inspired to create your own relaxing and calming winter bedroom refresh! You can keep scrolling to shop more fabulous finds from Walmart Home, that I know you’ll love too. xo


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  1. tamaraanka says:

    These are custom made from Martha and Ash!

  2. christine says:

    where did you get the roman shades

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! This was a brand partnership, that is why they are slightly different! Here is a direct affiliate link for you, they’re turned around in the photos, the originals have a ribbon trim – – hope this helps! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  4. Hi! I’m looking for the exact throw pillows behind the diamond ones linked. Your photo’s look much more subtle and pale vs. the ones tagged in products. Stunning room! Thank you!!

  5. Jeanne B. says:

    May I ask where your area rug can be found? It is perfect.

  6. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! THis color is discontinued but very close to BM Lily White!

  7. Love this room. What color is the paint on the walls?

  8. Love the room! Will you please share info about the light fixture? It’s perfect!

  9. tamaraanka says:

    You can do it however you like! We put the molding in first if I remember, but you can paint the walls first if you find that easier – if so, paint your moldings before installing them and then touch them up after where needed. Hope this helps!

  10. Hi, I am very new to DIY…for your walls- did you add the wooden rail/trim piece all the way around first (install with Brad Nailer?) and then paint the walls the light blue above and white beneath. Thanks so much , any additional info or instructions is appreciated

  11. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you! This color is discontinued, but Benjamin Moore Lily White is very close!

  12. That’s beautiful. What paint color is that on he walls.

  13. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Christine! This is older from years ago, but there are similar ones linked in my post at the bottom! Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

  14. Christine Vas says:

    Where is the duvet cover from ?

  15. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Thank you so much! Mine is wood as well! It’s quite old and I painted it. The Walmart one is very similar…I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  16. Love the look!!! Peaceful and beautiful. I especially love the starburst mirror. I looked at the one listed on Walmart and it is wood. I would be very interested in a link to the one on your wall. Gorgeous!!!

  17. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Linda! We love the updates it is so relaxing! Happy New Year!

  18. Linda Rubin says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful and peaceful looking.

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