Our bedroom is small but it certainly packs a big punch when it comes to comfort and coziness. I was going for somewhat of a ‘lux-glam’ feel in here when we chose everything, but it was very important to me to keep it cozy, comfortable and personal. I love to layer prints and textures, even furniture pieces when I can. It adds personality when you curate your items, rather than buying things that match perfectly. Come and have a look at some of the details I’ve incorporated to create the look of our curated bedroom.

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CITRINELIVING CREATE A CURATED BEDROOMWe’ve never been ‘furniture set’ people –  by that, I mean we’ve always bought different pieces and pulled them together for a feel that’s more collected. Don’t get me wrong, sets can be gorgeous – however, I personally prefer to use individual pieces that I truly love, to create that curated bedroom look I’m talking about. It’s also much more affordable to buy pieces as you go, rather than thinking you need to buy complete sets at once. I’ve always tried to be resourceful with my decorating, find ways to refinish a piece or shopping for deals or even items with a minor imperfection. It saves a love of money and can help pull together your personal style!

CITRINELIVING CREATE A CURATED BEDROOMThat being said, I’ve been searching for some new items in here since we moved our bed to this wall – it’s a king and we need small night tables to fit. I’ve had both of these tables for so many years – one is a garage sale find – a sewing table that I painted and added a pretty knob. The other is from from HomeSense. They’re cute and functional, but I would love to have more storage, and I am actually considering a matching pair, which will still fall under that curated look, since they don’t match the dressers.
CITRINELIVING CREATE A CURATED BEDROOMOur Ikea dresser, which doesn’t seem to be available anymore, is actually a great size and very functional, but it’s little big for this wall –  you can see the narrow space I’m left with to walk by – so I’m on the lookout for something new. I’d love a six drawer option, which would be perfect on the wall opposite our bed. CITRINELIVING CREATE A CURATED BEDROOM

Our upholstered bed is fabulous and we love it. It’s deep and luxurious and the tufting and nailhead trim lend that glamorous fee I was after, but also has a masculine vibe which I really like. We love having the wingback style too, it’s enveloping and cozy.

Our bedding is no longer available (I’ve sourced similar bedding for you down below), but I love the rich tile pattern against our streamlined bed. I also love to layer my linens – mixing textures and patterns is a great way to create that curated, collected feel I’m talking about.CITRINELIVING CREATE A CURATED BEDROOM

These lattice pattern garden stools are from HomeSense and are another layer that bring more texture into our bedroom. They also pick up on the texture of the lamps as well, which I love. The lattice lamps continue the pattern play and the all white provides the perfect balance to the deep, rich grey tones throughout our bedroom. They play off of the diamond tufting on the headboard, as well as the sheets and throw pillows.CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom7.jpg


I opted for a small scale geometric pattern for the sheets – I love their contrast against the scale of the shams and duvet. I just received my new custom linen euro shams from Superior Custom Linens. You can find the right ones for your style, they have beautiful ruffled options as well. I wanted a sleek modern look to keep the bed from looking too fussy, and the large 28″ size is very dramatic against our large scale headboard. They’re perfect on our bed!CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom9.jpgCitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom10.jpgMy studded pillows from HomeSense are another study in layering pattern and texture. They’re the perfect addition to the bed and they play off the nailhead detail of the headboard beautifully.CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom11.jpgThe angle in the shot below gives you a good sense of what’s happening in our bedroom with all of the layers and pieces of furniture we have in here. My conch shell lamp on the dresser, mixed in with the hand painted gold mirror and collection of decorative boxes and objects is the perfect little curated and collected mix.CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom12.jpgCitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom15.jpg


Can you see what I mean by a lot furniture in this room? This tufted chair in the corner is a comfy little reading spot. My garden stool is usually outside in the summer, but I like to bring it in here in the winter for a little pop of color. It’s also great for propping my books and heels a little sculptural fashion detail that I love. Another tip for creating that curated bedroom look.CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom13.jpgUsing books to decorate is a great way to add a personal, collected feel to any space. I also love to add candles and curiosities to sprinkle around for added character as well. CitrineLiving-cozy-lux-master-bedrooom14.jpg

I love to use vintage dishes for my jewelry and the pop of chinoiserie and blue and white is always one of my favorite things. Especially mixed with gold – one of my favorite color combos!CitrineLiving-bedside_esssentials.jpgCitrineLiving-bedside_esssentials.jpg


It’s the little details that make a big difference when creating a curated bedroom – why not make them as beautiful as possible? I use saucers all over our home for little things like soaps and trinkets.


You can create a welcoming feeling in your bedroom simply by surrounding yourself with the things you love. Add little luxuries and layer interesting objects. Bring in those books, and layer your patterns and/or textures for visual interest to create a collected and curated bedroom that you will love to spend time in. I hope you found some inspiration today that can help you create a bedroom retreat that you love! Thanks for stopping by and reading today! xo













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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m thrilled you found my post inspirational! I absolutely think both the bedding and adding blue would be great. As a matter of fact, I’ve been looking for blue bedding myself, ha! So something else that’s similar! Thanks again for your feedback and for visiting! Tamara xo

  2. Love every room you have put together. I have a similar bed , with similar paint on walls (tall devereaux from Arhaus). However my wall behind the bed has an high gloss hourglass stencil . Do u think the bedding will clash with the wall ? In addition. Do u think royal blue would work I this bedroom.

    I’m so amazed how similar your design is to my house that I am currently renovating. Def an inspirational home. Thanks

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Please do! Pin away!! I’m so happy to have you here :) xoxo

  4. This room is beyond dreamy, I just had to pin it so I can swoon later

  5. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much, Bree! That means the world to me, my friend! Especially coming from you :) I’m so happy you stopped by to visit! Thank you!! xoxo

  6. Love all of the texture, pattern and layers here, Tamara!! This is such a gorgeous, inviting space you’ve created!! I LOVE it:))

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you! The color should still be available – you can probably find it at the Home Depot or anywhere they carry Ralph Lauren Paint. Good luck!

  8. tamaraanka says:

    Cindy – I can’t thank yo enough for your continuous support – it means so much!! Thank you for always reading and commenting, I truly appreciate it! xoxo

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much! There’s no name for the color on the Structube website, but it is the dark grey version. It’s not light grey :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Cindy Weis says:

    Hi Tamara, another amazing room in your lovely home, it is crisp, elegant and playful, you are so talented and it reflects in all you do. Sweet dreams my friend.

  11. I absolutely love your bed! Do you know what color you purchased it in? In your pictures – it looks like a light grey, is that the same one as the “granite” one?

  12. Thanks for the info! Is that paint colour still available? I purchased the same bed and was planning to paint the walls a slightly lighter grey colour just like in your room! You picked a beautiful shade. Everything looks lovely together! :)

  13. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you, so much, Liz! I appreciate your kind words! The drapes are from Ikea, and I added fabric at the bottom for some contrast :) Always a great trick to make white drape more interesting! Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Tamara xo

  14. tamaraanka says:

    Randi, I’m so glad you did, my friend!! You can visit any time! Your words mean so much, you have no idea! Hop you have a great weekend! Tam xoxo

  15. Tam I had to come check out all of the details in this fabulous right on of yours!!! So well done my friend! I love all of the textures and layers. ❤️

  16. Tamara beautiful room! Thank you for sharing! Where did you get your white curtains? They look great!

  17. tamaraanka says:

    Hi :) The paint color is Washboard by Ralph Lauren Paint. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18. What is the name of the grey wall colour you used?

  19. tamaraanka says:

    I’m so happy you like all the details!! I love that you love it!! xoxo

  20. Tamara patterns are my favorite kind of patterns. Gorgeous bedroom! I loved reading all about those little details!

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