I believe lighting is one of the, if not the most important element to any room. It is the jewellery of your space – the finishing detail that can either make or break the design of your room. I am a huge believer in making a dramatic statement with light fixtures. That doesn’t mean the lighting has to be ornate or over the top – it simply means it should enhance your decor, compliment the style of the the room’s design, and should often be larger in scale than you think it should. Nothing kills a design more than lighting that is too small in scale. Obvisously when I say large scale, it still needs to be in proportion to the size room, but much more often than not, most people tend to choose lighting that is smaller than it should be. That being said, I’ve gathered all of our home’s lighting fixtures in one shopping resource for you. Out of all of the items in our home, our light fixtures are by far, the most asked about pieces, and I’ve finally brought them all to you here! You can also find them under the SHOP tab in the above menu, right here: SHOP MY LIGHTING – in case you don’t remember where to find this post in the future. I hope you find this a helpful tool when you’re looking for lighting inspiration! *Affiliate links are provided in this post for your shopping convenience – see my full disclosure policy here.A roundup of beautiful, statement-making lighting that won't break the bank - from front porch pendants to bathroom sconces - all in one, easy to shop resource!1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Below you can scroll through some images of our lighting fixtures that you may or may have not seen in previous posts, to give you an idea of the scale of these fixtures and how we’ve used them throughout our home. You can click the numbers above to see each light individually and you can also click the thumbnails at the bottom of my post as well! Enjoy and be inspired ;)The shot above from last Fall, showcases our porch lighting beautifully. We changed this light about a year and a half ago, and it truly transformed the front of our home, giving it so much more importance, sophistication and impactful curb appeal. You can see more of our Fall porch here.You’ve seen our entryway makeover quite a lot lately! We recently transformed this space from a darker, more eclectic look, to a bright and airy welcoming entrance for our guests. We added this fixture last year, when we changed our kitchen pendant lighting and brought it over to this space. It suits this room perfectly and I love the statement it makes as you enter from the porch. It used to be all black, but I hand painted it gold to give it a two-toned finish, and the results are fabulous! See more of our entryway hereOur dining room underwent a big transformation two years ago, and I started with this light fixture. Go big or go home is my motto in this room! I love the large scale f the light and I also added the shades to dress it up and give it a more tailored and elegant look. Such an easy thing to do to change up your lighting and very inexpensive! Read more about how I updated some of my fixtures in this post.

From wine barrels to drums, our living room lighting went from rustic elegance to modern chic when we switched out the double chandeliers in this room. We really did love the previous lights, but I was ready to change the look of our space to something a little more tailored and refined. All of these living room shots are from last year’s Spring, Summer and Fall home tours.These drum shades are such a great price and they added just the right amount of chic that I was looking for. I also love the two-tone look, which picks up on our foyer fixture that I painted.

Our latest lighting edition in our kitchen is a huge statement maker! Its industrial vibe brings a cool juxtaposition to our kitchen which has an ‘old-world-meets-new’ look. We used to have a much smaller brass fixture here, which I loved, but we wanted to bring some ‘wow factor’ to make this side of the space more important. I love the results! Below, over the island, we added two pendants, after removing what’s now our entryway light. Adding the second fixture over the island also enhanced the room and makes a much bolder statement, rather than just one single light. Also, notice how all of these lights are two-toned, with brass detail as well.

Our master bedroom fixture was also updated with some shades, the same ones that I used in the dining room. It elevated the look of this piece, and brings in that sophistication I’m always after. Although I would love a slightly larger scale fixture in here, we still love the simple, modern lines of this one. You can see more of my Spring bedroom look here.Classic, italian made, white + navy hotel chic bedding is so gorgeous paired with our organic navy chinoiserie printed duvet and shams from Williams Sonoma Home, for a rich and elegant look in our bedroom.Lastly, our two bathrooms recently both got updates as well, and so did the lighting. I have been in love with brass for such a long time and it’s so nice to finally be able to shop for it so easily now. It’s taken a few years to hit mainstream retailers, but now there are so many available options out there, the possibilities are endless.You can see more of our master bathroom makeover here.And our kids’ bathroom makeover here. Both of these spaces have gotten a whole new look and we love them – especially the way the lighting finishes off each space exactly how I had envisioned.

You can update your existing lights with added shades or paint, and you can easily switch out the lighting in your home without breaking the bank. Most of the lighting updates that we’ve made over the last few years are all very affordable. I hope you found some inspiration and maybe I’ve got the wheels turning in your head! Don’t forget you can shop all of my lighting at the beginning of this post, as well as below. Thanks for stopping by to read with me today! xo

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