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CITRINE_LIVING_WHITE_VASE6I recently participated in an Instagram loop called The White Vase Challenge. I teamed up with a fabulous group of serious creative gurus – some bloggers and some who only post on Instagram. I have met so many talented people through this platform and I’ve made some incredible friendships as well. There is such a plethora of unique ideas and creativity, I find I’m always challenged to push myself further because of this incredible community that I’ve found.

The challenge was to use a white vase, or vessel, of any kind and create an arrangement for display, to celebrate Spring. For my arrangement, I used, my go-to hydrangeas, white roses, artichokes and pears. All of which are faux. I love to use faux and always have. I assembled them in my soup tureen for a casual feel. I wanted it to feel relaxed and approachable. I’m also not the best at floral arranging, so to say I was nervous, is a definite understatement!


Today I’m sharing each participant’s photo that they shared for the loop challenge, which was a surprise to each of us on the night of the reveal. Grab a cup of coffee – I’m sure you will be amazed and surprised, just as I was, at the creative ideas you will gather here! I highly recommend following each person’s blog or IG account – I’m always blown away by each of them! Enjoy!
BLOUNTDESIGNS-WHITE-VASEDeborah, of Blount designs @blountdesigns, is the queen of floral arrangements. Her tablescapes are always magazine worthy, and that is no exaggeration! Her home is immaculate and the ideas that she shares with us on Instagram are forever inspiring. I love how dreamy this image is and her use of glam never disappoints! Please check out her account, you will LOVE every detail of her home!THE-HOUSE-OF SILVER-LINING-WHITE-VASEShana of @thehouseofsilverlining, who also has a fabulous blog, designed this fabulously creative masterpiece all from produce! Can you imagine? I never would have thought of something so unique. The colors are so exuberant and rich! Check out Shana’s blog for the how-to of this stunning arrangement and other tips and decor ideas.tone on toneLoi @loithai, of Tone on Tone antiques, another incredibly talented designer and blogger of, has the most elegant and refined taste. He has even been featured in Martha Stewart Living! This arrangement, which is so simple yet incredibly stunning is beautifully balanced in this image with the vibrant lemons. Look at the layers of texture and all the different shades of cream and white. I love the use of the pitcher as well. Most definitely magazine worthy!!FIGANDTWIGS-WHITE-VASETo call this grand is an understatement. Janice of @figandtwigs is what I call a master floral designer. Look at these wonderful layers of color and texture. I couldn’t even dream up something like this! I’m in love with the scale and the perfect balance of this piece and it sits quite perfectly against her white and black kitchen table! So elegant and majestic!ZDESIGN-WHITE-VASEBree of @zdesignathome, also has a new blog,, make sure you check it out! She has a gorgeous home and her styling and design aesthetic always hit the mark. Look at this gorgeous arrangement and table setting she created. Her attention to detail is incredible. I love her filigree vase that she borrowed from her living room to pull together this brunch themed tablesacpe. Check out her blog for the full tutorial!THE-GRACEHOUSE-WHITE-VASEJennifer of @thegracehouse, another talented blogger – – has a home that is elegant and sophisticated but so welcoming! I just love Jennifer’s classic take on a spring arrangement and I of course adore her blue and white that she styled together with her classic white pitcher. Please make sure to visit Jennifer’s blog for so many inspiring ideas.Dining Room with Floral ArrangementJennifer of @decorgold and, has a truly unique style and her home is just stunning. Jennifer’s approach to design is understated elegance and sophistication richly layered with texture. I would say here arrangement is just that! I love how it literally pops off the image!SPOILEDHOME-WHITE-VASESandi and Shaia of @thespoiledhome are complete rockstars in my opinion. I gasped when I saw how cool this is! Their unconventional approach really wowed me, I never would have thought of this!KELLEYNEN-WHITE-VASEKelley @kelleynan, one of my dear friends, can do no wrong – ever! She has a stunner of a home and such incredible skills when it comes to arrangements. Her tablescapes are always spot on and exquisite – you can see them all on her blog,, along with many other diy’s, deco tips and loads of inspiration.ZEVJOY-WHITE-VASEHow fresh and light is this beautiful image? Annie of @zevjoy has a tutorial about this gorgeous arrangement on her blog, You can get fabulous inspo and diy’s there as well, so make sure to visit! Her take on decorating is fresh and inspiring, you will love what you find!sunny-side-up-white-vase-challengeI love how Erin @erin_sunnysideup added gorgeous punch with these simple tulips. She arranged them in a canister as her vessel – I LOVE it! You can also visit her blog, for amazing tips on organizing (she is the queen!), decor and fashion.OLDSILVERSHED-WHITE-VASESandra @oldsilvershed must have the most amazing home, on Cape Cod. They built it and curated the interior with the most incredible mix of old and new, with styling that is just beyond words! Sandra is a pro – just look at what she used here! This sculptural shell as her vessel for her arrangement is so unique! It reminds me of something you’d find in exotic waters…pure perfection! You must visit Sandra’s Instagram feed, you don’t want to miss it, trust me!RANDIGARETTDESIGN-WHITE- VASERandi @randigarrettdesign has the most romantic and elegant home and feed. Awash with layers of neutrals and French decor, her home is quite something. I love how her classic vase allows this arrangement to dance – the movement is so beautiful! Make sure to visit Randi’s blog,, for her stunning tablescapes, diy’s and decorating tips! She even has her own line of fabric!White Vase Oscar BravoOscar @oscarbravohome is a genius at clean and modern yet curated style. His Instagram account and his blog,, have so many inspiring ideas, you will be so happy you paid him a visit! I love his ability to take an ordinary object and literally treat it as a masterpiece work of art! This arrangement of moss and his white vessel – a classic bowl, serves this beautiful bonsai absolutely perfectly. It makes me want to relax!


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  1. tamaraanka says:

    It was so fun, Kelley! Hope to do it again!

  2. Kelley Nan says:

    This was so much fun! Each is gorgeous!

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Why be embarrassed?! Not at all! It’s Collingwood by Benjamin Moore :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i’m almost embarrassed to ask for this, but could you pls tell me the wall paint color in the picture of the “White Vase Challenge.” Thank you.

  5. tamaraanka says:

    You’re so welcome, Oscar! I looooooved yours so much! It was such a blast wasn’t it? Thanks for stopping by! xo

  6. Thanks for the kind words my friend! This was soooo fun to do with you! ?

  7. tamaraanka says:

    Hello, Loi! I’m so happy you stopped by! You know how much I admire you, my friend!! I’m happy to have been a part of this with you! xo

  8. Hello, my friend! So fun joining you and the others on this challenge. Enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you, Tamara, for the share and link. And for your kind words.
    Happy spring!

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Kelley, I’m so glad to have been able to do this challenge with you as well as this talented group! I’m thrilled you like this post! xoxo

  10. Tam, I LOVED your creative take and am thrilled with the result of the challenge. So much gorgeousness! Your thoughtful words about each participant is spot on. Thank you so much!! xoxo

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