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CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOWelcome to CitrineLiving and the Bloggers Patio Party Tour, hosted by Kathleen of Lindsay Hill Interiors! If you’re new to my blog and arriving from Shauna’s home of The House of Silver Lining, I’m thrilled to have you here, welcome! If you follow along with me regularly, I’m always happy to have you here! Today, for the Patio Party, I’m sharing a casual and intimate setting, perfect for summer entertaining for two.IMG_5467If you’re like my husband and I, life is full of running around for kids’ activities and family functions. We don’t get a lot of time alone and it’s so important to find it. Even if it’s just an hour or two! Now that our kids are older and a little more independent, we’re just starting to find moments here and there where we can steal some alone time. CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOI’m focusing on our gazebo – where we love to relax and lounge on lazy summer days. I’ve prepared a light snack, where we can enjoy the fresh taste of summer and sip some wine while doing nothing but enjoying adult conversation. There was a time before having kids when this was a regular occasion – which was quite a long time ago! This is so simple to pull together in minutes and a such treat to have a table set, even if it’s just ourselves, taking a few extra minutes is worth it and creates a more indulgent experience. I’m all about the experience and rather than set the dining table where we wouldn’t be as relaxed, the idea of lounging and eating is the ultimate luxury in my mind. So, my idea was to create the feeling of being away and having everything you need for a full sensory experience. We don’t do it enough and you know what? I’m going to start doing this more often, it’s such a treat!
CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOI used a simple piece of fabric to throw over the coffee table – I wanted to add a layer of casual elegance as a backdrop for pattern and color.CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOMusic, candles and fresh hydrangeas from the garden add an intimate element, even if it’s just for a midday snack.CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOI decanted the wine, which is not something I often do. Again, because I wanted this to feel as though we were away, somewhere else and not at home. It’s these little details that always make the difference.CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOCITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOUsing some of my favorite blue and white pieces as I usually do, I mixed them together with my white and silver china to bring in another visual layer. I love always love to add some exotic flare to bring in an unexpected element. I’m all about layering tablescapes! You can read about how I like to achieve this look on all of my different tables, above in the menu, Tablescapes. One of my recent favorites for the season is my beach inspired table, that can also be pulled together in minutes for easy and relaxed entertaining.CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOCITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWORustic mixed with elegance is perfect for outdoor tables – it’s casual yet sophisticated at the same time. This table is so easy to assemble and take down afterward as well – which leaves us more time to spend together. CITRINELIVING : SUMMER ENTERTAINING FOR TWOI wanted to share a simple plate that you can always use for entertaining or when it’s just you! An easy, five minute take on Caprese salad. I always have these ingredients on hand to throw this staple together, it’s a favorite of ours and everyone loves it.



Fresh, vine-ripe tomatoes and bocconcini cheese, halved and quartered, roughly chopped basil from the garden ((I actually tear it up, it’s faster!), drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with salt and cracked pepper. Sometimes I’ll also drizzle the plate with an aged balsamic vinegar as well. How easy is that?! Enjoy it with some thin, crispy whole grain crackers and you’re set for the perfect afternoon or evening snack.


Summer-Patio-EntertainingI hope you can go and find an hour or two to create an intimate and relaxing getaway retreat for you and your loved one! Don’t forget the candles and music to set the stage. Most of all, take the time to enjoy a little luxury like this and recharge. It does wonders for the soul!


Please make sure to visit Haneen of Haneen’s Haventhe next stop on the tour – you can also see all participating bloggers, listed below. Thank you so much for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration today!

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Cindy, I am beyond thrilled to hear about your news! Wooohoo, things are really looking up for you! I hope your evening was fabulous and that you were able to create exactly what you wanted – I couldn’t be happier that you found some inspiration! xoxo

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Kelley, thank you! You know I love my patterns and the fact that you can appreciate it makes me so happy :) Love you! xo

  3. tamaraanka says:

    If only date night could be every night haha! Thank you so much, Jen, it means the world to me coming from you! xoxo

  4. tamaraanka says:

    Bree, thank you so much! We really need to make sure to take me time for ourselves! I appreciate your kind words so much! I always enjoy doing these tours with you! xox

  5. Tam! What a perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine for date night with your hubby!! Every little detail is just perfect as I knew it would be:). You are such a talent at decorating the inside AND the outside of your lovely home!! Have also really enjoyed doing this fund tour with you my sweet friend:))

  6. So beautiful Tam! What a perfect date night setting! I’ve loved your gazebo since the first moment I saw it and with the backdrop of those stunning tree, I’m pretty sure there is not a more perfect spot!

  7. Tam, your outdoor space is incredible. Each detail is so thoughtful and I love that you continue your fearless pattern mixing outdoors too; the result is stunning! You are so very good, my friend. xoxo

  8. Cindy Weis says:

    Hi Tamara, I should have known the outside would be as beautiful as the inside of your home! perfect spot for relaxing, entertaining and just enjoying. We are actually having a small group of company this weekend to see my husband for the first time since his accident, I love the ideas (and actually my home also has a very wooded setting just as yours does), and I always love to pull in colors with my pillows and table settings, I love the ideas and I am going to “steal a few ideas” for this Saturday. so excited to actually have company it has been so long since we have had anyone over, but everything is looking up for my husband (finally), so we are going to enjoy it! Have a great weekend.

  9. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much for having me, Kathleen! It’s always a pleasure and an honour to be part of your amazing and inspiring tours! xoxo

  10. Tam – I LOVE this gorgeous space! How fun it must be to have this pretty oasis right in your backyard! Thanks so much for participating on the tour – always love your inspiring spaces!


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