Last week, I shared my first spring decorating post, our master bedroom (read it here if you missed it), where I incorporated some of my favorite go-to styling tips that I often use throughout the year. Today I’m sharing my simple spring styling tips – very similar tricks that I’ve been using to infuse our home with spring. We’re still in a deep-freeze here in Canada, but I’m getting a head start on channeling the warmer temps inside, because I am so ready! I know many of you are as well, so I wanted to give you some closeup sneak peeks of some of the styling I’m working on, and what pieces I’m using to bring on the spring vibes. Stay tuned for more spring decorated spaces in the coming weeks and I’ll be debuting our new living room lighting as well – wait until you see how it will look! If you missed last week’s Weekend Favorites, you can see them here. We’ll be installing them this weekend, and I can’t wait to share them here! For now, you can get a little glimpse at my spring decor and how I’ll be pulling it all together.

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It’s no secret I love both faux florals and blue and white. You’ll be seeing a lot of both throughout our home this spring. I always find one of the easiest ways to spruce up my decor and infuse a new season into our home is with faux florals. Of course, I love fresh florals just as much, and I’ll always love a beautiful bouquet arranged somewhere in our home. What I love most about faux florals however, are the available options, especially at this time of year when the fresh florals are very limited (where I live anyway!). I certainly can’t go cut any from outside right now! I always love investing in faux because they last for years and it’s so simple to inject a new feel into any room with them. Kick off the season with these simple spring styling tips that anyone can use! From pretty faux florals to gorgeous pops of color, get the look you'll love!I found these gorgeous spring blossoms at Michael’s (I have similar ones linked further down), and I just love the softness they bring to this space. I absolutely love them arranged in my blue and white vases – so classic and chic!Kick off the season with these simple spring styling tips that anyone can use! From pretty faux florals to gorgeous pops of color, get the look you'll love!Last week in my bedroom post, you saw plenty of these blue hydrangeas that I am crushing on in a major way. I went out and bought some more because I just love the vibrant pop of blue they provide around our home, and they look so real.Kick off the season with these simple spring styling tips that anyone can use! From pretty faux florals to gorgeous pops of color, get the look you'll love!They’re gorgeous in a glass vase and a blue and white ginger jar of course. I think I may opt for a white vase instead of the glass, believe it or not, such a simple staple is not part of my repertoire, so I think it’s time I found one. I’m not particularly loving the look of these stems (not all faux stems are created equal!), so I’m on the hunt for a simple white container.


Of course, blue and white is always prevalent in our home, any time of the year, but I always love to amp it up in the springtime to infuse color throughout. I always love the happy feeling it brings to any space I use it in. I used it everywhere in our home last spring (shown below), with punchy doses of yellow, for a vibrant, cheery feeling that I loved. Click here to see more and get inspired!You’ll be seeing a lot of it again this year, but I’ve decided to keep my color palette a little more fresh and crisp. I’m keeping it mostly blue and white, infused with some brass touches, one of my go-to combos any time of year. With our new white sofas and brass lighting in the living room, and our newly updated dining room, I think it will be a refreshing take on the season.Vases, bowls, dishes, small and large ginger jars alike, I love to prop them on books and arrange them with other accents like coral and candleholders.I will forever be in love with a blue, white and brass combination – something about it speaks to me – I love the pairing of warm and cool tones together.My champagne buckets (I have two of these) with their natural woven handle provide that same warm-cool mix, and I love it paired together with a coral sculpture. I can feel the warm spring air already ;)


Speaking of coral sculptures, I shared how I used them in last week’s bedroom post, and it’s always a no-fail accessory in our home, any time of the year. I won’t use as many in the fall and winter, but I definitely bring them all out for spring and summer. I’m building my collection of these gorgeous curiosities – their sculptural detailing is always so beautiful and always makes the perfect topper for any vignette.I love the different textures you get with coral, and their movement is always so beautiful. I have a real love for coastal interiors and these obviously bring that feel to our home. They’re always a classic accessory you can’t go wrong with – they’re timeless and they suit any style of decor as well, which makes them the perfect piece to collect.


I have a plethora of decorative accessories that I’ve collected over the years, which are always on rotation in our home. As so many of you already know, I use many of the same pieces in different rooms, for different vignettes, through different seasons. I keep my extra ‘inventory’ in our basement, I have quite a few shelves stacked with pillows, faux florals, vases, bowls, you name it. Kick off the season with these simple spring styling tips that anyone can use! From pretty faux florals to gorgeous pops of color, get the look you'll love!Design books, decorative boxes, pretty trinket dishes, trays – all staples in my collection that I use throughout our home, year-round. Books are always a fabulous way to inject color, and sometimes I like to remove the jackets for a cleaner look.Glass and metallic accents are crisp and cool and are a great way to provide some relief from strong doses of color. The blue hydrangeas are punchy and vibrant and I want to compliment them, not compete with them.Little additions of coordinated color, like a beautiful magazine cover are often incorporated into my mix as well. It’s an affordable way to decorate, so why not?!I always pick up a few new pieces like pillow covers and florals, maybe a decorative item or two, like these beautiful white candleholders I picked up at a local retailer. When I add to my collection, it’s always based on pieces that I know will last through the years, and send the test of time. Keep that in mind when you’re searching for accessories. Buy pieces you love and that resonate with you, but always think of how you will be able to reuse them later. I’ve made the mistake a few times of spending on trendy items that I use one season and never go back to them!


I am a self-proclaimed pillow hoarder! I have so many different styles, I think I’m ready to open a store haha. Seriously though, I truly love to collect them and I am always switching from room to room, season to season. Buy only the covers, they take up less room and are much easier to store. I shared my new pillows for the living room in last week’s post (here it is again), and they just arrived last night – they’re gorgeous and will be so pretty with all of my spring accents – stay tuned!Here are a few of my favorites you’ve seen around here on repeat. I say this time and time again – you don’t have to break the bank when you’re decorating for a new season. SHOP YOUR HOME! It’s as simple as that. Move things around from room to room and try them with different pieces. You truly can get an entirely new look that way. Thank you for reading with me today! I always love to have you here. Stay tuned for all of my spring decorated spaces coming very soon! We’ll be busy bees installing our new living room lighting and I am so excited to share it all with you very soon! Happy weekend, my friends and happy spring decorating! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you so much Erica! It’s very true, they are hard to find! I get many from Michael’s and also HomeSense (HomeGoods) – I hope that helps!

  2. Erica Lindlau says:

    Love all your ideas. Where did you get your faux flowers – nice ones are hard to find.

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Jill! That makes me so happy to hear! I love it when I know I’ve helped someone! Decorating should be fun! Good luck with your spring styling and thank you for reading with me! xo

  4. Thank you for all the beautiful images I can “attempt “ to replicate with my blue and white ceramics. I seem to have a difficult time making a cohesive vignette but you have provided a lot of great ideas. I recently purchased two pieces of faux coral and I’m looking forward to incorporating them with my blue & white.

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