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The weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous! It’s pretty unusual to have the heat we’ve been having in May, and I’ll tell you, we have been soaking it all up! It’s been glorious and I’m convinced that moving south to enjoy the sun year round is just what I need! It inspired me to do a little restyling on our back deck – what I like to call our outdoor living room. 

We have some updates planned for this space and our patio as well, and I’m so excited to see it all come together. I’ll hopefully be sharing that reveal sometime next month (keep an eye open for an update product post soon!) – a lot of our new pieces are in transit as we speak ;)

For now, I’m sharing some outdoor living room decorating and styling tips to help you create a luxurious, indoors-out feel in your backyard. Come out with me and take a look!

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Outdoor living room with beautifully furnished gazebo decorated with garden stools, lanterns, ginger jars and pillows.

If you’re new to my blog, you may want to see when we first revealed our backyard patio makeover (click here) – it went from a nice space, to a gorgeous one, and by adding this deck, it helped to create much needed extra living space in our yard.

Welcome to our outdoor living room that is like an oasis for us. We live out here all summer long – which only lasts a few months, up north where we live.

The first thing I did was pile up the pillows – these are all older, but stay tuned for new ones, similar ones are linked below. I love pillows to create a welcoming space – outdoors is no different! Layer them for comfort and mix those patterns!

I used a beautiful blue oversized turkish towel to throw over the fire table – there’s a lot of dark elements in here and I’m very eager to bring in some brightness!

I’m thinking of painting the table and even the furniture – I know that sounds a little crazy (ask my hubby, he’ll tell you!), but I just might brave it…but, admittedly I’m still on the fence.

If you know me well, you know ginger jars are some of my absolute favorite things. These simple white jars are the perfect addition to help brighten up our outdoor living room.

They add character and always make a statement, and of course, they bring the indoors out.

We’re also adding sheer white curtain panels and a blue patterned rug in this outdoor living room, and I’m so excited to see the result. I think it will really help this space come to life.

We’re adding new blue and beige striped rugs to the patio as well, new white planers for our palms, and a few new pieces of furniture too. It’s going to be so gorgeous!


I also ordered two outdoor woven poufs from a local retailer, and they are super cute! I only had one when I shot this the other day, but they look so good together side by side in front of the fire table where the stools are – can’t wait to show you that too! 

Oh, and try to ignore my poor palm – I don’t know why, but this guy above is drying out a bit – I think a little too much heat, but I have a black thumb so I really don’t know haha. But please look at my cute pots with new guinea impatiens and coleus  – the colors are gorgeous! They’re pretty indestructible so I think they should be ok!

We’re surrounded by woods here where we live, and all kinds of green foliage. When it all comes to full bloom, it’s the most peaceful and relaxing outdoor living space.

Another favorite thing of mine that I have in large supply are ceramic garden stools. Indoors or out, they’re a great accessory for seating, tables or styling. I have an addiction and have them all over our home. They’re perfect for an outdoor living room and if you don’t have any you need some! My cute little woven lanterns bring in warmth and lighten things up as well. I love to add layers of lanterns sprinkled around out here also to add interest and texture.

Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and patterns together! It adds visual interest and warmth to any space – and an outdoor living room is the perfect place to experiment.Thank you so much for visiting today and taking the time to read about our outdoor living room! I can’t wait for you to come back and see the updates that we’re adding to freshen things up. Stay tuned! xo

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  1. Can you tell me where I can buy the gazebo in you backyard makeover. Thank you

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Jacqueline! Thanks so much for reading with me and I’m so grateful you’re here! That’s such a great question – there’s no doubt a lot of my shots are styled to tell a story, I won’t always leave things as they are in my shots, but the idea is to inspire you to create something beautiful! When I’m entertaining I’ll make sure the table is arranged so people can eat and drink – I might use one jar with flowers in the center, with food and plates surrounding it, for example. As for pillows, they end up where they end up! If someone wants to move some out of the way and put them on the floor that’s fine! I hope that helps! Thank you again for reading with me! xox

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hi there! I only follow a few decorative blogs & yours is one of them:! Otherwise, I’d be reading all day! I have a question…I often set the stage with pillows & beautiful accessories. The space looks gorgeous when no one is actually there. What do you do with the pillows when family/guests want to sit & what do you do with the ginger jars/vases, etc when people need to set down their drink, an appetizer plate, or I want to put out a few appetizers? etc?

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