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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I have, just little bit, and as each day passes, I start to get a little more nervous – I know I’d better focus and get my shopping game on fast! Usually by now I’m at least half way finished, and it seems that November just came out of nowhere, didn’t it? In fact, it feels as though this whole year just flew right by. I’ve always wondered why each year feels as though it passes faster than the last, I could never figure that one out. If you’re looking for some gift ideas for your friends, moms, sisters, daughters, I’ve rounded up some fabulous pretties for those special girls and women in our lives with ideas for Holiday Gifts for Her. Or maybe you even buy your own gifts?! I know I do (it makes everyone happy!), and I’m most definitely coveting some of these very cute finds. Whether you’re looking for something a little preppy, or something with a bit of edge, I know you won’t be able to resist at least one thing, even if you are buying for yourself! Happy gift giving!

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*Affiliate links are used as sources for some of my favorite items. These are either the same as the items featured in this post, or are similar options for your shopping convenience.

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  1. I always like to kick off the season with a gift or two to myself. Great picks.

  2. Thank you so much Tam! these are fabulous!! … xox izab

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