Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s almost mid-June and Father’s Day is next weekend already. Seriously, where does the time go? I’ve been so wrapped up in life!! End of school activities, end of year dance shows, dance auditions, kids exams, driving them everywhere, trying to decorate the house for summer so I can share it with you, prepping for a fun blogging event I’ll be traveling to next week (I’ll be sharing that here soon!), our daughter’s birthday, and here we are and Father’s Day is next weekend, and then my hubby’s birthday…in light of being crazy busy, which I’m sure you are too, I’ve gathered some fun Father’s Day gift ideas I think you’ll really love. I’ll be honest – many of these are things Neil, my hubby will love, he’s got pretty cool taste, so I think you’ll like them too! Happy weekend my friends, and I hope your lives are a little less busy than mine! xo

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  1. My hubby loves his scotch and loves to try different kinds. He especially loves to treat our friends and family when they come over and I know this monogrammed decanter set would be a huge hit! I love the idea of that old-world way to celebrate a classic drink, and he does too!
  2. Cuff links are one of those special gifts that I think any man would love. Something to collect and bring out for those special occasions. Neil has a few that he’s collected over the years and it’s such a great keepsake that can be passed down. I love the black and silver combo of these very chic and masculine ones.
  3. Classic belts never go out of style and I love the simple, clean look of this burnished brown leather belt – such a great look with matching shoes and a navy suit!
  4. We love to grill and Neil is in constant pursuit of serving the perfectly grilled steak, although I have to say he truly has perfected it! This monogrammed serving board is exactly what he needs – we don’t have one with an edge like this and we need one, because slicing up a juicy steak is messy!
  5. Ok – I love a man with a dapper pocket square and tie! Love the classic paisley print of this one, and I’m seeing it with that same navy suit!
  6. I think a man who wears cologne shows a lot of confidence – I haven’t smelled this Dior eau de perfum yet, but the bottle is beautiful and I’m actually in the process of trying to find a great scent for Neil. I thought I’d throw this into the mix for you!
  7. I love this classic pullover that can go with denim or casual pants – this one is easy and can go with so many different looks so easily. And I love the color too!
  8. Well-kept shoes say a lot about a man! I know Neil would love this deluxe shoe care kit, especially since it comes in this beautiful cedar box – honestly, we go through a lot of shoe polish in this house and this one is ideal!
  9. I know these are a splurge, but how awesome are these audio sunglasses? Neil would love them, and anything by Bose is a win for sure.
  10. The perfect navy tie to match that packet square – it comes in tons of other colors and is a fantastic price.
  11. Neil must have about 12 watches and his collection is still growing. He loves to fix old watches, collect new ones, customize the straps, you name it. He truly can’t have enough and I’m loving the caramel color of this one.
  12. Everyone needs a sneaker collection. Neil dresses pretty casual for work – his office is very casual so he sports jeans and sneakers daily. I love these classic black and white addidas, it goes everywhere and with everything.
  13. Last but definitely not least – I think out of all of these, this might be something Neil would love the most. He’s one of those men who keeps a pocket knife, just like his father did. In fact, he uses his dad’s old one. Even our son Liam has one too (don’t worry he doesn’t carry it around!). I love this wood one since it’s multi-use and of course, anything monogrammed is that much more special.


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