I couldn’t be more excited –  we just purchased our very first espresso machine! Something we’ve been coveting for years and we finally have this gourmet addition in our kitchen. Today I’m sharing all about our Certified Refurbished Breville Barista Express from eBay.ca.

We love that we finally have one of these in our kitchen! Keep reading to see more of our beautiful new espresso machine and the perks of shopping for Certified Refurbished on eBay.ca.

It’s not used, it’s not new. It’s Certified Refurbished.

I’d like to thank  eBay.ca – although I’ve received monetary compensation for this post, all opinions and reviews are my own. Affiliate links are provided – see my full disclosure policy here. Certified Refurbished products, now available at eBay.ca, are like-new products, in pristine condition, repackaged by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor – at very affordable prices.

Shopping for our Certified Refurbished product was simple, fast and efficient. Anyone who knows me well, knows I like efficiency!

Our gorgeous Certified Refurbished Breville Barista Express arrived within two days of ordering online and I was thrilled it came much sooner than it was supposed to.

This was my first Certified Refurbished purchase and I’m very happy to report there’s no way you’d ever know this was not a brand new item.

Everything came included in the box, perfectly packaged, just as any new product would be.Even better, buying our Certified Refurbished Breville Barista Express saved us a lot of money – priced $200-$300 less than a brand-new machine, this was a deal too good to pass up!

Certified Refurbished products are up to 40% off like-new products and come with a two-year warranty, plus free shipping. 

We almost chose this Breville Infuser machine, which is as beautiful, a little lower in price,  and uses already ground coffee, versus ours that has a grinder.

We decided fresh ground coffee was what we wanted instead…isn’t this machine just beautiful? 

Some exciting news! Shop before April 17th and receive a 20% discount on your next purchase:

Make a Certified Refurbished purchase on eBay.ca by April 17th, 2021 and receive a coupon code for 20% off your next Certified Refurbished item (max $200 discount), valid through end of June 2021. Use code PROMISECR. Your new 20% coupon code will be sent via onsite and email and will be issued by April 26th.

This really is quite the gourmet machine and since this is new territory for us, it took a few tries to get our coffees just right….we started with café lattés. So delish!

I like to start with the steamed milk first, so it’s as hot as possible when I’m ready to pour it in.I love steaming the milk! So delicious and frothy.

The steam is very hot and the milk jug can get hot also, so you need to be very careful.

It’s important to try different settings with the grind amount and grind size to get your coffee just right.

We’ve been experimenting every day since our Breville Barista Express arrived.


I like my lattés on the mild side, with a nice amount of froth on top.

Next on my list is learning how to make those cute little latté art hearts…for now, a pretty swirl will have to do!I can most definitely get used to having this every morning.Here are some other Certified Refurbished Breville products I’m eying next:

We’re so happy with our Certified Refurbished Breville Barista Express, and even happier we were able to get it for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.
Thank you for joining me today and reading all about our Certified Refurbished Breville Barista Express from eBay.ca, I hope you enjoyed learning with me! Scroll down to shop more Certified Refurbished products! Happy Shopping! xo

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