I’m so excited to be sharing my first Christmas decorating post this year! Can you believe how close the holidays are? We’re SO eager for the festivities to begin in our home, especially with our new gorgeous blue and gold Christmas tree and garland. They’re both absolutely stunning, decorated with all new blue and gold Christmas ornaments that are just exquisite – I couldn’t love them more!

I’ve partnered with Balsam Hill this year, to bring you what I think is our most gorgeous Christmas decor yet! I truly love it all so much and I think you will too. The fun part is I’ve teamed up with two of my favorite people and blogging friends – Bree, from ZDesign At Home and Jennifer, from Decor Gold Designs, to bring you our fabulous Christmas tree tour – just wait until you see their spectacular trees and decor.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

This post is sponsored by Balsam Hill, and although I’ve been gifted products in exchange for writing this post, all opinions and reviews are my own. Affiliate links are provided throughout this post – see my full disclosure policy here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Gorgeous Christmas tree with LED lights, decorated in timeless blue and gold ornaments and ribbon.


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This year, I went back to my favorite colors, blue, white and gold, and I’m in love with how these colors look on our gorgeous, new 9 foot Silverado Slim Christmas tree with Ultra Bright Micro Clear LED lights.

If you’ve been reading with me for a few years, you’re probably used to seeing a flocked tree in our home! Last year’s blue and red Christmas tree was such a fun color palette!

Gorgeous Christmas tree with LED lights, decorated in timeless blue and gold ornaments and ribbon.

This year, I chose this stunning and very natural looking green tree. Our new Silverado Slim Christmas tree could not be more beautiful – it is like a magical Christmas wonderland in our home.

This LED Christmas tree has 8000 (yes, 8000!) micro LED lights and they are truly something to marvel at. We were all so blown away when we first put it up…it’s so spectacular!

I love the slender lines of this tree, at 9 feet tall and 50 inches wide, it fits perfectly in our modestly sized living room.

Classic blue and gold decorated Christmas tree.

Bringing back my favorite blue and gold color palette feels so right in our home, in case you didn’t know, blue happens to be my favorite color!

When I found these classic and elegant Biltmore Legacy Sapphire & Gold ornaments, I knew I had to have them.

Gorgeous blue and gold decorated Christmas tree with white gift boxes tied with beautiful ribbons.

Seriously, these were made for me. So many stunning details in these beautifully hand-painted works of art, these are ornaments to last a lifetime and hand down to your children.

Speaking of kids, I’m always so excited to hear what our kids think of our tree each year, and they just love how this tree turned out!

Christmas decorating is a big deal in our home and hearing how much our teenagers love our blue and gold Christmas tree and garland, makes my heart sing.

Elegant 9 foot slim Christmas tree decorated in gorgeous blue and gold decorations, ribbon and tree picks.

I have a deep affection for blue and gold Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree; they bring a touch of elegance and enchantment to the holiday season.

I used two, 35-piece sets of the Sapphire & Gold ornaments and combined them with one, 35 piece set of Biltmore Legacy ornaments in gold and pearl tones to decorate both our tree and garland.

They’re all so beautiful, our living room feels so mystical!

A closeup view of a gorgeous blue, white and gold decorated Christmas tree with LED lights.

I decorated our blue and gold Christmas tree with these three sets, combined with some of my existing blue and white ornaments.

I also used some other favorites that I’ve had from Balsam Hill for a few years now, in gorgeous silver and gold.

Living room shelves decorated for Christmas with blue, white and gold accents, anelegantly decorated gold and blue Christmas tree stands to the right.


Add a touch of charm to your Christmas decor with a festive Reindeer Figurine, capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

All of the detail in these gorgeous, hand-painted glass ornaments is quite incredible. 

Elegant, grand, timeless…so much to love in these pieces! 

Gorgeous blue and gold Christmas ornaments.
Beautiful blue and gold Christmas decorations and ribbon.

I also decorated our tree with one set each of the Biltmore Legacy Glass Finial Set (one of the finials is hanging on the garland) and the Biltmore Legacy Glass Jumbo Ball Set.

Elegant gold and blue Christmas ornaments and ribbon on a gorgeous faux Christmas tree with LED lights.

Anyone who knows me, knows my blue and white Chinoiserie is a mainstay in our home, and all of our new Christmas decor is the perfect compliment to our home’s blue, white and gold color palette. 

A sophisticated blue and gold decorated faux Christmas tree with LED lights, stands in from of beautifully decorated bookshelves.
A gorgeous glimpse of a Christmas decorated living room - bookshelves with blue and gold Christmas decor, a faux green garland and Christmas tree adorned with blue and gold ribbon, picks and ornaments.
Stunning pre-lit gold and blue decorated Christmas tree standing in front of simply decorated bookshelves for Christmas.


Elevate your Christmas tree with a vertical ribbon cascade style. Start by taking a wired ribbon and creating cascading folds, starting from the top of the tree, to achieve a mesmerizing effect. As you work your way down, securely tuck the ribbon into the inner branches for a seamless look. To add a touch of sophistication, trim the ribbon ends into a fishtail shape or roll them up for an elegant finish.


Shop the items you’ll need to deck your halls with festive cheer!

I used a combination of four different types of ribbon, all in blue and gold as well, and I added a combination of frosted blueberry picks and gold leaf picks as well.

I just love this elegant and beautiful tree adorned with hints of blue Christmas decor and enchanting blue decorations for the Christmas tree. It perfectly captures my fondness for the serene and captivating allure of blue, and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out with all of our new ornaments and decorations!

A closeup of a gorgeous blue and gold decorated faux Christmas tree with LED lights.
Gorgeous blue and gold Christmas tree, garland and bookshelves.

Something that will be so exciting for my Canadian readers, is that Balsam Hill now ships to Canada! I was so thrilled when I found this out! With very easy cross-border shipping, you can also indulge their stunning pieces! Visit the Canadian Balsam Hill website and Canadian shipping page to find out more.


Christmas mantel decorated with faux green garlands, blue and gold ornaments and ribbon with gold and ivory beaded stockings. Blue and white chinoiserie vases with green topiary balls sit at each end of the garland on the mantel.

Let’s talk about our beautiful and elegant new garland…

I usually have a flocked garland, although in last year’s Christmas living room I added greenery to change it up a little.

A stunning blue and gold decorated Christmas garland, hung in a swag for an elegant and classic look.

This year, I went all green and am loving it so much! I chose the 10′ BH Balsam Fir Garland 2-pack, the second garland is in our Christmas entryway and it is a stunner! 


The greenery is so elegant and has a much more traditional look and feel. It’s just perfect on our mantel.

Blue and white chinoiserie vase with green frosted topiary ball sits on a mantel above a gorgeous green garland decorated with blue and gold.


Add artistic and unique charm to your home for the holidays with these gorgeous handcrafted trees.

More of my stunning new Biltmore ornaments adorn this beautifully swagged garland, along with the same ribbon and picks.

Gorgeous blue, white and gold Christmas decorations.
Stunning blue, white an gold Christmas decorations on a green garland with blue velvet ribbon.
Blue and gold hand-painted Christmas ornament hangs on a green garland with other blue and gold ornaments and ribbon.

The details are truly amazing on each and every one of these decorations, and they’re just beautiful styled with our shelves.

Christmas garland beautifully decorated with blue and gold ornaments.
Bookshelf decorated for Christmas with simple blue white and gold decor - ceramic Christmas trees with gold edging gold reindeer and ginger jars.


Holiday decorated mantel with swagged green garland decorated in gorgeous blue and gold decorations and ribbon.


I love the elegance this garland brings to our mantel, it’s such a joy to look at every night when we sit and relax in our living room. The lights, the colors and the stunning decorations are truly so beautiful.


Gorgeous Christmas tree and garland decorated in elegant and timeless blue and gold ornaments and ribbon.
Gorgeous Christmas tree and garland decorated in elegant and timeless blue and gold ornaments and ribbon.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of our gorgeous Balsam Hill Silverado Slim tree with the lights off, so you can see just how beautiful these ornaments are either way!


I couldn’t leave you without sharing a couple of nighttime shots of our tree…it’s so enchanting! Our entire room glows in the light of this magnificent tree.

A magical nighttime view of a Christmas tree dressed in blue and gold.
A stunning nighttime view of a blue and gold decorated Christmas tree.


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Thank you so much for stopping by to read with me today! I hope you love our magical Christmas tree and garland, and I truly hope you’re inspired for the season! Don’t forget to stop over to see my fabulous friends and their stunning Christmas tree tours as well, you will LOVE them both! Stay tuned for more Christmas posts coming next week. Happy decorating! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Bree thank you so much mu dear friend! I loved your gorgeous tree and decor and always love to tour with you too! xox

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you Sally! I am truly so flattered! For my tree I cut 30″ pieces of ribbon and four different kinds – I don’t know the total yardage, but I spaced them evenly around the tree, filling in the gaps. For the the garland I did the same thing and arranged them symmetrically. I hope that helps and thank you so much for using our tree for inspiration!! Happy decorating! xo

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