Citrine_Living_Diningroom_1Since I’ve been blogging A LOT lately about our dining room, it made me realize that the time has finally come to stop browsing and buy a new chandelier for this space. Our dining room capiz chandelier is temporary – and has been for six years! It’s not the only fixture I’ve been wanting to change either. We installed many of our lighting fixtures throughout our home as placeholders, firstly because we had planned to sell our house within a year and secondly, since that didn’t happen, I was waiting until I found the right ones that I really love – and that fit our budget, of course. Our current one in here is much too small as you can see and it will be going very soon. It also does not give off enough light – it’s only a maximum of 60 watts, with a single bulb, so sometimes that just doesn’t cut it! I just need to bite the bullet and buy one. It’s funny how sometimes we wait so long pining over the things we love but really, timing is everything and I believe the right things come along when they’re suppose to!

I have a pretty good idea of what I’d like. Here are my wishlist factors :

1 – MUST BE BRASS That’s a given. I want it warm and sophisticated and current.

2 – LANTERN  I want simple, clean and modern lines. I have a lot of fixtures that are visible to each other so I want this one to be simple, yet stand out. It can have some bling – maybe – but still needs to have clean lines.

3 – STATEMENT MAKER  Although it needs to be simple, I want it to make a statement. Our dining room is that room in our home. The black walls, the ikats and pattern mix, the settee…it needs to be able to stand up to these elements, yet not overpower or compete with them too much. So, I’m thinking a little oversized perhaps, to be the complete opposite of what we have now, which barely even shows! I like the idea of a larger than expected fixture in a small space – I’m hoping to go big on this one.

4 – PRICE I like deals. However, it’s very difficult to find deals on fabulous lighting. That being said, I will invest in the right one, but I do prefer to wait for a less expensive version to hit the market. It usually takes a few years for a high end design to trickle down to the mass market level. Ideally, my budget would be around $500. Also, because every few years, I like to change things up. It’s a tough pill to swallow if I’ve spent a fortune and don’t want it anymore!


I LOVE this stunning lantern style fixture from Millennium Lighting and the price is unbeatable. It’s a copy of a high end design, by Visual comfort. This is my top contender.


If my budget would allow, my first pick would be the gorgeous chandelier by Williams Sonoma Home – another copy of a design by Visual comfort.


Below is a roundup of high and low options that I’m loving right now – you can compare them with my top two picks…which one do you like best?


Tell me which one you would choose! Happy weekend! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Cindy, I think that’s great that you’re looking to change as well! New light fixtures can completely transform as space! You can click the images from my site to get the dimensions – these are affiliate links and go straight to the website they’re sold on. Let me know what you decide to do! Good luck! xo

  2. Cindy Weis says:

    Hi Tamara, I am right with you, I need a new chandelier for my dining room. I love the William Sonoma brass one, and I think I might look into that one. I think I might need 2 of them, I will have to check on the dimensions. I also might do 2 of the lanterns, but will have to check. Good luck on your decision, I am sure whatever you pick it will be amazing. Have a good Saturday.

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