Light blue. I am obsessed. I want everything I can get my hands on in light blue – I have been eyeing a gorgeous pair of wedges (#2 below!) that I have to have and I am craving to fill my spring wardrobe (and our home too!) with this hue. It’s airy, fresh, crisp, and so clean feeling – like I said, I’m obsessed. This week’s edition of Weekend Favorites brings you a roundup of light blue wardrobe staples that I am in love with and that I thought you’d enjoy too.

Bags, wedges and a few key, classic closet staples that are perfect to celebrate Spring’s new beginnings. Spring is in the air with this gorgeous color – although I will take it any time of year, of course! You all know how much I love blue and white, but something about light blue just makes my heart happy. I hope you find something that makes your heart happy too! Scroll down and click the thumbnails or the bolded numbers to shop! Enjoy, and happy weekend! xoA gorgeous selection of light blue beauties - shoes, handbags, and fashion staples for your spring wardrobe!*Affiliate links are provided throughout, or at the bottom of this post for your shopping convenience. I make a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase through my links, please see my full disclosure policy here. 

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    I finally just ordered the wedges (number 2), I’m soooooo excited to get them! You must be anxious to get your new purchases home! And I hear you about those one-pieces suits lol!! Thank you for reading!! xox

  2. tamaraanka says:

    Hi Jane! Thanks for asking! This fabric is called Zulu Vanilla!

  3. I love your sofas. I was wondering if you can tell me what the name of the fabric color selection is?

  4. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE~~Blue is my favourite as well. 2 years ago I started adding more pinks into my home…but I am constantly drawn back to the blues. I purchased a lot of blue and white items in FL this past season. I am anxious to get home and get the Corner House spruced up for spring. I just bought a onsie from Dillards that’s bl/white too. I love them but they are a pain when you are out for dinner and have to go to the lady’s room!! LOL. Great choices on the wedges that you show!! So pretty!!

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