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chandelier-brass-lantern-lighting-goldIt’s so hard to believe it’s already the end of August and school will be starting next week. Like most of you, our home is in a current state of transition, as we’re getting ready for school and wrapping up the summer season. I’m ready for a change and I truly start to crave the cooler weather. There’s nothing like adding those fall touches and warm layers around the house and I can’t wait to start wearing jeans, boots and turtlenecks again, which make up a huge part of my fall wardrobe. Today, I wanted to share a few current shots of our home, as we move from our Summer to Fall to decor.
entry-dining-room-hallwayI have to admit – I was a little lazy this summer and I took the opportunity to give myself a little break as well. Now it’s time to get back to business and get things organized, get back into my workout routine, eating healthy again (I cheat a LOT when the kids are home) and start preparing for the busy holiday season ahead. And with that, comes fall decorating. I’ll be joining some very talented bloggers in a few weeks for a fall home tour, so keep your eyes open for that. If you’ve never seen my previous fall decor, you can check out last year’s fall tour’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this view before, straight into the mudroom | laundry room area of our home (shown below) – this is also our side entrance, off the garage, which we use every day. I have a few favorite pieces of art that the kids made for me hanging on the walls. And I love to look at them when I’m doing laundry. I also have a message center in there, which is a wall mounted bulletin board that houses everyone’s schedules for the year. I try to keep it organized as much as I can, but it gets full of papers and all sorts of things, which I’m constantly trying to keep to a minimum. The kids also keep they’re school supplies in one of the cupboards, they each have a shelf of their own to keep whatever books and things they need to keep in rotation. Talking about being lazy, we have less than a week to clean them out before the new school year starts! I’m a little late this year!hallway-dark-hardwood-floorsI kept the console table simple and clean this summer, with just a hint of blue to keep the coastal feel I had in the Spring. This was my summer look and I wanted it very light and bright. You can see how this look transitioned from my Spring decor, which had a stronger dose of blue along with more of my metallic and coastal elements. My conch shell lamp is a favorite of mine and it comes upstairs from storage for summer. I’m trying to decide what lamp will go here for the fall…I’d love to buy something new, I have a thing for lamps, unless I bring out something else from my storage…so many decisions to make!entry-starburst-mirror-open-conceptHere’s the other angle from the dining room and a peek into the mudroom again. Those hooks are generally overloaded with jackets, hats and schoolbags in the cold weather months. It’s a small space, so again, I have to run a tight ship in there. Seasonal items hide in the baskets, which get rotated through the year. Well, they never actually moved last winter, and they’re still at the bottom ready to be used soon! I told you I was lazy this year! We also have an extension of our mudroom out into the garage, where all of our footwear goes. Since we enter and exit through the garage, all of our shoes and boots stay out there. Snowsuits too. When the kids come in they take everything off in the garage and hang it up to dry. Or, it goes right into the dryer. It’s so convenient!entryway-dining-room-console-table


ikat-rug-target-layered-dining-roomThe dining room table is dressed with layers of blue pattern table runners and gold candleholders, all form a recent tablescape I created for a feature on The Fashionable Hostess. I also recently hung these candle sconces on the wall next to my painting and I’m loving them here. My new gold orb candleholder is a new favorite and and I love how it echoes my other two, which are sitting atop the white ceramic stools, flanking the buffet. I have to figure out where to use it for my Fall decor this year because it’s just too gorgeous to put


family-room-kitchen-island-2As you can see, the blues are still going strong, sprinkled around the house, just as they have been throughout recent seasons – you can have a look at both my Spring dining room and Summer home tour in case you missed them. I’ll probably be keeping the blue for the fall as well, I’ll have to see, once I bring out all of my fall decor. My challenge this year, will be how to refresh my fall theme from last year, without spending too much on new decor and accessories.

We’re planning to build added bookshelves here, above these ones and go right up to the ceiling – I’m so excited to get started on this project and it will be so much fun to style for the different seasons.
family-room-windows-bright-ightI move pillows around often and the center one, from Pom Pom at home, recently made it’s way here from our master bedroom. I’m still not decided on what to do for my pillows this fall either. I don’t have a huge rotation, and I don’t necessarily want to buy all new ones, so we’ll have to see what I come up with. I’m liking this set up a lot right now.grey-sofa-upholstered-ottoman


Below is our view when we come in through the mudroom. You can see straight down the hallway into our son’s room – and trust me, I have to be on top of him daily to keep that view clean and free from of dirty clothes…Oh, the joys of growing kids! I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the change and to make a move toward getting ready for the cold months ahead. Can’t you just picture those bookshelves over there? I’m getting very eager for the changes that are coming.


Stay tuned – we’re about to tackle those new shelves, and I hope to get them up on the blog next week to share with you. Additionally, I think they’ll be the perfect canvas for some fall decor :)  Wish us luck, we’ll be building and painting all weekend long! Happy end of August! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you, Jenn! I decided to share these shots for that exact reason! So happy you like it. And I’m telling you, all you need are mats, some racks, and a row of hooks. Ours is completely utilitarian, and nothing to blog about haha! Until I get my hands on it lol! But it works for our family and saves my sanity! xo

  2. I love this look. Neat to see some different angles that you don’t normally show. My mudroom is a hot mess. Maybe I could try the take off in the garage rule. Looking forward to your fall tour!

  3. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you my friend!! I’m loving your burgundy and the richness it adds in your home! Thank you for stopping in! Love ya! xoxo

  4. Loved this tour! You definitely rock that blue in your home and you are one of the inspirations for my new love for blue ? Cant wait to see what you do for fall!

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