Our master bathroom. The vanity is still in need of finishing AND a little TLC – but for now it functions! I would one day love to have a custom built-in vanity installed here with more storage. I love my gold garden stool, it’s the perfect perch for doing my nails and it’s that touch of gold that adds a bit of bling to this otherwise quiet color palette.

Like all the spaces in our home, our master ensuite bathroom is not a very large space. When we built the house, we were on a very limited budget, so I had to  make design choices based on what we could afford. You know I love to refinish things and I always love a good diy project! My husband and I did all the interior finishing ourselves (except tilework, plumbing and kitchen installation). We opted for a shower and no tub in this bathroom, so I could have my double sinks – an absolute must in my opinion! I bought an old dresser from a vintage shop and refinished it myself (I stole that idea from one of my uber talented girlfriends)…well I started to refinish it and 5 years later it’s still not done! I never did the drawer fronts because we ran out of time and had to move in…I highly recommend finishing everything BEFORE moving in, if you’re taking on a project like this. Trust me, things seem to stay unfinished for quite some time!

Now, don’t get me wrong when I say this bathroom, although it’s very pretty, is not necessarily finished the way I would like it. It’s beautiful, yes. Very feminine and soft, which I love. But I actually prefer something a little more transitional than something so traditional. The vanity was the jumping off point and because it was such a good deal at $250, I ran with it. Read below for a few tips on creating a beautiful, rich-looking bathroom that doesn’t break the bank.


I had already had the chandelier for many years, which I purchased at a flea market for about $60. It was my first real chandelier and the price was fantastic! It was in our dining room in our first home, kitchen in our second home and now resides here, in this home. I’m not sure where it will end up when we ever decide to build again (which I’m banking on, one day!).

The raised bowl sinks were also very affordable, about $100 each. The plumber simply cut the holes in the top of the vanity and installed them. We had to rejig the insides of the drawers so that they’d still be functional – sorry no photo, they’re full of the stuff you don’t want to see! I found the Price Pfister Santiago faucets through the plumber and they were quite inexpensive as well…also around $100 each.


The mirrors are from HomeSense that a friend had spotted for me. They weren’t exactly what I’d wanted, but for $50 each they were perfect for the space and echoed the flourishes on the vanity. They also added another layer of character to the space.

You can see the TLC that’s needed here on these drawers…paint and some gluing broken pieces are in order here! The handles are brass and they’re beautiful…they just need polishing to bring them back to life – which is on the list, I swear, just very low down at the bottom! I may end up changing them out completely for brand new brass handles eventually. The wall color is Montauk Driftwood by Ralph Lauren Paint and I painted the vanity in a high gloss to match, to help visually enlarge the space.

CitrineLiving_master_bath4Here’s a close up of the corner and my sea coral print – I love how the subtle colors of the artwork blend here, and the muted gold frame is the perfect hit of metal in this corner.

I love to mix different pieces together – and I love to corral items on trays. I do admit I’m always changing the trays and moving everything around, but these are the every day things that I use. I have a soft spot for silver with patina – it adds so much more character than polished silver…that’s really just an excuse to avoid polishing it all the time! Seriously, I do love the look of it and it does add a worldly feel in my humble opinion! You can pick up silver pieces from vintage shops or flea markets for next to nothing!


This shelf was found in the garbage – yes – the garbage and as you may know it’s not the only thing in our house that’s been picked from someone’s trash! My mother-in-law found this for me and it’s one of my all-time favorite pieces that has lived in all of our homes.


Here’s the other corner, with another coral print. I copied these out of a book and framed them – virtually no cost except the frames. The mirror was a wedding gift, and I love it here because it does a great job of reflecting the light around and also helps give the illusion of a larger space.

If you add up the cost of most of the items in here, except the shower and tile and installation, of course, it was less than $1000. I think that’s a pretty good deal for a high-end looking space. You can’t even buy a vanity for that price – and this one, although not my first choice, really is a showstopper! Everyone comments on it and how much they love it. It will look even more luxurious once I get those drawers finished! Hope you enjoyed this! Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. tamaraanka says:

    Thank you, Cindy!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to hear this! I’m so happy you enjoy reading my blog and find inspiration here! You can stop by as often as you like! xoxo

  2. Tamara, I thought I had talent, but you put me to shame. I love that you mix your metals. The garden stool is the perfect finishing touch
    You’ve given so much inspiration for our new home. I love to be surrounded by beauty , be it family, nature or subtle bling, thank you !!

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