I’m dreaming of warm, sunny summer days…We spent this past weekend doing our spring clean up outside in the yard and I have to say it was quite the clean up! Everything was left a big mess from the fall so we had a lot of work on our hands. It was beautiful and crisp with both sun and clouds…perfect weather for yard work. It got me so excited for summer and I just cannot wait to get everything set up outside so we can soak in as much outdoor scenery as possible.


Here’s a shot of our yard last summer. Our gazebo has seen better days but it’s given us so many years of outdoor memories. I always love navy and coral. Adding bursts of color outside is a great way to showcase your personality if you’re not ready to do so indoors. Comfortable lounge seating is a treat when you’re spending a lazy day in the yard!


Here’s the other view – we have a small patio, just enough space to dine and have our gazebo for shade. You may recognize this picture from an old post on outdoor entertaining…I had to repost, it’s one of my favorite images and it’s getting me inspired for summer!

 This has been a very long winter for all of us here in the northern parts of the continent and I know we’re all ready for the warm days of summer. We don’t really get spring here in Montreal, so we have lots of cold rainy days ahead, today included. In the mean time, I’ll look outside, and daydream of those long summer days to come. I absolutely love to relax in our outdoor space. To me, it’s more than just a place to dine, it’s a place to relax and read, entertain guests, take a nap, hang out with our kids…it’s a place to live – just like we do inside. I’ve gathered some of my favorite pictures from Pinterest that will hopefully get you thinking about what you can do in your outdoor space to create an oasis that you never want to leave. Take a look!


I love both this outdoor space and the exterior of this stunning house. The manicured greenery is gorgeous too.


Ahhhh the loggia…how I would love to have this space to relax and entertain in!


I love the formality of this space with the topiaries and symmetry…yet it’s so inviting and casual. I particularly love the trellis pattern on the fence structure.


Another loggia to dream about. This is a true outdoor living room. Don’t be afraid to add as many furniture pieces and accessories as you can to create a true living room experience.


I love the soft drapery that envelopes this space.


I had to throw in some blue and white of course! I need a couple of those large floor planters for my hydrangeas! Again, notice all the indoor elements. How about adding a lamp?


A true dining experience! Even if your outdoor set is more ‘patio’ like than a dining set – add some vases and greenery – just as you would indoors.


The ultimate luxury –  an outdoor television. This is true outdoor living at it’s best! How great would it be to entertain in this space?


Look at these doors and how they remove the boundaries here – it’s one large space. The light that pours into the room is spectacular.


A simple patio is elevated with the beautiful and sophisticated lounge furniture. I Iove the picnic table too!


Linear shapes of the furniture echo this gorgeous fireplace. I love the oversized tray used on the ottoman.


The outdoor space that belongs to designer Mark D. Sikes. He is one of my favorite designers, I absolutely adore his work and I just love the space he’s created here. Herringbone is one of my all-time favorite patterns for outdoor stonework.

That’s just a few ideas I gathered for you and I hope they give you a little inspiration to create a unique experience in your yard! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in your outdoor spaces – it only adds to the enjoyment of your home. It can be a simple corner of your yard, your deck or balcony, even. Add a few little luxurious indoor touches and you will be quite surprised at how much you fall in love with your new space. Whether you enjoy it solitaire or with guests, it creates an experience that is truly worthwhile and memorable! It can be whatever you want it to be – creating an outdoor living space is easy these days – there is more and more available all over the place and there is so much inspiration to help you get started. Get out there and get your outdoor living room ready for summer! Here’s to summer dreaming! xo

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