My morning project!

Today I spent the morning styling my bookshelves. I rearranged what I already have, as well as adding other accessories, moving a few things from other rooms. As you know, I’m always moving things around, and I’ve talked to you many times how easy it is to change things up with what you already have. We’ve talked about tables, we’ve talked about lamps….so the idea is the same here with your shelves. Take what you already own and rearrange things, creating vignettes or stories. Try to create something that speaks to you and means something personal. Use items you love and show them off!

Take a look at each image I took, which shows the before and after of each shelve. The changes aren’t necessarily dramatic, but I think they’re more complete. Let me know what you think!


The shelves before.

Here’s how they were before I started. They were nice but I felt they need a bit of a refresher, so I moved things around and created  more of a story on each shelf while considering the whole shelf at the same time.


A closer look at the left side. I felt my coral looked lonely down there!


To me, this feels much more balanced and proportioned to the size of the shelves. And my coral now has company!

The finished left side, which I’m really happy with. The spaces are more filled in which adds visual weight.


Another angle.

Notice how I added the blue and white ginger jars on the bottom to balance out the blues above, as well as punctuate the bottom shelves with darker items.


Ahhh… a quiet moment!

I arranged objects together that are similar in tone – whites, creams and warm golds. I love the earthiness of this.


Another neutral arrangement of warm tones.

My hurricanes that were flanking the TV are now on the middle shelves. I brought them down to add visual height and width to each shelf.


Foo dogs and ginger jars…such happiness! I’ve had this little hand painted ceramic piece for years. A gift from a friend.

The bottom of bookshelf is anchored with the colors of this display which balances the other side.


The top left side of the shelf is topped with my silver conch shell and some more books.

That finishes off the left side of the unit. Take a look for the right side pictured below. I used the same basic idea, to ensure there’s balance and symmetry happening.


The right side before which is blessed with the lovely black hole at the bottom…sigh…what is a girl to do?!

Here’re the before shot. Again, I felt the shelf needed a little life. If you’re like me and have an unsightly large box on your shelf that you are forced to keep against your will, you can relate to my problem, I’m sure! I’ve learned to pretend it does not exist. Next house will have whatever tech apparatus disguised and concealed where it will never see the light of day!


Notice the strategic logo placement :) I tried…what can I say?

Here’s the after. My beloved horses have moved up where I can really appreciate them.


Another angle. Don’t be fooled by the giant monstrosity on the bottom. It ain’t pretty no matter how you look at it…

Other than the television receiver, which I will speak of no more (by the way the picture frame hides the wires as you can see…sort of), I’m also quite happy with this side. I tried to create similar color stories on both sides for balance.


My horses are much happier up top with some beautiful objects.

Notice the triangular shape these objects create. Warm tones and neutrals again. Try to use this as a guide when you can while arranging items.  Now, I just need a yellow book for the opposite side!


I had to show this up close. I found this rock one day amongst a bunch of gravel. It just jumped out at me…I absolutely love it. My girlfriend says it’s fool’s gold…too bad. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Another triangular shape created here. Always make sure to have something with height in your arrangements.


These moved up from the shelf below and balance the display on the opposite side through color and theme.


Et voila! The completed look!

Here’s another shot of the finished shelf. I think it looks pretty good. if I had more books I would definitely have used them, as they’re fantastic for so many different uses. Take a look at the below pics I found for you. I am sure something will inspire you to get busy rearranging (and maybe even painting) this weekend!


Loving the sconces. Dream room! From


WOWZA!!!! I love this color and how happy it makes me feel just looking at it! Imagine in your own home? From coco+kelly via Flickr.


Amazing bookshelves in designer Mark D Sikes’ kitchen – wouldn’t you just love your guests to lounge with cocktails while you cook? This is fabulous. I think one of my favorite kitchens ever!


I love a bank of shelves surrounding seating like this – so luxurious. From Elle Decor.


The books echo the gorgeous color of the roman shades, chair, rug and pillow. Brilliant. House Beautiful.


More House Beautiful. Color coded shelves are a great way to create impact.


Love the nautical theme throughout the room (especially in the fireplace!). Soft neutrals reinforce the look on the shelving. House Beautiful.


Loving the gradation of color on these shelves. From Pinterest.


A simple display of beautiful objects and books really pop off the deep blue. Love! From Pinterest.


A great way to frame a doorway! It adds character to a space and fabulous architectural detail…I have the perfect spot to do this in my home! Love finding new projects! From Pinterest.

Ok…major boldness and fabulousness happening here. I would love to do this in a spare room, office, guest room or girl’s room…why the heck not? I just love this. From

I’m pretty sure you get the idea…there are so many creative ways to dress your shelving. Color, horizontal books as risers, vertical books to fill in space supported by a beautiful vase or object, favorite items grouped by color and/or theme…I could go on forever! I hope this gets you busy this weekend! Have a a fabulous one my friends! xo


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