Some pieces from my blue and white collection that I love so much. I gathered them on my kitchen table for this shot. Adding the gold and silver with a dash of bright pink tulips is such a yummy combination.

Yesterday was the perfect Spring day – melting snow, warm fresh air, sunshine…I was inspired by the gorgeous weather, and of course the holiday weekend for most of us being Easter or Passover, I wanted to show you some table inspiration for your next gathering. Well today it’s actually snowing here and looks a lot like Christmas! Hopefully it will melt as fast as it’s coming! Either way, you can use some of these ideas for any occasion, even if it’s just for you. By now you know how much I love classic blue and white. Here, I’ve gathered some gorgeous ideas for you, using this theme as the base. Take the time to add some special details to your table the next time you’re gathering around. Enjoy!


I’d probably change this arrangement slightly once I put the place settings at the table, so the view from each side is as pleasing as the other. I use this surface for buffet style entertain too and this makes the perfect arrangement for it.

More blue and white with a some lime green jelly beans – I love the monogrammed linens. From


These blooms are intoxicating…I love the colors here and the way they play off of all the gorgeous blue and white. From Carolyne Roehm.


More green mixed in on this Spring table setting. I love the intensity of the colors. A little bit if whimsy is always a good thing, isn’t that turtle adorable? From

This casual setting is brought to life by the blue and white ginger jars and hydrangeas of course! From

Dose it get more elegant than this? Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. Notice the large ginger jar at the far end of this shot. I absolutely love this idea for a large group. From


The citrus adds so much punch and life to this table – even using just a simple bowlful would be beautiful. I love it here mixed with all of the blues. Form


Citrus again – orange being blue’s complimentary color, is the perfect focal point here. I love the mix of pattern too. From Pinterest.


I just had to add another one…how delicious is this! So with all the snow we have outside right now, this would definitely cheer up any winter blues! SO fresh and lively! From Pinterest.


I think this table speaks for itself. It’s formal yet inviting and comfortable. You can recreate this with a single vase filled with branches and gather lower arrangements around it. From Pinterest.


More green on this table – I love the purples mixed in and I love the apples too. Very rustic and elegant. From Pinterest.


I love the it placemats mixed in here. More green of course! From


Again from, more fresh greens mixed in.


I love these silver peacocks! It doesn’t get more classic and traditional than this. The silver chargers ground each place setting and I love these dishes with the silver rims. From

Hopefully Spring will make its way here where I live and hopefully for those of you who live in warmer temperatures, you’re already benefitting from some sunshine and beautiful weather! I also hope you can use these ideas for your next gathering – whether it’s for the holiday weekend or just a get together with friends – you can definitely draw inspiration from these tables. Grab whatever you already have in your kitchen and dining room and mix away! Unexpected colors and objects will surely make your table personal and welcoming, so be adventurous and try something new! Bon appétit! xo

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