I admit it. I have an addiction. I love pretty things. I know I’m not alone in this. I have somewhat of an obsession with arrangements and  moving things around.

An arrangent on my dining room table...I love to display things that I love together. It makes me happy to look at the things I  love - like art!

An arrangment on my dining room table…I love to display my favorite things together. It makes me happy to look at the things I love – like art! Please ignore the crooked candle on the right!

I would be willing to bet that most people buy something, put it somewhere and leave it. I think my things stay in the same spot for a few days or weeks. Sometimes one day, or not even a morning. Sometimes they end up where they started after a full house tour. I love to move things around. Why? First of all, it’s fun and it’s a creative outlet for me. I love to style things and see what results I get. Secondly, it’s redecorating! People often ask what kind of advice I can give them if they don’t have a big budget. The first thing I tell them is to move around what they already have…you’d be surprised how different a space can look, or better than that, feel, just by switching out objects, art, or even furniture. Showcasing what you truly love is very personal and it gives a sneak peak into who you are as an individual. It tells your story! Today the focus is arranging tablescapes, I’m going to share my most recent creative outlet/styling/redecorating ideas with you. Enjoy!

A closer look of the first pic.


In this display, I moved around a few things, removed the hurricanes, added one of my blue and white vases, black lacquer box topped with the coral and my magnifying glass. I really like how everything ties together.

Here I added the blue and white Chinese vase on the left. I know it's still similar but it adds that little touch of color I was looking for.

Here is yet another configuration…I could do this for hours!

The three main objects…sometimes less is more. Honestly, my mood often determines how I want things displayed!

Decanters and candlesticks.

Close up view. When arranging items, you want to try to achieve a triangular shape, a basic design principle.


Part of the living room. The small desk at the end is the focus. Notice the hurricane and the tallest blue vase from the dining room pic…always moving…

View from above. My ‘So chic!’ chinoiserie design plays up the details in the vases…these things make me happy!

My small Roberto Dutesco print sits among some other favs of mine. Another ever-evolving spot in our house.

Here I took the large ginger jar (on the right in the above pic) and moved it between the stools. Notice the symmetry here – it creates balance and is always pleasing to the eye. White ginger jar and foo dogs on the left!

Another close up. Would you believe I got this ginger jar for $15? Yep, I love a deal!


This is the small desk on the left of the booskshelf… yes, it’s seen better days! I’ve decided this will be the spot for my workspace once I find the right table/desk. My notebook sits here and it’s my computer charging station at night. There’s the ginger jar and box from the first dining room tablescape…yet again! The jar goes just about anywhere I put it.

My ‘LOVE thyself’ print and my wedding song, Fly me to the moon, both daily reminders for me. It’s easy to forget the important stuff…


This table sits under the TV in our bedroom. I had to work around the lovely cable box here, so I filled it with some of my favorite reads. The top displays our wedding photo, my daily jewelry as well as some statement pieces that speak equally when artfully displayed.

The tablescape…

Jewelry is a fantastic way to show your personal style in your home. I removed the bracelets and earrings to clean up this shot.

Some momentos that are dear to me also sit on here.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I also hope it helped you see the versatility of what you already own. It’s so easy to run out shopping when you want to change something – and yes, it’s good therapy – but this can be equally inspiring and fulfilling! As you can see, I love to group multiple items together, similar to how you’d see a display in a store.  We often think a single vase or a vase and picture frame and that’s it. While simplicity is surely beautiful, try something different and layer items and objects together. It’s often far more interesting and says a lot about you! Please feel free to let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you! Have a fantastic time rearranging what you truly love! Scroll down and sign up to join the mailing list too! xo





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